China bans US tech; meme thievery; high tech jobs consolidated in 5 metro areas; Yahoo bungles shutdown; password managers; SleepWatch; video editing lessons; Preacher; Mrs. Maisel; Silicon Valley finale; Ghostbusters are back; Wonder Woman 1984; Outland; the Expanse books; dentists on hoverboards; feedback loop.

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Show Notes


Peloton Woman needed a drink after her viral ad. She got one in new spot for Ryan Reynolds’s gin.

Away CEO is stepping down in light of reports of toxic culture

Anti-Vaxxers Are Asking People To Stop Calling Them Anti-Vaxxers Because It’s “Highly Offensive”


China bans all government departments from using US-made technology

Meme Thievery Goes Corporate

90 percent of growth in high-tech jobs happened in just 5 metro areas

“Let Us Get Our Stuff and Leave”


NordVPN launches NordPass as password protection market heats up


Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X with Doctor Ali Abdaal


Silicon Valley’s Series Finale Shows Just How Much Its Perspective on Technology Has Changed

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer: Who Ya Gonna Reboot?

Jason Reitman’s New Ghostbusters Sequel Does Not Make Leslie Jones Feel Good

Wonder Woman 1984 – Official Trailer


Outland by: Dennis E. Taylor. Narrated by: Ray Porter

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet – Wayfarers, Book 1 by Becky Chambers

The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke

Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse Book 1) by James S.A. Corey

Bonus: Kevin Smith Explains The Expanse


An Alaska Dentist Is Being Prosecuted for Riding a Hoverboard During a Tooth Extraction


Elon Musk wins defamation case over ‘pedo guy’ tweet about caver

Unicorn, e-scooter startup from co-creator of Tile, shuts down with no money for refunds

Why Are E-Bikes Legal For Amazon, But Not Immigrant Delivery Cyclists?

20 VPS providers to shut down on Monday, giving customers two days to save their data

Open Space 52: Dustin Gibson from Oceanside Photo and Telescope

BMW finally makes Apple CarPlay free

Mandalorian bitterly regretting feeding baby Yoda after midnight

Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, and the death of the good internet era

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René Auberjonois, ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Boston Legal’ Actor, Dies at 79

Caroll Spinney, Sesame Street’s Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, Has Died. Here Are Some of His Best Performances.