Lyft & Uber IPOs; Amazon minimum wage challenge; Google Calendar & Hangout spam; China calls bitcoin “seriously wasted resources”; drone delivery is a go; Assange arrested; robocalls & ringless voicemails; hotel data leaks; Amazon is listening; Activision is tracking employee sex lives; Spotify & Hulu; BBEdit; Adobe alternatives; Clean My Mac; black holes; moon crashes; space is hard & dangerous.

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Show Notes


Jeff Bezos challenges retail rivals to outdo Amazon’s $15 minimum wage

Over 100 scooters impounded in first six months of pilot program

Remember those guys impounding scooters? Lime and Bird are suing them

Ned Flanders Themed Metal Band Gets One Of Their Music Videos Played During The Simpsons’ End Credits


Amazon employees rarely speak out publicly against their company. But 3,500 just did.

Travis Kalanick stands to make billions from Uber’s IPO

Uber labels Apple autonomous driving competitor, warns investors of App Store reliance

Uber Reveals One of Its Big Vulnerabilities

The Wily Spammers Infiltrating Google Hangouts and Calendar

China wants to ban Bitcoin mining because it ‘seriously wasted resources’

LinkedIn apes Facebook with business-friendly ‘Reactions’

Wing Officially Launches Australian Drone Delivery Service


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans

Julian Assange Arrested on U.S. Extradition Warrant, London Police Say

Wikileaks’ Bitcoin donations spike following Julian Assange’s arrest

Ecuadorian Embassy Runs Ad Seeking ‘No Drama’ Tenant For Newly Vacant Room

Robocaller firm Stratics Networks exposed millions of call recordings

Nearly 70 percent of hotel websites leak personal data, Symantec study finds

Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa

Activision knows when its employees are having sex

It’s Time to Panic About Privacy


Spotify Premium now comes with Hulu on us

BBEdit 12

CleanMyMac X

Pixelmator Photo

APC UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector with AVR, 1500VA, APC Back-UPS Pro (BX1500M)

Reeder 3


Scientists Capture First-Ever Photo of a Black Hole

Oops! Israel’s Beresheet lander crashed into the Moon

4 Takeaways From That Huge Study of Scott Kelly


Human health can be ‘mostly sustained’ for a year in space, NASA Twins Study concludes

The reality of pollution kills your dream of a flying car

A Millionaire Is Trying To Make A Real-Life Battle Royale On A Private Island

Video Highlighting Every Pop Culture Reference In Shaun Of The Dead