We take the red pill; scooters killed Kenny; WeWork while WeDrink; scanning actors; AI stories; the sun giveth, taketh away; Wyden’s smart privacy plan; Siri on Helium; smart thermometers; truth machines at the border; turn off autocorrect; instascams; adulting classes.

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Show Notes




We posed as 100 Senators to run ads on Facebook. Facebook approved all of them.

Electric Scooters Are “Smoldering,” and Not in a Good Way

WeWork to limit free beer all-day perk to four glasses

How one of Silicon Valley’s hottest startups of the last 5 years blew a deal with Apple — twice

Actors are digitally preserving themselves to continue their careers beyond the grave

Facebook’s VideoStory dataset trains AI to ‘automatically tell stories’


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans

Wyden Unveils Plan to Protect Private Data, Restore ‘Do Not Track,’ and Jail Reckless CEOs

Apple’s new T2 security chip will prevent hackers from eavesdropping on your microphone

iPhones are Allergic to Helium

This Thermometer Tells Your Temperature, Then Tells Firms Where to Advertise

Investigating Implausible Bloomberg Supermicro Stories

Mirai Co-Author Gets 6 Months Confinement, $8.6M in Fines for Rutgers Attacks

Smart lie-detection system to tighten EU’s busy borders


Portable Self-Defense Staff – $24.95 + unspecified Shipping

Silver Metal Appearing Cane Wand Stick Stage Magic Trick Gimmick – $2.99 + $1.99 Shipping


150-Year-Old Advice on Sunshine Being Good at Killing Bacteria Just Turned Out to Be True

Creepy Footage Shows The Forest “Breathing”


I Took ‘Adulting Classes’ for Millennials