Rosy retrospection & validation; income disparity; the platform excuse is dying; what did Zuck know & when did he know it; Uber’s path of destruction; Fiverr goes public; express yourself; content moderation & irony; we told you so; Amazon Alexa & consent; eavesdropping apps; #notellmotelchallenge; deepfakes, Lyrebird & laws; hacked minidiscs.

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Show Notes


Rosy retrospection

The U.S. women’s national team is an American treasure. Pay them a bounty.


The ‘Platform’ Excuse Is Dying

CNN explains why it’s pulling its high-performing Anderson Cooper news show off Facebook Watch

Facebook Worries Emails Could Show Zuckerberg Knew of Questionable Privacy Practices

Uber’s Path of Destruction

Fiverr shares climb 90% in first day of trading

Why now is the time to express your opinions online

Content Moderation Is Impossible: You Can’t Expect Moderators To Understand Satire Or Irony


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans

1950s Game Show Guest Had a Secret: He Saw Lincoln’s Assassination

Samuel J. Seymour

This Is Exactly What Privacy Experts Said Would Happen

Suits allege Amazon’s Alexa violates laws by recording children’s voices without consent

Spanish soccer league’s app caught eavesdropping on users in anti-piracy push


La Hamaca Motel

Motel OK

Motel La Fuente

Winchester Inn

Jolly Roger Hotel Website

Jolly Roger Front

The Downers Grove Motel

Top AI researchers race to detect ‘deepfake’ videos: ‘We are outgunned’

Adobe’s prototype AI tool automatically spots Photoshopped faces

I Used AI To Clone My Voice And Trick My Mom Into Thinking It Was Me


Hospital to pay $300,000 in damages in medical records case

Radiohead’s unreleased OK Computer audio was stolen. Now the band is letting everyone hear it.


This Smart Speaker Is Designed to Help You Learn Chinese

DJI’s newest drone is a $499 tank meant to teach kids how to code


SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable External SSD – USB-C, USB 3.1 – SDSSDE60-2T00-G25


Why Kids Still Need Analog Clocks

Inception-Style Photos Tilt Russian Cityscapes at Dramatic Angles


Sacramento Has Renamed a Local Park After Reading Rainbow Host LeVar Burton

Monty Python star Sir Michael Palin resisted the temptation to crack a joke as he was knighted by Prince William