Apple to fix keyboards; Amazon owns everything; ICE mines driver’s licenses for facial recognition; Congress wants to halt Libra; Uber and labor unions meeting; bad optics; Chinese surveillance apps; AI recreates the universe, we don’t know how; Running from Cops; Spotify Bacon; Stranger Things; Shaft; Blade Runner bar; Howard Stern; crypto ponzi; immigrants taking American jobs; Something Awful; 8chan; predictive policing; feedback.

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Show Notes


Apple reportedly shifting to new keyboard design in 2019/2020 MacBooks

These Are All the Businesses You Never Knew Were Owned by Amazon


ICE mined driver’s license photos for facial recognition

US lawmakers tell Facebook to halt the launch of its Libra cryptocurrency

Secret meetings between Uber and labor unions are causing an uproar

Uber co-founder buys record-breaking LA mansion for $72.5m as drivers fight for wages

Chinese officials reportedly installed a surveillance app on tourists’ phones

Tesla delivered a record 95,000 cars this spring

AI Simulates The Universe And Not Even Its Creators Know How It’s So Accurate


Running from Cops

Long-Running Reality Show COPS Might Be Even More Problematic Than You Thought

Spotify Signs an Exclusive Podcasting Deal with Kevin Bacon

Stranger Things Season 3

‘Stranger Things 3’ Breaks Netflix Four-Day Viewing Record, Streamer Says

Shaft 2019

SHAFT Trailer 2 (2019)

Nexus 2019, “Blade Runner” Inspired Pop-Up Bar Coming to Los Angeles, November 2019


Howard Stern Comes Again


Trump campaign uses foreign stock models to portray supporters in ads: report

Crypto Ponzi Scheme Says It Has ‘No Cash to Pay out’ to Upset Investors


Something Awful’s founder thinks YouTube sucks at moderation

The 8chan story – Destroyer of worlds

Predictive policing AI is a bigger scam than psychic detectives


UK regulator puts brake on Amazon’s Deliveroo deal


Amazon wins ‘.amazon’ domain name, aggravating South American region and undermining digital commons

Here’s Why the Audi E-Tron Is the Future of the Audi SUV

Met Police’s facial recognition tech has 81% error rate, independent report says

Amazon confirms it retains your Alexa voice recordings indefinitely

History of Megadeth’s website in 1994 (first band with a website)

PodMiners: The World’s First Digital Radio and Podcasting Platform on Blockchain

MoviePass says it will go dark for ‘several weeks’ to update its app

How to disable telemetry reporting

Should You Disable Windows 10 Telemetry?


Dang, It Feels Good to Watch the USWNT Get Drunk and Celebrate Its World Cup Win