Big burger data; blockchain, what is it good for; same-day delivery chaos; Alphabet looking to buy Fitbit; worthless shares; Facebook employees rise; Musk to court; Flash, really; AI banking; the Mandalorian; scary movies; AirPod Pro, now with the same battery; 1.5x movies; facial recognition for porn; sports heroes; feedback.

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Show Notes


Everything you need to know about iOS and iPadOS 13.2

What’s Blockchain Actually Good for, Anyway? For Now, Not Much

All the ways McDonald’s is using AI to learn what you’ll order — sometimes even before you know what you’ll want


Facebook staff demand Zuckerberg limit lies in politcal ads

Dissent Erupts at Facebook Over Hands-Off Stance on Political Ads

Elon Musk will go to trial over “pedo guy” tweets, judge rules

1.5 Million Packages a Day: The Internet Brings Chaos to N.Y. Streets

Google Search to stop indexing Flash content in late 2019

Alphabet is reportedly interested in buying Fitbit

Spotify’s podcast strategy is starting to pay off

Why We Shouldn’t Want Banks to Go All In on Artificial Intelligence

Employees at companies like Vice and BuzzFeed are worried their equity is worthless as digital media’s fortunes fade


ZOMG there’s a new ‘The Mandalorian’ trailer (now with more Werner Herzog)


Apple’s $249 AirPods Pro pack noise cancellation and hands-free Siri

AirPods Pro replacement and repair costs rise to $89 per earbud, same for case

Amazon Echo Buds review

Netflix Experiment Lets You Watch Movies at 1.5 Times the Speed


Australia wants to use facial recognition to verify people watching online porn

Researchers foil people-detecting AI with an ‘adversarial’ T-shirt

Soccer Players Halt Game And Huddle Around Opponent As She Fixes Hijab

Double-Fisting World Series Fan Uses Chest to Block Home Run Ball

Comedian Is Covering California In Fake Posters, And They’re Brilliant


Wisdom of Chopra

Fishing for scooters in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower

Electric scooters: France introduces new rules to ‘restore tranquillity’

A biased medical algorithm favored white people for health-care programs

Square’s Cash App officially adds free stock trading, starting at $1

M1 Finance

Dennis E. Taylor – Status of Things

TrialWorks Ransomware Attack Disrupts Court Cases and Deadlines

Comcast Is Lobbying Against Encryption That Could Prevent it From Learning Your Browsing History

Al Jazeera English | Live

Is Your Phone Always Listening to You?

Lyft Launches Jobs Access Program in 35+ Cities with National Partners Including Goodwill®, United Way, and The USO

Audio Cutter

VR/AR startup valuations reach $45 billion (on paper)

Meet Petcube Bites 2, the Smartest Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser and Alexa Built-in


As the internet turns 50, we must protect it as a force for good

Contract for the Web