Reddit dumpster fire; fitness trackers on bananas; Google has AI Principles!; Amazon’s sexist AI; Lime’s sour grapes; scooter hacking; SnapTV; a billion points of hacked data; more Bloomberg & China; lady in a tube security & lack thereof; brutalist web design; should this thing be smart?

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Show Notes


Animating the Mercator projection to the true size of each country in relation to all the others.

‘I Fundamentally Believe That My Time at Reddit Made the World a Worse Place’

Amazon’s pay-raise backlash highlights a reality: People see the worst even when Amazon thinks it’s doing its best

Beer that Learns

People Are Putting Pulse Trackers on Inanimate Objects And Getting Hilarious Results



Google Drops Out of Pentagon’s $10 Billion Cloud Competition

AI at Google: our principles

Amazon Created a Hiring Tool Using A.I. It Immediately Started Discriminating Against Women.

What Does a Fair Algorithm Actually Look Like?

Amazon Owes Wikipedia Big-Time

Advisor quits Google Toronto’s “smart city” project over privacy concerns

Montreal has reinvented itself as the world’s AI startup powerhouse

Lime wants to block Scoot and Skip from deploying electric scooters in SF next week

Inside the Lawless New World of Electric-Scooter Hacking

Facebook will soon rely on Instagram for the majority of its ad revenue growth

Snapchat’s plan to reinvent TV may actually be working

The streaming battles are getting even busier with WarnerMedia’s challenge to Netflix

Apple faces class action lawsuit alleging it misrepresents what’s included in iTunes Season Passes


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans

A Recent Startup Breach Exposed Billions of Data Points

China accused of planting spy chips in US telecom’s network

Instagram’s app-based 2FA is live now, here’s how to turn it on

CEO who sold phones with “totally unbreakable encryption” takes plea deal

MindBody-owned FitMetrix exposed millions of user records — thanks to servers without passwords

Share devices in your home with other people

How to set up voice profiles on the Amazon Echo

Google Home Hub’s best feature is not having a camera

Speakers gone wild: Alexa, Google spook customers with reefer reminders, F-bombs


Should This Thing Be Smart? Bike Lock Edition.

Walmart planning ‘net-connected trolley’

Guidelines for Brutalist Web Design


Parolee arrested after making and posting video on how to remove ankle monitor with butterknife

Name of the Year

Here’s Why The Soyuz Launch Failure Is a Huge Blow to Future ISS Missions

I’m a fucking webmaster