Tech leaders on Trump; #DeleteUber; Medium goes subscription; brain hackers; Musk gets boring; IRS scams; cracking iOS; Arrival; Concrete Blonde; Blumoo; SelfieFeet aka a magnet; Lovesick & Chance; on self-abuse; the heroes of BGM; Where’s the revolution?

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Show Notes


Melissa McCarthy Plays Sean Spicer Going Nuts on the Press in Hilarious SNL Sketch: ‘APOLOGIZE TO ME!’


A Clarifying Moment in American History


Tech leaders condemn Trump’s immigrant ban

Google employees are staging a walkout over Trump’s immigration ban

A Silicon Valley activist is asking techies to leak their employment contracts

Why #DeleteUber Took Off on Saturday Night: “I Don’t Need a Ride to Vichy”

Uber is now telling people Trump’s travel ban is ‘wrong’ as they try to #deleteUber

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick leaves President Trump’s advisory council

FCC Will Stop Companies From Providing Subsidized Internet To Low-Income Users

Eric Trump’s business trip to Uruguay cost taxpayers $97,830 in hotel bills

Blogging platform Medium to launch a subscription model

Federal agents just discovered a major flaw in SpaceX’s rockets

Coin will shut down its product services at the end of February

The Company You Work For Is Not Your Friend

If we want technology that isn’t beholden to advertisers, we have to pay for it

In not-too-distant future, brain hackers could steal your deepest secrets

An Anonymous group just took down a fifth of the dark web

MIT built a wearable app to detect emotion in conversation

Why Intel is filling the skies with drones

Inside the ‘Tunnel’ Elon Musk Is Already Digging Under Los Angeles

Here’s HMV’s Official Statement About Going Out of Business


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacker Dumps iOS Cracking Tools Allegedly Stolen from Cellebrite

IRS: Scam Blends CEO Fraud, W-2 Phishing

Facebook friend suggestion that should be impossible

‘I’m not a robot’ verification test beaten by … a robot

Most free Android VPNs leak data and many don’t even use encryption, says study


Arrival (Stories of Your Life and Others) by Ted Chiang

Cirque du Soleil: The Spark – Igniting the Creative Fire that Lives within Us All

The Concrete Blonde: Harry Bosch Series, Book 3 by Michael Connelly

Killing Rommel by Steven Pressfield


Blumoo Smart Control


Avid Pro Tools

iLok3 USB Key Software Authorization Device

It’s official: Flipagram has been acquired by Chinese news aggregator Toutiao

SelfieFeet – Use your feet…to take the perfect selfie!

Muzo – State of the Art Vibration Monitoring Sys.


Comcast launches beta for using your Roku like a cable box


The Path




Arrival’s Denis Villeneuve Is Officially the Latest Director to Attempt a Dune Adaptation

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race

Bill Burr – Walk Your Way Out

The Detailed, Depressing Reason Deep Space Nine and Voyager May Never Get Full HD Versions

Mike Rowe The Way I Heard It Episode 38: On Self Abuse


‘I misspoke one word’: Kellyanne Conway calls her critics ‘haters’ after Bowling Green fiasco

New Yorkers hold mock vigil at Bowling Green for ‘massacre’ victims as Kellyanne Conway ripped for bogus claim

Dove Trolls Kellyanne Conway’s #AlternativeFacts In New Campaign


People Share Their Most Memorable Human Interaction That The Other Person Has Probably Forgotten.

The Social Media Hive Mind

Human-Pig Hybrid Created in the Lab—Here Are the Facts

Are we living in a HOLOGRAM? Physicists say they have ‘substantial evidence’ our universe is an illusion

“Holy Grail” Metallic Hydrogen Is Going to Change Everything

Two Infants Treated with Universal Immune Cells Have Their Cancer Vanish

Click Here to Kill Everyone


This phone case houses a tiny drone designed to take selfies

Radio stations across the country hacked to play explicit anti-Trump anthem


Facebook Dead At 12, A Victim Of 2016


Darya Rose’s Mindful Meal Challenge

Foodist Podcast