Cutting out the big five; Apple spanks Facebook & Google; nothing seems to hurt Facebook; people really don’t care about their privacy; execs scoot out of Lime; Buzzfeed’s unpaid UGC; get some sleep and don’t detox; Japan’s hacking IoT devices; xDedic shut down; global police after DDoS buyers; smart lightbulbs; Okillly Dokilly.

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Show Notes


I Cut Google Out Of My Life. It Screwed Up Everything – Week 3: Google

I Cut Microsoft Out of My Life—or So I Thought – Week 4: Microsoft


Apple is punishing Facebook big-time for breaking its rules

Apple blocks Facebook from running its internal iOS apps

Apple restores Facebook’s ability to run internal iOS apps

Google also has a data-vacuuming iOS app that bypasses the App Store

Google will stop peddling a data collector through Apple’s back door

Apple blocks Google from running its internal iOS apps

Apple restores Google’s own internal iPhone apps after privacy brouhaha

Facebook’s scandals aren’t stopping it from making tons of money

Facebook Paid People $20 a Month for Access to All Their Digital Activity. Why Did They Sign Up?

Two early executives at Lime have quietly left the scooter company

BuzzFeed’s Unpaid 19-Year-Old Quiz Genius on Her Tricks, the Layoffs, and Jonah Peretti

Apple and Aetna Are Giving Away Apple Watches You Have to, Uh, ‘Earn’ Back

Go to bed! Brain researchers warn that lack of sleep is a public health crisis.

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker

The Jordan Harbinger Show 126: Matthew Walker | Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

What’s all this fuss about “digital detox” — and does it really work?

US Department of Justice Bans All Internet Gambling After Reversing Opinion


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans

Apple revokes Facebook’s developer certificate over data-snooping app—Google could be next

Japanese government plans to hack into citizens’ IoT devices

Authorities shut down xDedic marketplace for buying hacked servers

‘We’re coming for you’, global police warn DDoS attack buyers

How Huawei planned international robot espionage via email

This Hacker Showed How a Smart Lightbulb Could Leak Your Wi-Fi Password


Brave Browser

Microsoft Forcing Skype Classic Users to Upgrade to Version 8


Okilly Dokilly, a ‘Simpsons’-inspired metal band, come to Southern diddly California for three doodly shows

Okilly Dokilly – White Wine Spritzer (Official Video)

The Seductiveness of Insta-Nostalgia

George carlin – The champion of dirty words

Life Is Worth Losing – Dumb Americans – George Carlin