We welcome Tidal, the Ello of streaming; Garbage, photographers & wanting things for free; Periscope harassment; Meer-who?; Bit.ly for fun & profit; Mobilegeddon is coming; Going Clear; Motivational Morrissey; night vision injections! Science FTW.

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Show Notes


An Open Letter to Garbage from photographer Pat Pope over whether the band should pay to use his photos in new book

Garbage Rebuttal

“It’s Not My Job to Plug Things In,” and Other Nightmare IT Stories

Jay Z enlists millionaire musicians to promote relaunch of Tidal music service

The World’s Most Famous Musicians Just Hosted a Bonkers Press Conference

15 brands that prove April Fools’ Day is an awkward, embarrassing mess

Leaked Footage Of Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘Fracas’ Has Emerged

Tributes to Sir Terry Pratchett

Twitter’s new live streaming service, Periscope, has a harassment problem


Amazon Dash Buttons

Amazon launches Home Services to sell everything from an oil change to piano lessons

Amazon tests delivery drones at secret Canada site after US frustration

The Shut-In Economy By Lauren Smiley

First look at Project Spartan, Microsoft’s take on the modern browser

The Senate wants to know if the White House protected Google from the FTC

Man Has Night Vision Injected Into His Eyeballs

April 21 Is Your Last Chance for Mobile Optimization Before ‘Mobilegeddon’

Meerkat is dying – and it’s taking U.S. tech journalism with it

The HTML Tags the New York Times, CNN Use During Tragedies

Facebook’s New HQ has a Massive 9-Acre Garden on the Roof

Airbnb Is Now Available in Cuba


Uber Hires a Security Chief From Facebook

How one man could have deleted every video on YouTube

Privacy Is Becoming a Premium Service

Private Internet Access

This Identity Suite Says It’s an All-in-One Cybersecurity Solution. Is That What We Need?


What Have You Learned, Target?

2 Ex-Federal Agents in Silk Road Case Are Charged With Fraud

New Silk Road docs show how site got looted by cop who hijacked dealers’ accounts

Sign Up at irs.gov Before Crooks Do It For You

NSA-proof passwords

Passphrases That You Can Memorize — But That Even The NSA Can’t Guess

Slack Hacked – March 2015 Security Incident and the Launch of Two Factor Authentication

Wandsworth Prison escapee Neil Moore faked bail email

Leave Facebook if you don’t want to be spied on, warns EU

Facebook accused of tracking all users even if they delete accounts, ask never to be followed

After Snowden, The NSA Faces Recruitment Challenge

GPS tracking counts as a “search”, says US Supreme Court

Obama signs executive order imposing sanctions on overseas hackers


Bitly-Viglink Affiliate Deal Raises Concerns

Bitly Affiliate Test

Bitly Now a VigLink Publisher



Going Clear

Anonymous Protest in San Francisco


The Best Single-Purpose Web Sites That Do Exactly What They Say They Do

What If Morrissey Lyrics Were Motivational Posters?