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Monkey Rum

Brian —  May 15, 2015

As promised in Ep 110: Poor Pierre, here’s the bottle of Zane Lamprey‘s Monkey Rum, signed by the man himself, that we’ll be splitting with our Patreon supporters. Cheers!


Thank You – 100 Episodes!

Brian —  March 12, 2015

Tomorrow, we will be recording our milestone 100th episode. We will be doing it in person instead of over Skype, so there will be beer.

We’d like to thank all of you who have listened, commented, interacted, donated, etc. As much as we like to hear ourselves talk, we are a fan-supported show and there wouldn’t be much of a point doing it if you all weren’t listening and getting involved. Should you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, we’ll be going down to Finn McCool’s in Santa Monica around 1pm after we post the show to celebrate, please come down and join us if you can.

Related: our Patreon page has just launched. See how smooth that was? Thanks for helping us keep the bandwidth flowing. Cheers!

Support Grumpy Old Geeks on Patreon!

Support Grumpy Old Geeks on Patreon!


Brian —  August 23, 2014

My birthday is approaching! Even though I don’t generally get birthday cakes anymore this is a fantastic video for everyone who does. Science!

Grumpy Old Selfie

Brian —  April 23, 2014

The oldest known Selfie, taken in 1838 by Robert Cornelius. Sadly, he’s not on Facebook so we can’t tag him, until FB starts the whole Mormon trick and signs dead people up.


According to this horribly titled article by Distractify, Robert Cornelius took this photo outside the store his family owned. It became famous for being the first self portrait or as its commonly now known, a “selfie.”


Brian —  April 17, 2014


The Death Of A Disco Dancer

Brian —  April 3, 2014

There is no way to sound like I’m not one of the Grumpy Old Geeks to make this post, but really. Every song I could possibly want to listen to, on tap, for nothing – or next to nothing, if you don’t want to hear an ad now and then. I used to drive from record store to record store to find the latest release or an ep with an extra track, or a special remix, flirt with the cute girl working the counter. Music was special… not just special, music was everything. Nothing else mattered, at all – or at least, nothing wasn’t seen through the prism of the music I liked, and the music you liked, and how that all fit together.

Now it means nothing. It’s great for me, because I can just bring up whatever I want at any time, and I’m old, and all the things that mean so much to me have already been recorded and I’ve lived through that, talked about it with friends, traded rarities, gone to the shows, bought the t-shirts and gone home so many years ago.

But a big part of what made music special was the chase, the not having everything on tap, the not knowing what this artist that meant so much to you was thinking every second. That’s all gone. And no one growing up today has that. I can’t believe that any Miley song will ever mean the same to the girls growing up now that Tiffany did then. Or that 30 Seconds to Mars or Imagine Dragons will ever be Depeche Mode or the Cure or the Smiths. They fucking can’t, beyond the fact that they suck.

The more we gain, the more we lose. And I think we’ve lost more than we’ve gained.

App It Up!

Brian —  April 2, 2014

Got iOS? Grump up your iPhone or iPad with the fancy pants new Grumpy Old Geeks App. Easy access to all of our episodes and pretty graphics to boot. Grab it here.


Beep Beep

Brian —  March 25, 2014

My refrigerator beeps. My kettle beeps. My laundry machine beeps. The dryer beeps. The coffee machine beeps. The microwave beeps. The TV beeps. The phone beeps. The computer beeps.

Some of these I can shut off, some of them I cannot. I need beep-less devices.

We are inundated with sound, all day, every day. Noise pollution is everywhere. So therefore I propose Grumpy Old Geeks Rules of the Future #1: All devices heretofore manufactured MUST have an easy to access mute option.

Benny Hill Goes Raving

Brian —  March 4, 2014

I’ve watched this at least 25 times today and the day isn’t over yet. All of human civilization has led to this point:

Now, in all seriousness, this video actually teases 3 topics that we’ll be covering in this week’s GOG Podcast. Really.

1) Proper attribution. I came across the video thanks to the folks at Jezebel:

2) Fair Use of music – is this a legal use of the Benny Hill theme song?

3) Content ownership and technology – who technically owns the content of the video? The guys in it? The person who shot it? The person who posted it to YouTube? Benny Hill himself?

We’ll be talking about it all…

Tools of the Trade: vi/vim

Jason DeFillippo —  February 27, 2014

In the ever expanding world of graphical user interfaces, the arcane arts of the command line are going the way of manual transmissions. Driving a stick shift is becoming more and more unnecessary as automobile technology advances but it’s still an incredibly useful skill to have in a pinch. I believe that everyone should have at least a fundamental knowledge of at least one or two command line text editors.

My editor of choice is vi or vim. The first editor I learned back in the early 90’s was on the shared Unix machines at my ISP and it was called Pico. When I got around more seasoned nerds I had to make the choice between vi or Emacs because nerds can’t have nice thins without an unnecessary holy war. I simply chose vi because, no joke, the nerd that liked Emacs had TERRIBLE b.o. and I wanted to stay as far away from him as possible. True story.

There are a million vi tutorials out there to choose from. What I will leave you with is the most best cheat sheet I’ve ever come across. Once you learn the basics of navigation this little card will save you hours of banging your head against the desk. If you have a Mac vim is installed by default. Just open your Terminal app to start playing!

vi vim Cheat Sheet

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The Here & Now or the Then & When?

Brian —  February 26, 2014

Time. I haven’t had enough of it, and I’ve also been dealing with multiple time-zones on a particular project. No matter how mathematically adept you may be, at some point your brain will fry when you get 4 different meeting times sent to you from 5 different time zones. Today I stumbled across this fantastic graphic on xkcd that I have since printed out and taped to my desk.