We lose our spirit animal; do we really like privacy; where’s our manuals; Twitter sets policies; Wing delivery in Finland; smart walls; Señorita needs a Margarita; San Fran bans facial recognition; end to end encryption, cryptocurrency not as safe as you think; Alexa Guard; Quora; mobile podcasting gear; smart strollers; boozeless bars; spice up your life.

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Show Notes


Amazon leads $575M investment in Deliveroo


People say they care about privacy but they continue to buy devices that can spy on them

Positive feedback from Twitter is reportedly all Trump needs to push policies

Wing will start making drone deliveries in Finland next month

The “smarter” wall: how drones, sensors, and AI are patrolling the border

LA’s Latest Instagram Installation Is a Pre-Dystopian Taco Extravaganza

Your ‘Tacoasis’ Awaits: Taco Bell Hotel Coming To Palm Springs


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans

San Francisco Bans Facial Recognition Technology

Moment man is fined £90 for hiding face from police facial recognition cameras

End-to-End Encryption Isn’t as Safe as You Think

If bitcoin is so safe, why does it keep getting hacked?

Keyloggers Injected in Web Trust Seal Supply Chain Attack


Alexa Guard is ready to turn your Echo into a home security device

Yes, Quora still exists, and it’s now worth $2 billion

Satechi Aluminum Type-C Mobile Pro Hub Adapter with USB-C PD Charging, 4K HDMI, USB 3.0 & 3.5mm Headphone Jack – Compatible with 2018 iPad Pro (Space Gray)

Behringer Ultravoice XM1800S Dynamic Cardioid Vocal and Instrument Microphones, Set of 3

Sound Devices MixPre-6 Portable Multichannel Audio Recorder/Mixer, and USB Audio Interface

Backpack Studio



Smartbe Intelligent Stroller

Boozeless bars and clear-headed cocktail companies are mixing up alcohol alternatives


What Facebook Could Have Been

This site generates batshit crazy blockchain use-cases that are stupidly real

Bullsh*t Crypto Project Name Generator

The Bus From Spice World is Now an Airbnb Rental

German Home Improvement Store Ad Features a Father Making His Goth Daughter Feel at Home


Grumpy Cat dies aged seven: ‘Some days are grumpier than others’