Jason slammed for Apple Watch, Brian slammed for Uber; that whole Ashley Madison thing; the real cost of YouTube stardom; Amazon burn & churn; AT&T sells you out; Tarintino, Matt Damon, Patrick Stewart & Simon Pegg plus Bill Murray in Underoos!

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Show Notes


The Average Angeleno is Now Paying Nearly Half Their Income Toward Rent

Apple’s Latest -gate: Logogate

WordPress 4.3 adds the ability to upload Favicons. Are you fucking kidding me?


The Ashley Madison Hackers Just Released a Ton of Stolen Data

Ashley Madison hackers appear to have followed through on threat to expose users

Ashley Madison subscribers include hundreds of government workers

People are giving up on Apple Music, survey says

FCC fines company $750,000 for blocking Wi-Fi hotspots

Air Traffic Control Is Getting A Much-Needed Upgrade

How IoT Will Change Your Relationship With Insurance


We are all “Amabots” now: Jeff Bezos just perfected the “burn and churn” philosophy that’s sucking American workers dry

I’ve Worked Insanely Demanding Tech Jobs, And I really doubt Amazon is much worse than Google—or even Microsoft.

The 1 percent’s sinister inequality lie: How cold-blooded billionaires are pretending to care about the American dream

6 imaginative new ways America has found to punish its poor

Presidential Candidate Deez Nuts Does Not Exist

11 people who watched The Cobbler now targeted in copyright suit

Goonies house shut down after owner gets sick of people doing the Truffle Shuffle on the lawn


AT&T cooperated extensively with NSA, Snowden documents reveal

AT&T Helped U.S. Spy on Internet on a Vast Scale

NSA Spying Relies on AT&T’s ‘Extreme Willingness to Help’

IRS Says Cyberattacks More Extensive Than Previously Reported

Webcam spy sends couple photos of previous night’s Netflix snuggle session

Amazon’s $5 Dash Button Already Hacked To Do Other Stuff Beyond Giving Amazon Money

How The LAPD Has Been Hacking Our Phones For Years


Pirate Hunters: Treasure, Obsession, and the Search for a Legendary Pirate Ship by Robert Kurson

Shadow Divers: The True Adventure of Two Americans Who Risked Everything to Solve One of the Last Mysteries of World War II


The Hateful Eight

5 Hours of Edgar Allan Poe Stories Read by Vincent Price & Basil Rathbone

The Martian Trailer 2 is out!

“Blunt Talk” Episode 1

“Blunt Talk” Episodes 1 and 2

Cold Cave – Love Comes Close

Hector and the Search for Happiness

The Razor’s Edge


Original Underoos – Now Available in Adult Sizes