That doctored video; LA is burning; #GoogleWalkout working; Big Blue on the ‘chain; Facebook discovers lying; Ev Williams is a hypocrite; Bird corrals; Amazon: kill & replicate; USPS Informed Delivery; you can tell by the way they walk; Microsoft sounds facial recognition warning; Dubai’s flying motorcycles.

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Show Notes


Kim Kardashian and Alyssa Milano flee their homes as California wildfires rage


San Francisco has passed a first-of-its-kind tax on big businesses — like Square and Stripe — to help the homeless

Google Ends Forced Arbitration for Sexual Misconduct Claims

#GoogleWalkout update: Collective action works, and we need to keep working. True equity depends on it.

IBM, Seagate Team Up to Tackle Hard Drive Fakes With Blockchain

Cable and satellite TV providers bled a record number of subscribers in the third quarter


Facebook Pumps Brakes on Political Ad Disclaimers After Discovering Existence of Lying

Twitter co-founder Ev Williams says in retrospect that showing how many followers you have wasn’t ‘healthy’

Walmart is building an AI lab inside one of its stores

Waymo blames self-driving collision on pesky human

Ford buys e-scooter sharing startup Spin

Bird wants people to report poorly parked scooters

Santa Monica Installs In-Street E-Scooter Parking Corrals

Toys R Us is dead, so Amazon will mail you toy catalogs instead


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans

White House press secretary uses fake Infowars video to justify banning CNN reporter

The White House’s Acosta Video Looks Different From the Original. Does That Mean It’s “Doctored”?

AP: Video expert says White House clip of CNN reporter was likely doctored

The Colbert Show had a fun take on this nonsense.

U.S. Secret Service Warns ID Thieves are Abusing USPS’s Mail Scanning Service

Canada Post Data Breach Affects Hundreds of Cannabis Buyers

China can apparently now identify citizens based on the way they walk

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Microsoft’s president says we need to regulate facial recognition tech before ‘the year 2024 looks like the book “1984”’

Google wants to improve your smart home with iRobot’s room maps

Room raiders: Google partners with Roomba to map your house


Report: The number of people who are fine with paying app subscriptions is growing

Facebook Portal and Portal+ review: Video chat takes center stage

Hit or miss, Samsung’s foldable phone is a big deal

The RetroBeat: Why Blizzard is remastering Warcraft III — and what it’s changing


We’ve just gotten a new fridge. What’s the smartest way to organize it?

The Ozone Hole Will Be Completely Healed Soon – Imagine if Humans Just Worked Together More

Dubai Police start training on flying motorbikes


Thousand Oaks makes 307 mass shootings in 311 days

Goo Goo Dolls