Panama Papers & WordPress security; AirBnb’s revisionist history; NFL no longer tax exempt; buy a failing business; the 1099 economy; the singularity is not near; 3d printing coolness; robot naughty bits; bots, bots & more bots; spies in the skies!

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GrimeLife Podcast appearance

Episode Link

Why the NFL Suddenly Wants to Pay Taxes

Instagram and the Cult of the Attention Web: How the Free Internet is Eating Itself
View at

Yoroomie App and Website For Sale- Find A Roommate iPhone App

Why Are Voters Angry? It’s the 1099 Economy, Stupid.

When Is the Singularity? Probably Not in Your Lifetime

“Chien is lovely”


Uber Settles With California Regulators for Up to $25 Million

Airbnb is dangling tax money in front of lawmakers to get legalized

3D printing BioPen lets surgeons draw with stem cells

MIT Can Now 3-D Print Robots Made of Both Solids and Liquids

3D-printed Rembrandt painting looks almost as good as the real thing

The Next Rembrandt

Study: People Feel Weird About Touching Robots’ Genital Areas

A man built this $50,000 robot that resembles Scarlett Johansson

U.S. schools may soon be testing Adidas’ new fitness tracker in K-12 gym classes

$5 Strips Away Any Privacy You Have on Tinder

ISPs Now Charging Broadband Users A Steep Premium If They Want To Avoid Usage Caps

‘Anti-Uber’ ride-sharing service ‘Juno’ launches this month — here’s why it’ll fail

Emergency room doctors used a patient’s FitBit to determine how to save his life

KILLERDRONE! Flying chainsaw – YouTube

The Human Looking to Put More Humanity Into Microsoft’s Bots

Nvidia bets big on AI with powerful new chip

Panama Papers Come From an External Hack, Claims Firm

The security flaws at the heart of the Panama Papers

WP insecurity = Panama Papers

Lessons of the Panama Papers: Yes, the rich are different from us — they stole our money

These 5 Facts Explain the Massive Political Fallout from the Panama Papers

Britons learn everything is a massive con and then go back to work


Meet the new ransomware that knows where you live

Oculus Rift terms of service raise privacy concerns

Oculus Terms Of Service

ClearChat picks a heavily-encrypted fight with Slack

Google, Facebook’s CAPTCHAs vanquished by security researchers

LA Times said to be compromised, shell access offered up for sale

Updated: Pentagon unclear on who will defend the U.S. against a cyberattack

Hack the Pentagon: First US government bug bounty programme opens for business

The Army Wants You to Make Its Soldiers Pocket-Sized Drones

55 million Philippine voters at risk after personal data leaked

Romanian national extradited to US on hacking charges

Feds made more than 3,500 surveillance flights over US cities in past four months

Spies in the Skies

Nation-wide radio station hack airs hours of vulgar “furry sex” ramblings



The Morning Dump – Bag Liquid Dispenser


The Atrocity Archives (Laundry Files Book 1) – Charles Stross


Moleskine’s $200 Smart Writing Set digitizes your doodles

The Orah 4i camera makes live 360-degree videos a reality


Netflix raises subscription prices – streaming will now cost $9.99

Surprise: ‘Sherlock’ Season 4 is finally happening, has begun filming

‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Is Pissing People Off With its Female Lead, Felicity Jones

School of Seven Bells – SVIIB

Underworld – Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future

Lush – Origami


These Headphones Will Help You Become A Better Athlete By Transmitting Electrical Pulses

Glow: The First Smart Headphones with Laser Light

Stick with the sennheisers, man

Some pups pull in $20k per Instagram post while you work like a dog

Remember folks, Chien is lovely…