Fireside follow-up; creepy TVs; Zuck ain’t enough; Uber safety; Snapchat’s slow steady decline; OCR is now AI; Adware removal tools spying; dangerous drones; drunk on a plane movie reviews; yes, the Orville; deleting your social media; feedback loop; crypto ball!

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Show Notes


SpankChain – Adult Entertainment on the Blockchain

Vizio, sued for making creepy smart TVs, will notify customers via the TVs

Opinion | Hey Zuckerberg, ‘well shucks’ isn’t enough from a billionaire

Mark Zuckerberg Wrote a Computer Program to Beat a High Schooler At Scrabble


Uber’s sleek new product? Your safety.

Snapchat loses another exec as the stock price plummets

Apple Pay Now Available in 10,000+ U.S. 7-Eleven Stores

AI biz borks US election spending data by using underpaid Amazon Mechanical Turks

No.1 Adware Removal Tool On Apple App Store Caught Spying On Mac Users

Scientists Just Found a Way to Control a Single Molecule For a Millionth of a Billionth of a Second

Congress Moves Forward with Dangerous Attack on Private Drones

Don’t Give DHS and DOJ Free Rein to Shoot Down Private Drones

Apple might have to raise prices on some products in the US thanks to Trump tariffs

Hoodline raises $10M for its hyper-local, automated data newswire


Ilse of Dogs

Baby Driver

Tomb Raider

The Orville


The Sinner

Zero Effect

Iron Fist Season 2

SoundCloud’s new personalized playlist is serving up unlicensed mashups


10 Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier


Texas officer kills man in flat she mistakes for her own

MLB Crypto Baseball

Couple accused of swiping homeless man’s donations will ‘likely be indicted’


These are the warning signs of a fraudulent ICO

Additional Mac App Store apps caught stealing and uploading browser history


Man Fined $500 for Crime of Writing ‘I Am An Engineer’ in an Email to the Government

Fat Boys (Can Make It In Santa Monica)

Crime-hit Mobike suspends Manchester sharing scheme


September 11th and the Hospitable People of Gander, Newfoundland