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Author: Grumpy Old Geeks Podcast

Ep. 02: No, we are still not the media.

In this episode of Grumpy Old Geeks the guys examine the folly of herd behavior and changing your profile picture to join a cause as well as offer up a million dollar idea for the taking. Brian rips Amanda Fucking Palmer a new one and Jason defends the rights of fans to get raped by the studios to bring back their favorite shows. The guys also discuss their favorite fitness and travel tools.

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Ep. 01: How to make money on the Internet. Sorta.

In this, the inaugural ‚Äčepisode of the Grumpy Old Geeks we meet the geeks for the first time as they walk us down a bit of memory lane. There’s a little talk of Gopher but not too much. Jason explains to Brian how people make money on the Internet and some nefarious things people should watch out for. They argue about gadgets and privacy. Brian explains how to have your own personal entrance theme for your local bars. 

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