Windows, not so bad; Zuckerberg ret-cons Facebook origin story; Netflix misses numbers, faces competition; Amazon ditches Oracle; Zappos ridiculous breach settlement; Nest tightens rules for partners; jail time for tech execs; Samsung fingerprints problems; Fire TV cube; Iomega zip drives; stun sticks; e-rosary; Gen Z doesn’t want to hear from you.

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Show Notes


UK finally abandons its unworkable ‘porn block’ plan

Why Don’t Rich People Just Stop Working?


Mark Zuckerberg said a lot of nothing in his big speech

Mark Zuckerberg’s Fifth Estate

Facebook expands on child protection plans with move to end-to-end encryption

Tech Companies Get a Free Pass on Moderating Content

Netflix missed its subscriber numbers, again

Why Families Will Ditch Netflix By 2020

Amazon’s consumer business says bye bye to Oracle databases, moves to AWS


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


Zappos Offers Users 10% Discount in 2012 Breach Settlement

Nest is getting ready for the smart home’s Cambridge Analytica moment

Jail time for tech execs? A Democratic senator is proposing it.

‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ gathered location data while users slept

Samsung will fix bug that lets any fingerprint unlock a Galaxy S10

Samsung confirms glaring S10 fingerprint reader flaw, promises fix

Justice Dept. says it’s taken down ‘world’s largest’ child exploitation sites on the dark web

How the world’s largest child porn marketplace was undone by a right-click


All-new Fire TV Cube, hands-free with Alexa and 4K Ultra HD, streaming media player

Ford+Alexa with AppLink

You Can Connect an Iomega Zip Drive to Your Apple Watch Like It’s 1994

Streetwise Lightning Rod 7,000,000 Stun Stick

Does praying burn calories? Here’s the pope’s $110 e-rosary


Generation Z doesn’t always want to hear from you

Porn Stars Vs. Instagram: Inside The Battle To Remain On The Platform


How to Watch the First Spacewalk With All Women on Friday