Bezos no longer richest man; Amazon shares down; Zuck goes to congress, gets schooled; Facebook paying for news; face-scanning AI interviews; non-binary in a binary form world; drone killers; firmware hacking; Retina-X fines; SCIF show; DOH! protocol; BBC news goes dark web; life saving Apple Watch; FireTV Cube; Eero; Adobe deals; self-driving rats.

Show Notes



Movember Facial Hair Facts

The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe Podcast

FTC settles with Devumi, a company that sold fake followers, for $2.5M


Jeff Bezos Is No Longer The Richest Person In The World After Amazon Stock Plunges

After its first earnings miss in two years, Amazon shares get walloped in after-hours trading

Watch AOC ask Mark Zuckerberg if she can run fake Facebook ads, too

Rupert Murdoch wanted Mark Zuckerberg to pay him for news stories — and now Facebook is going to do just that

Facebook Commits $1 Billion and Partners with the State of California to Address Housing Affordability

Twitter says it’s better at spotting abusive tweets than users

A face-scanning algorithm increasingly decides whether you deserve the job

When Binary Code Won’t Accommodate Nonbinary People

US Air Force gets its first anti-drone laser weapon from Raytheon

Virgin Galactic becomes the first public space tourism company on Monday


Caveat, our new law and policy show.

The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans

Microsoft has a new way to keep your computer’s firmware from being hacked

I asked around and one of my contacts in the firmware security biz suggested this presentation, starting around the [39:00] mark –

Stalker app maker Retina-X settles FTC charges

Total SCIF Show: The GOP’s Raid Puts National Security at Risk

EFF and Partners Urge U.S. Lawmakers to Support New DoH Protocol for a More Secure Internet

Johannes Ullrich interview

BBC News heads to the dark web with new Tor mirror

Apple Watch saved woman from sexual assault in her own apartment

Things Joe Hates – Lisa’s Story – Why We Have Been Away


Google adds seasonal Nest doorbell ringers in time for Halloween

Spotify is giving Premium subscribers a free Google Home Mini

Amazon FireTV Cube

Adobe’s Alexa skill reads ‘inspirational’ quotes to jaded creatives

This Will End Well: Scientists Train Rats To Drive Little Cars To Get Treats


I Just Took the World’s First 20-Hour Flight. Here’s What It Did to Me By Angus Whitley

We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here’s What We Learned

Evolution tells us we might be the only intelligent life in the universe by Nick Longrich

The 2010s Broke Our Sense Of Time

RIP: How to stop Google from stealing all your data after you die

RIP: How to stop Facebook from stealing your data after you die