Stop the ladies in the tube recording you; we’ve had enough, 8chan; Google whack-a-mole with paywalls; “AI” bar systems; e-scooters not so green; Snap wants more money; millennials have no friends; the -yawn- MCU; Sackhoff rules; Idles; spider people; more popcorn SciFi; Blackout; scamming Amazon; feedback loop.

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Show Notes


Tesla fixed its dangerous ‘Dog Mode’ bug.

How to Stop Amazon, Apple, or Google From Listening to Your Smart Speaker Recordings.


Cloudflare has had enough, cutting off 8chan.

8Chan Founder Says Message Board Should Be Shut Down – Report.

8chan Is a Normal Part of Mass Shootings Now.

Google’s New Chrome Makes It Easier to Bypass Newspaper Paywalls.

‘AI Bar’ system makes sure patrons are served in the right order.

E-scooters aren’t as green as you think.

Snap looks to raise $1 billion in private debt offering.

22 percent of millennials say they have “no friends”.

Microsoft catches Russian state hackers using IoT devices to breach networks.


Captain Marvel.

Avengers: End Game.

‘Star Trek: Picard’ will have its own prequel comic and novel.

Orange is the New Black.

Why The New ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ Show Should Embrace Change.

KATEE SACKHOFF SERIES – Coming August 6th!! – Teaser Trailer.

The Cure’s Robert Smith lists his 30 favourite songs from the ’80s.



Children of Ruin by Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Nomad (The New Earth Series Book 1) by Matthew Mather.

Sanctuary (The New Earth Series Book 2) by Matthew Mather.



Man Allegedly Scammed Amazon Out Of $370k By Returning Dirt.

Josh Hawley’s bill to limit your Twitter time to 30 minutes a day, explained.

Amazon will fine sellers who ship products in oversized packaging.


Hilltopper Electric Bike Company.

You should stop using WhatsApp right now.


IBM Fired Up to 100,000 Older Employees to Make Room for Millennials, Lawsuit Alleges .

Trivial Bug Turns Home Security Cameras Into Listening Posts.

Gizmodo: Humans Will Never Colonize Mars..

Here’s how many people have gotten hurt in scooter crashes around Charlotte and Raleigh.

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is developing a smartphone.


Toni Morrison, Towering Novelist of the Black Experience, Dies at 88.