Thanks, Scott; Oath; Twitter’s rotten eggs; Uber’s cat fishing; LiveJournal; 23&me; the Shadowbrokers; IoT malware; more Old Man’s War; health apps; smart pet doors; Jason goes Android; S-Town & Bernie pods; lunch shaming; Beouf; Pepsi; Casper Babypants.

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Show Notes

INTRO [00:35]

IN THE NEWS [06:06]

Tesla is now worth more than Ford after delivering a record number of cars for the quarter

AOL and Yahoo plan to call themselves by a new name after the Verizon deal closes: Oath

Twitter is retiring its default ‘egg’ profile picture, but that doesn’t do anything to solve its abuse problems

Facebook Is Testing a Second News Feed for People Who Want News but No Baby Photos

It’s getting harder and harder to tell Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter apart

UBER RESPONDS: Google claims about stolen technology are a total ‘misfire’

Uber Had Male Managers Pretend to Be Women to Get Drivers to Work More

How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons

Uber was just banned from operating in Italy

Seattle court strikes blow to Uber driver unionization efforts

Hyperloop One’s test route is ready to run

Spotify Premium users will get some albums two weeks before free users

Jay Z Has Removed His Full Catalog From Spotify

Amazon will soon refund up to $70 million of in-app purchases made by children

Flattr acquired by AdBlock Plus parent eyeo for undisclosed sum

Chick-fil-A is cooler than Vice among teens, according to a new Google report titled ‘It’s Lit’

Russian-Owned LiveJournal Bans Political Talk, Adds Risk of Spying

Livejournal’s Russian owners announce new anti-LGBT policy, fandom stages mass exodus

The FDA Just Made History: You Can Now Have Your Genes Screened for 10 Different Diseases


23andMe Privacy Policy

Don’t Forget Your Base

Decrypted content of eqgrp-auction-file.tar.xz


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Why You Shouldn’t Be Comforted by Internet Providers’ Promises to Protect Your Privacy


New Malware Deliberately Destroys Unsecured IoT Devices

Hackers Can Easily Hijack This Dildo Camera and Livestream the Inside of Your Vagina

Rebuttal to Pen Test Partners

AT THE LIBRARY [01:01:09]

Killing Rommel by Steven Pressfield

Zoe’s Tale by John Scalzi

The Sagan Diary by John Scalzi

The Human Division by John Scalzi

APPS & DOODADS [01:04:02]

Health Apps Don’t Have to Do What They Say They Do

An app-controlled smart pet door will be available this summer

Galaxy S7 Edge

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Second Generation

Shure BETA 58A Microphone

MEDIA CANDY [01:13:06]

S-Town Podcast

New podcast from Serial makers, S-Town, breaks download records

Bernie Sanders quietly launched his own podcast

The Bernie Sanders Show

Netflix reveals ‘The Defenders’ arrival in security footage

Monster Mishmash

Björk Has Released Notget, Another Moody and Gorgeous Virtual Reality Experience

The Kid-Friendly Ballad of Caspar Babypants

Carrie Fisher’s family gives permission for filmmakers to use Leia footage in ‘Episode IX’

Hamilton’s America

Black Sails

MORON OF THE WEEK [01:28:51]

Shia LaBeouf’s New Film Makes Just £7 At UK Box Office

Pepsi Pulls Ad Accused of Trivializing Black Lives Matter

Kendall Jenner Is ‘Traumatized’ By the Backlash Over Her Pepsi Ad

The Director Of The Music Video That Predicted The Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad Speaks Out

BRIC-A-BRAC [01:32:57]

The Scottish Scoundrel Who Changed How We See Data

18 Odd Things About America That Americans Haven’t Realized

A hacker infiltrated the Dallas emergency system and activated all 156 sirens in the middle of the night

Chinese man ‘marries’ robot he built himself

New Mexico bans the practice of lunch shaming

FEEDBACK LOOP [01:39:07]


The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Finally Has a Better Contract, But Not Equal Pay