In this episode of Grumpy Old Geeks the guys examine the folly of herd behavior and changing your profile picture to join a cause as well as offer up a million dollar idea for the taking. Brian rips Amanda Fucking Palmer a new one and Jason defends the rights of fans to get raped by the studios to bring back their favorite shows. The guys also discuss their favorite fitness and travel tools.

Show Notes

Jonas Luster on the profile icon issue:

I don’t change my avatar or post nifty memes. I’ll just say this: some of my friends are gay. Some aren’t. Some of my friends are trans*, some aren’t. Some of my friends are bi. Some aren’t. My son might turn out to be gay, after all there’s a 10% chance. So here’s the deal: if you harm, annoy, or make them sad you’re an enemy of mine. Simple as that. My enemies range from “I’ll blank you in the street” to “where are the nearest tar pits”. You’re somewhere in between, closer to tar pits than blanking, though.

In simple words: get the fuck out of my friends’ lives, let them be happy, don’t impose your invisible man’s fake book on them, and we’re golden. Get in their way, advocate a future in which my son has a ten percent chance of being denied his rights, and you better stay away from me. Because you ARE the enemy. And unlike most, I don’t bark, post memes, or change my avatar. I bite.

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