Sarah’s Law
“As an online discussion about AI grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Skynet approaches 1”

Our AI law; voice recognition; Ballmer’s new quest; Facebook’s future; Old Man Streaming; Schadenfacebook; AI gone rogue; Linksys security; outsourced ransomware; the Bobiverse; Fahrenheit 451; X-Files, again; Expanse wrap-up; make America grumpy again!

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Show Notes

INTRO [00:14]

Amazon opens up the voice control technology behind Alexa

Google Home can now recognize different users by their voice

Paul Krugman: The American jobs crisis is way bigger than Trump can comprehend

Fewer jobs to choose from, tougher criminal checks and better English skills: What the decision to dump 457 working visas actually means for temporary workers and employers

IN THE NEWS [06:40]

Steve Ballmer Serves Up a Fascinating Data Trove

The Full F8 2017 Rundown

Messenger is finally making it easier to find and use bots

Mark Zuckerberg confirms Facebook is working on mind-reading technology

Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future

Mark Zuckerberg, in his own words, on why AR is Facebook’s next big platform bet

Facebook’s New VR Experience Looks Like Hell on Earth

Neil Gaiman says he’s too old to make anything in VR

Neil Young Announces a New Streaming Service, Stole Its Name From Empire

Pornhub launches ‘Snapchat for nudes’ so you can put filters on your genitalia

Tumblr is launching a video chat app called Cabana

Google asked a website for its data, then just took it anyway

How Google eats a business whole

Celebrity Net Worth

Uber might have to pay £2 million to operate in London

FTC letters warn social media stars about advertising labels

The Dude That Took This Motivational Picture At Today’s Marathon Just Stuffed ESPN Into A Body Bag

Hidden Brain Ep. 68: Schadenfacebook

Even AI Creators Don’t Understand How Complex AI Works


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner


Linksys Security Advisory

Lawsuit Claims Headphones Maker Bose Is Secretly Collecting User Data

The IoT malware that plays cat and mouse with Mirai

Ambient noise could be your next multi-factor authentication token

At $175, this ransomware service is a boon to cybercriminals


The End of All Things (Old Man’s War Book 6) by John Scalzi

Change Agent by Daniel Suarez

For We Are Many: Bobiverse, Book 2 by Dennis E. Taylor

Deep Undercover: My Secret Life and Tangled Allegiances as a KGB Spy in America by Jack Barsky

Order to Kill: A Novel A Mitch Rapp Novel by Vince Flynn & Kyle Mills

Afterlife by Marcus Sakey

The Brilliance trilogy

The X-Files: Cold Cases

APPS & DOODADS [1:10:30]

The Amiga turns 30—“Nobody had ever designed a personal computer this way”


EveShine Neon Accent LED Strips Bias Backlight RGB Lights with Remote Control for HDTV, Flat Screen TV Accessories and Desktop PC, Multi Color

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

MEDIA CANDY [1:16:08]

HBO adapting Ray Bradbury’s dystopian classic ‘Fahrenheit 451’

Fox Is Re-Reviving The X-Files for Another 10 Episodes


The Ongoing History of New Music, Ep 784: Music Questions That Almost No One Seems to Ask


The Expanse


Netflix Subscribers Have Watched Half a Billion Hours of Adam Sandler Movies

Man Caught With A Hundred Stolen Cellphones At Coachella After Festivalgoers Activate ‘Find My iPhone’ App

Juicero offering refunds to all customers after people realize $400 juicer is totally unnecessary

BRIC-A-BRAC [1:31:17]

The A-List Accountant Who Tries to Keep Celebrities From Going Broke

The case for being grumpy at work



Terry Jones: ‘I’ve got dementia. My frontal lobe has absconded’