Food poisoning & the Canadian flu; the harsh Faceapp truth; San Fran plan to fix inequality; Tinder rebels against Google; drone down; neuroscientists take on free will; Picard is back; the Orville goes to Hulu; inheriting text and chat data; Google’s useless confidential mode; BlueKeep exploit being sold; to DNA test or not to DNA test, that is the question; feedback loop.

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Show Notes


Millennial Horrified As Old Age Filter Shows Him Living On His Own, Working Steady Job.


A plan to fix inequality would target CEOs who make 100 times more than their employees.

Tinder rebels against Google Play app fees by taking direct payments.

US took down Iranian drone using new jammer technology.

Elon Musk’s futuristic Hyperloop transport ‘Pod’ hits record speed of 288 mph.

Neuroscientists can read brain activity to predict decisions 11 seconds before people act.


Jeri Ryan, Brent Spiner, and Patrick Stewart Return in the Trailer for Star Trek: Picard.

‘The Orville’ to Move From Fox to Hulu for Season 3.


The CyberWire.

Dave Bittner.

Hacking Humans.

Court Rules Private Text and Chat Data Can Be Inherited. Time to Panic..

Google has a new “confidential mode.” I crossed paths with it earlier today and found it annoying..

US company selling weaponized BlueKeep exploit.


First big weekend for Wichita’s new electric scooters.

Cycle hire firms urged to help clear dumped bikes from canals.

San Diego Impounds 2,500 Scooters Over Comic-Con Weekend.

La Liga ‘secretly listened through people’s microphones’ to catch out pirates illegally streaming games.

As DoD goes digital, Palantir adds defense contracting to its resume.

Facebook and Google’s Trackers Found On Thousands of Porn Sites.

Dash camera captures Lime scooter rider on I-35 in downtown Dallas during rush hour.

Nutrition Science Is Broken. This New Egg Study Shows Why..

Plant-based eggs are the latest food substitute to hit the drive-thru menu.

Plant-based eggs land their first major fast food deal.


Rutger Hauer, ‘Blade Runner’ Co-Star, Dies at 75.