Yes, that again; mea culpa advertising; distracted parenting & gaming disorders; Amazon Show & Buttons; browser battles; the cyclical Internet; Hypernormalisation; Moviepass, hold my beer; a win for privacy; filtering AI out; we really do care.

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Show Notes


Does the Trolley Problem Have a Problem?

L.A. City imposes moratorium, Santa Monica rejects scooter cap.

Microsoft Employees Up in Arms Over Cloud Contract With ICE

The Machine Fired Me by Ibrahim Diallo


The Dangers of Distracted Parenting

Facebook Groups may soon charge monthly subscription fees for access

‘Gaming disorder’ is officially recognized by the World Health Organization

Why Don’t You Like Us?

Barcelona Finds a Way to Control Its Airbnb Market

With influencer fraud on the rise, Unilever bans paid followers to cut down on bots


Apple’s New Guidelines for the iOS App Store Include a Total Ban on Crypto-Mining

It looks like Google’s going to launch a podcast app – The Verge

Play Grumpy Old Geeks on Google Podcasts (Android Only)

These Tests Will Tell You Just How Good Your Eyes Are at Seeing Color

Amazon Show



Chris Hardwick’s Hard Times: The Silence From Those in His Orbit Is Deafening

Lydia Hearst Supports Husband Chris Hardwick After Abuse Allegation: ‘The Truth Will Always Win’

Co-Creator of ‘Juggy Dance Squad’ Defends Chris Hardwick, Says Everyone’s Making Too Many Allegations

Falling Out of Love With the Nerdist Podcast

Sounds Like We Won’t Be Getting More Star Wars Spin-Off Movies Anytime Soon


Adam Curtis continues search for the hidden forces behind a century of chaos

The Liar’s Club Podcast

Why There’s Likely No ‘Good Ending’ In Sight For MoviePass

AMC’s new subscription service is a formidable competitor for MoviePass, analysts say


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Supreme Court: Warrant generally needed to track cell phone location data

This Filter Makes Your Photos Indecipherable to Facial Recognition Software

Apple to Close iPhone Security Hole That Police Use to Crack Devices

Oops, a DNA Testing Company Accidentally Sent Strangers’ Spit to Five Customers

Smart lock can be hacked ‘in seconds’

ow to Shim Master Lock Anti-Shim Combination Lock

Your Phone Is Listening and it’s Not Paranoia


Interactive Map Shows Where Your House Would Have Been 750 Million Years Ago


Melania Trump Wears “I Really Don’t Care Jacket” to Visit Immigration Children’s Detention Facility


Deleting Your Online DNA Data Is Brutally Difficult

oBike to leave Melbourne after crackdown on bicycle share company

Putting Pokémon On The Blockchain Takes Microtransactions To Their Inevitable, Insufferable End

There’s Now A Religion Based On the Blockchain. Yes, Really.

Scoobi scooters a fun way to zip around the neighborhood

Ovis: 1st AI-Powered Suitcase Following by Side

Scooter startups helped solve Segway problem

Pure Purpose Life Coaching

Firefox makers working on voice-controlled web browser called Scout

Yellow oBikes leaving Melbourne in wake of crackdown

Tim Hortons drops even further in consumer trust rankings after introducing bitcoin donut

McDonald’s New Self-Ordering Kiosks Ring the Death Knell for Many Fast Food Jobs


Bicycle hire company oBikes pulls out of Melbourne

A possible Lightroom replacement is darktable. It is available for all platforms.

Here’s a creative use of the bikes you hate for a high school senior prank


Beer supply running low in Moscow during World Cup