Apple Music fail, Neil Young hissy-fit, Sinead slam. Sharing economy & Internet of Things stumbling blocks, Java & Flash on the ropes, geek reminiscing & disappointments: Armada, Coin & singing, dancing Fight Club. I am Brian’s exploding brain.

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Show Notes


iTunes 12 using iCloud

itunes 12.2: Genius results can’t be updated right now. An unknown error occurred (4001)

Apple Music / iCloud Music Library – Genius results can’t be updated right now. An unknown error occurred (4001)

Neil Young Quits Music Streaming Services Over Sound Quality

Neil Young says he’s ‘done’ with streaming music

Neil Young: Harvest 8 track tape

Sinead O’Connor slams Kim Kardashian’s Rolling Stone cover: “Music has officially died”


The nuclear age turns 70 today

Innovators are killing us: Instead of reinventing housing or transit, they bring us companies like Airbnb and Uber

LAX becomes largest U.S. airport to allow Uber, Lyft pickups

Uber Fined $7.3 Million for Not Reporting California Accessibility Data

Watch out sharing economy, the feds are watching this whole contractor thing

Asking Siri to charge your phone dials the police and we don’t know why

Siri and Alexa Were Never Cut Out to Be Homemakers

Death of Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Prompts Outpouring of Gamer Love

Mozilla blocks all versions of Adobe Flash in Firefox

What’s Old Is New as Commodore, Kodak Brands Re-Emerge on Android Devices

Marshall announces very pretty, very slow, very expensive smartphone

Marshall Fridge

Match Group Buys PlentyOfFish For $575M To Bag More Singles

IAC Brands

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider has discovered a new class of particle


Criminal hacking bazaar Darkode is dismantled and 70 members are busted

Java Was Really Insecure For a While. Then It Got Better. Now There’s a New Problem.

Experts Find A Third Hacking Team Flash Exploit, Call For An End To The Madness

Facebook’s new CSO comes out swinging: “Death to Flash!”

Mozilla Disables Flash in Firefox

Windows 10 will force you to update and that’s good news

NSA’s new open source project is a cyber security tool

SIMP – The System Integrity Management Platform

The NSA on GitHub


Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines

Armada by Ernest Cline

Sci-fi writer Ernest Cline discusses Ready Player One, virtual reality, and nostalgia


I Waited 19 Months for the Magic Coin Card and It Was a Big Disappointment


Here’s Your First Look At Bruce Campbell As Ronald Reagan In Season 2 Of ‘Fargo’

The Brink

‘Alien 5’ Concept Art Has Ripley & Hicks Ready for Battle

David Fincher And Trent Reznor’s Fight Club Musical Sounds Perfectly Angsty

Back to the Future is returning to cinemas to celebrate its 30th anniversary


Thanks To The Magnus Effect, This Basketball Does Something Pretty Weird When Dropped

Lena Dunham says her new “over sharing Internet friend” newsletter is not “the anti-Goop”

Dildos dangling from power lines in Portland


Disneyland at 60: Behind the Opening of the First Theme Park

GoodStuff FM Podcast Network

Show me Your Mic #93

Sean Bonner Newsletter

The New Oklahoma—A Plan to Improve the Worst Part of America