Anything happen this week? Archiving @POTUS; Universal Basic Income; DisneyDrones; Adobe VoCo; rainbow-vomiting clouds; Skype hacking; shrinking Toblerones; USB HIV tests; Samsung folding phones; no one’s paying for YouTube; the case against reality; angst.

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Black Mirror makers confirm the US election is not an episode of Black Mirror

Focus group reflects nation’s dark mood ahead of Election Day

How the White House Will Keep Obama’s Tweets Alive While Handing Over Control of @POTUS Official accounts will be wiped clean for new administration

Universal basic income: If a robot takes your job, it could actually be good for you

Disney Gets Permission From FAA To Fly Drones Over Their Theme Parks

Adobe’s New Audio Software Eerily Mimics Human Speech

See the world through Snapchat: Introducing Snapchat Spectacles!

Snapchat’s ‘World Lenses’ let you augment your surroundings with rainbow-vomiting clouds

Snapchat’s Spectacles vending machine broke just hours after launching

Instagram confirms that it’s working on live video

YouTube is still having trouble getting people to pay for YouTube

How much money do you make? LinkedIn wants to know.

Russia Prepares to Block LinkedIn After Court Ruling

Toblerone changes its iconic shape and chocoholics go crazy


The CyberWire

The CyberWire Podcast (iTunes Link)

What Trump’s victory means for cybersecurity

Why are Skype accounts getting hacked so easily?

Competing hackers dampen the power of Mirai botnets

10 gadgets every white hat hacker needs in their toolkit


ShuttlePRO V2

This iPad accessory is about to up-end the whole 3D imaging industry

Samsung’s latest patent is a foldable phone

Scientists developed a USB stick that can perform an HIV test

Star Wars Battle Quads

Ep 170: Brian’s Getting a Drone!


‘Sherlock’ Honest Trailer Pokes Fun at The Popular BBC Series

Next year’s ‘Star Trek’ reboot may have naked aliens and swearing, CBS digital chief says

Trust the Force: Watch the New Rogue One Trailer Now

Iron Maiden provides the ugliest Christmas sweater you’ve ever seen

Shaun of the Decade! Read all three Cornetto Screenplays now!

Shaun of the Dead

Hot Fuzz

The World’s End

Spaced: The Complete Series


The Case Against Reality


Grab US by the pussy

Developers Read 1 Star Reviews


Omni Consumer Products