Google and Apple about face on creepy voice recording; Lyft bikes go boom; Facebook reads your mind; YouTube is racialist; Domino’s hates the blind; Tesla hates dogs; The FTC hates Amazon and Apple; The best furry ever; Bronies say farewell; Ringworm!

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Show Notes


Google will pause listening to EU voice recordings while regulators investigate.

Apple suspends Siri response grading in response to privacy concerns.


Lyft pulls its electric bike fleet from San Francisco streets after some catch fire.

Facebook is getting closer to letting you type with just your thoughts.

Bollywood Rapper Sets Viewer Record YouTube Isn’t Talking About.

Domino’s asks the Supreme Court to shut down a lawsuit requiring its website be accessible to blind people.

Tesla working on a fix for dangerous Dog Mode flaw.

The FTC is looking into the Amazon and Apple deal that crushed small resellers.

Amazon-backed food delivery startup Deliveroo acquires Edinburgh software studio Cultivate.


The CyberWire.

Dave Bittner.

Hacking Humans.

A light sentence for a famous hacker has actually made the world safer.

LED Fursuit Head Q&A.

The last BronyCon: tears, but the promise of one big final party.

Les Misérables Flash Mob – Orlando Shakespeare Theater.

Capital One Data Theft Impacts 106M People.

The Capital One hack couldn’t have come at a worse time for Amazon’s most profitable business.

Amazon writes scripts for cops to sling Ring home cameras, report says.

Cops Are Giving Amazon’s Ring Your Real-Time 911 Caller Data.


Christopher Lochhead.

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