Austin takes a stand against Uber, Lyft, Apple invests in Didi Chuxing; Parsey McParseface; Web brutalism; Facebook news curation; Twitter & Dataminr spy but not for the government; Rule 41; The Grand Tour; Peachy Printer building houses; Drink ’Murica!

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Show Notes


Uber, Lyft Vow To Stop Driving In Austin After Voters Keep Regulations

By Losing Uber, Austin Is No Longer A Tech Capital by Jared Meyer

Apple invests $1 billion in Chinese ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing

Google is giving away the tool it uses to understand language, Parsey McParseface

The hottest trend in web design is making intentionally ugly, difficult sites

The Four Houses of The American Version of Hogwarts in FANTASTIC BEASTS Revealed

Silver Lake Band YACHT Sell Their Sex Tape Online After It Leaks

YACHT Sex Tape Turns Out To Be A Pathetic PR Stunt
Dear YouTube: An open letter from Irving Azoff

Facebook news selection is in hands of editors not algorithms, documents show

Of Course Facebook Is Biased

Facebook Live is turning journalists into bad ‘Jackass’ copycats

Germany had so much renewable energy on Sunday that it had to pay people to use electricity

The Anti-Aging Pill

GitHub announces Unlimited Private Repositories


A US Army general says North Korea has some of the world’s best hackers

Twitter bars spy agencies from analytics service that spots terror attacks

Adobe Flash zero-day patch is out… for the third month in a row

This Arcane Rule Change Would Give U.S. Law Enforcement New Power to Hack People Worldwide

Pornhub bug bounty program will pay hackers up to $25,000

PornHub on HackerOne.

Microsoft is going to stop sharing your passwords through Wi-Fi Sense

Facebook CTF is Now Open Source!


The Long Cosmos: A Novel (Long Earth) by Terry Pratchett & Steven Baxter


How to Stop Your Cursor from Getting Bigger in OS X El Capitan

Instagram gets a new monochrome look to focus on your media

Firefox users can try experimental features with Test Pilot

Introducing WhatsApp’s desktop app

This quick-release parachute could save drones from going kersplat

Maple Match


Amazon’s new motoring show will be called ‘The Grand Tour’

Glenn Danzig, Misfits to Reunite for First Time in 33 Years

Rob Zombie Just Shut Down Trolls Hating On Girl Group Babymetal

Bryan Cranston to star in Philip K. Dick ‘Electric Dreams’ TV anthology


Peachy Printer, the “world’s first $100 3D printer,” has gone bankrupt due to embezzlement.

Gwyneth Paltrow Recommends $15K Gold Sex Toy in Goop’s First-Ever Sex Issue

Budweiser Renames Its Beer “America”


Researchers are using Land Cruisers in the Outback as a wireless network