Thank You – 100 Episodes!

Brian —  March 12, 2015

Tomorrow, we will be recording our milestone 100th episode. We will be doing it in person instead of over Skype, so there will be beer.

We’d like to thank all of you who have listened, commented, interacted, donated, etc. As much as we like to hear ourselves talk, we are a fan-supported show and there wouldn’t be much of a point doing it if you all weren’t listening and getting involved. Should you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, we’ll be going down to Finn McCool’s in Santa Monica around 1pm after we post the show to celebrate, please come down and join us if you can.

Related: our Patreon page has just launched. See how smooth that was? Thanks for helping us keep the bandwidth flowing. Cheers!

Support Grumpy Old Geeks on Patreon!

Support Grumpy Old Geeks on Patreon!