China retaliates against Cisco; CEOs change corporate accountabilities; banks look to blockchain; IRS wants its crypto-cut; Uber cuts balloons; Facebook moderators in India get pay hike; News tab will be people not AI; Idiocracy coming true; Mrs. Maisel; Jett; the Boys; Stranger Things; Apple media news; Carlin book; Standard Ebooks; biohacking; feedback loop.

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Show Notes


Cisco CEO: Chinese Market has “Dropped Precipitously”, Company “Uninvited” to Bids

Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation

US CEOs flip flop and decide corporations aren’t only accountable to shareholders

Group of top CEOs says maximizing shareholder profits no longer can be the primary goal of corporations


Threatened much? Bank industry expected to invest a metric fuckton of cash in blockchain

The IRS won’t stop until it collects all the cryptocurrency tax it’s owed

Uber spent over $200,000 on balloons — now its CEO is getting rid of them to cut costs as nervous engineers worry about layoffs

Facebook contractor hikes pay for Indian content reviewers

Facebook will use humans to curate its News Tab



Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


The Boys

Stranger Things 3

Apple finally releases a trailer for ‘The Morning Show’

Apple’s game subscription service will reportedly cost $5 per month

The Star Trek Movies You Mostly Don’t Like Are Now Owned by the Same Company That Owns the Trek TV Shows You Do Like

Watch a User Experience Expert React to Sci-fi Operating Systems


Resistance (The New Earth Series Book Three) by Matthew Mather

The End Is Always Near: Apocalyptic Moments, from the Bronze Age Collapse to Nuclear Near Misses by Dan Carlin

Standard Ebooks

Thank God for the Sex I Found in My Mother’s Romance Novels by Isabelle Davis

Brandon Sanderson’s Lectures


Man Films The Moment His Girlfriend Spots Tinder On His Phone

Tesla Model 3 owner implants RFID chip to turn her arm into a key


Amazon’s army of tweeting warehouse workers backfired spectacularly this week after a thread about working conditions went viral


China’s Ninebot unveils scooters that drive themselves to charging stations CEO Comments on Deep State, Withholds Further Comment

Episode 296 of the New Media Show

The Family – Book

Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch with Remote (Requires Hue Hub, Installation-Free, Smart Home, Exclusively for Philips Hue Smart Bulbs)

This Week in Machine Learning & AI – The Problem with Black Boxes with Cynthia Rudin