CEO shenanigans; the Silicon North; robotexts are coming; that Instagram post; Palantir employee uprising; DoorDash & Scotty Labs; Apple Card & rubbing alcohol; exposed adult site data; MoviePass continues to mess up; DNA data woes; iPhone jailbreaking is back; Blind; the Matrix is reloading; robots in space.

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Show Notes


Overstock CEO resigns after ‘deep state’ comments

America’s Most Powerful CEOs Say They No Longer Only Care About Shareholder Value. Here’s How They Can Prove It.

Oracle is suing Larry Ellison and Safra Catz over the $9 billion NetSuite deal, thanks to letter written by 3 Oracle board members

Facebook’s ‘cryptocurrency’ Libra may be in more trouble than we thought


Silicon Valley Looks North as Tech Giants Expand in Toronto

Getting Attacked by Robotexts? Here’s What to Do

Instagram’s Chain-Letter Uprising

Facebook puts the squeeze on Instagram by Casey Newton

The war inside Palantir: Data-mining firm’s ties to ICE under attack by employees

Hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers to launch a protest caravan across California

DoorDash acquires autonomous driving startup Scotty Labs

DoorDash is still pocketing workers’ tips, almost a month after it promised to stop

Apple Card review: A credit card that will lock you to iPhone forever

Apple says clean Apple Card with a microfiber cloth, avoid contact with leather and denim


The Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute

Joe Carrigan

Hacking Humans

Adult website exposed personal data of 1.2 million users

Google Chrome to Warn If Logins Are Found in a Data Breach

MoviePass exposed thousands of unencrypted customer card numbers

EFF Calls on California to End Vendor-Driven ALPR Training

Newly Obtained Records Reveal Extensive Monitoring of E-ZPass Tags Throughout New York

Customers Handed Over Their DNA. The Company Let the FBI Take a Look.

Hacker Releases First Public Jailbreak for Up-to-Date iPhones in Years


VLC Media Player Allows Desktop Takeover Via Malicious Video File


The Matrix Rides Again

Russia launches test of new rocket booster, sends humanoid robot into space


Dynamic Ads with Jason DeFillippo and James Cridland