In this episode of Grumpy Old Geeks we talk the dystopian future of The Circle, what are they smoking at Snapchat, anti-rape clothing, sleep tips, working tips, business tips, just the tips. It’s a humdinger!


The Circle by Dave Eggers

Vagabonding and Tim Ferriss’s new book club.

Breaking news: iOS BSOD

Apple maps: how Google lost when everyone thought it had won

YouTube / Google – algorithm promotes trolls comments – but at least they’re using their “real names”

Facebook may not be cool with the kids anymore, but it doesn’t really matter.

106,185 crashed it all?

Vice investigates Soylent, finds rats and mold

Snapchat Spurned $3 Billion Acquisition Offer from Facebook

Oh, to be 23 and feel invincible. What an idiot. The entire point is to get bought out for FU money.

And in related news, if they took the 3b they might have been able to afford to stay in Venice. God knows I can’t.

Well, this will depress you even more.

Do We Live in the Matrix?

Yes, there is an afterlife?

Reminder: Tomorrow We Live In Gotham City

Fuck yeah McRib!

Google wins decade-long book-scanning lawsuit

Making love is the most enjoyable human activity, a study has found.

Sex and alcohol make you happier than kids and religion, study finds

Wisconsin lawmakers approve ‘revenge porn’ bill

Netflix, YouTube cause dramatic drop in file-sharing traffic

LA school district slows distribution of iPads after hacking incident

Does Bedtime Honey Improve Sleep? Nine Reasons to Think So

Anti-Rape Wear

Lightbulb based internet!!!

Coffitivity – Coffee shop BG noises. Doesn’t work with Match.


They’re Watching Us: So What?

Did your Adobe password leak? Now you and 150m others can check

Government agency compromised by fake Facebook hottie

UK spies continue “quantum insert” attack via LinkedIn, Slashdot pages by Cyrus Farivar

Silky Honey Pot

San Diego quietly slips facial recognition into the hands of law enforcers

Cisco’s gloomy revenue forecast shows NSA effect starting to hit home

The Useless Web

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw

The only thing I like about the web anymore is amusing educational videos and podcasts

Ball Camera for panos – Every cop car will have one of these in the future and it won’t be for the good of the people.

Of course it’s being crowdfunded. Forehead slap…


William Gibson x Buzz Rickson MA-1

TSA blows a billion bucks on unscientific “behavioral detection” program, reinvents phrenology

Why Are We Building Jailbait Sexbots?