Is it real tech news or a joke in Silicon Valley? We’re having a hard time telling the difference. Star Wars trailers, emojis & plane wraps; Putin on the Ritz; China’s Great Cannon; your password is still “admin”, isn’t it? oh and… Han freakin’ Solo.

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Show Notes


Gravity Payments CEO takes 90% pay cut to give workers huge raise

This Study on Happiness Convinced a CEO to Pay All of His Employees at Least $70,000 a Year


Infamous “podcasting patent” knocked out

EFF Helps Bust Bogus Patent That Was Being Used To Shake Down Podcasters

The founder of a $50 million startup just sold his company — and he didn’t make a dime

Slack’s massive funding round is everything amazing and insane about the startup bubble

Big Valuations Come With Dangerous Small Print

Mumford & Sons wouldn’t have joined Tidal even if Jay Z had asked them, okay?

More Artists Speak Out Against TIDAL, Which Apparently Sucks

Tidal offers easy playlist transfers to lure new users

Portishead made just $2,500 off 34 million streams

Revenge Of The Record Labels: How The Majors Renewed Their Grip On Music

Ian McNabb (singer/songwriter, Icicle Works) on FB:

Earlier today I sounded off (again) about the fact that I’ve never earned any money from sales of records I haven’t put out on my own label. Somebody in the biz forwarded the message to someone at Beggars Banquet (who my ire was aimed at) who shall remain nameless and this was their response. This is pretty much standard and any artist who’s been around a long time and is now wondering where all the money is will get the same message. The key quote for me is “Without understanding the ramifications of taking a penny from a record company.” ;

“If you sign a contract that outlines exactly what money will be recouped from royalties with the guidance of both manager and lawyer you really shouldn’t complain thirty years later. I, more than most, understand how the division of “wealth” between record company and artist, at first look, appears completely out of balance. The reality is that if they had made cheaper records and taken smaller advances, not made videos, not taken tour support, they might be closer to recouping. It is the age old story of artists signing contracts without understanding the ramifications of taking a penny from a record company. In this instance, however, I doubt Beggars got rich off record sales.”

And friend of the show, Karl Wallinger (World Party) comment on his post:

So basically after failing in their professional capacity (selling lots of the artists records that they have signed because they thought they could sell the records) they then blame the artist for wandering into an ill-understood agreement……they actually have no idea and thats always been the problem, occasionally someone will bump into them with a big seller – but mostly they always played a crap game and when resistance started they bailed…not many really visionary record guys have existed especially in the last twenty years since the corporatisation of music,(having five people with marketing diplomas agreeing on a course of action to get the best out of an artist…it was better when one unqualified but insightful person could get with a band and carve a path for them through the bullshit of promo)…….the failure of the modern business is what engendered the desperate espousal of “bands and brands” and the mainstream move to sync music to advertising…..there is now NO COUNTERCULTURE …….and on top of letting the culture go to the dogs record companies tell you bullshit about “what you signed” and “reality” when all they ever did was exploit and deceive and line their own pockets.

Google Fiber plans expansion, then TWC makes speeds six times faster

Reject Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger, California official says

The wireless and cable industries just sued to kill net neutrality

Messaging apps are overtaking social networks to become the dominant platforms on phones

Chimpanzee Knocks a Low-Flying Drone Out of the Sky With a Long Branch

The most concerning element of Facebook’s potential new power

Twitter Unveils Star Wars Emojis, and All Is Right With the Galaxy

Japanese Airline Celebrates ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ with a Giant R2-D2 Airplane


Eighth Grader Charged With Felony for Changing Teacher’s Desktop

Middle school student charged with cybercrime in Holiday

Teen charged after using teacher’s admin password to access school computer

Botnet that enslaved 770,000 PCs worldwide comes crashing down

The NSA wants tech companies to give it ‘front door’ access to encrypted data

Don’t Be Fodder for China’s ‘Great Cannon’

‘Great Cannon’ Is China’s New Weapon That Shoots Down Internet Sites

China Is Said to Use Powerful New Weapon to Censor Internet

Twitter shuts down 10,000 ISIS-linked accounts in one day

Sharing revenge porn in the UK now carries a two year jail sentence

Decertifying the worst voting machine in the US

Thanks to Wikileaks, 30,000 leaked Sony files are now available in a searchable database


The Han Solo Adventures by Brian Daley


Daredevil on Netflix

Fox Remaking Rocky Horror Picture Show as TV movie

A Tech Douchebag Walks into an Airport

Silicon Valley Is Becoming a Documentary About Silicon Valley

HBO renews Silicon Valley for third season


Gone in a Flash: The Race to Save the Internet’s Least Favorite Tool

Memes are now illegal in Russia, especially these memes


Google Maps Says Edward Snowden Is in the White House

This 1991 Commercial For Sizzler Is Goddamn Magical


Generation X Is Sick of Your Bullshit