Ethics alone can’t fix tech; 20 years since Columbine; India leads the world in internet shutdowns; the tyranny of Arial; UK porn block; Pinterest is a legit business, guys; Mueller report on CD-ROM; Facebook forgot millions of Instagram passwords were unencrypted; Google dragnet; Hover; universe’s oldest molecule; dead pig brain functions restored; by Grabthar’s Hammer!

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Show Notes


Ethics Alone Can’t Fix Big Tech

Columbine families, survivors reflect on hope and healing 20 years after one of Colorado’s darkest days


Europe is passing strict new copyright laws that could hurt companies like Facebook and Google

India Is Leading the World in Internet Shutdowns

End the Tyranny of Arial

UK ‘porn block’ to start July 15

Netflix makes up nearly 30 percent of global streaming video subscriptions

Pinterest is up more than 25% in its first day of trading

Chris Lochhead on Pinterest

Mueller report forced Congress to find PCs with disc drives


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans

Facebook says it stored millions of Instagram passwords unencrypted on its servers

We Built a (Legal) Facial Recognition Machine for $60

Tracking Phones, Google Is a Dragnet for the Police

Filling the Cybersecurity Void



Private Internet Access


NASA finally found evidence of the universe’s earliest molecule

Scientists Restore Some Function In The Brains Of Dead Pigs

Musso & Frank Grill Has A Change On The Menu For Thanksgiving

No Such Thing as a Fish

Galaxy Quest By Grabthar’s Hammer