Deepfakes take effort; e-scooter unionizes; emotion recognition; ISIS harder to track online, but that’s good; Instagram’s new rules; Google Maps cover 98% of the world; podcast platform news; Top Gun: Maverick; killing in the age of algorithms; Murfie goes poof; Futurus AR windscreens; the decade tech lost it’s way; feedback.

Show Notes


I created my own deepfake—it took two weeks and cost $552


E-Scooter Company Employees Unionize

Emotion recognition technology should be banned, says an AI research institute

AI Now Annual Report 2019

ISIS Is Now Harder to Track Online—But That’s Good News

Instagram to start warning users before they post ‘potentially offensive’ captions

Instagram hides false content behind warnings, except for politicians

2020 Campaigns Throw Their Hands Up on Disinformation

Google Maps has now photographed 10 million miles in Street View


Apple Podcasts now available on Echo devices

Spotify spent a lot of money on podcasting, so it wants you to start listening, please

Spotify will ask people what they’re interested in to give them podcast suggestions

Google Podcasts will soon make episode-specific recommendations

Google Podcasts introduces personalized episode recommendations

Luminary launches its subscription-based podcast network on Alexa devices

Top Gun: Maverick (2020) – New Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Killer Robots Aren’t Regulated. Yet.

A small Wisconsin company stored thousands of people’s CDs, then suddenly vanished


Futurus wants to turn your car’s whole windscreen into an AR display

The Decade Tech Lost Its Way


Episode 154: Dotting I’s – the memory place

Chinese criminal gangs spreading African swine fever to force farmers to sell pigs cheaply so they can profit

‘Penis fish’ wash up on a beach in California

Some of the UK’s phone number infrastructure relies on Yahoo Groups, which is shutting down

San Francisco’s ‘poor street conditions’ a factor in city’s loss of $64M Oracle tech conference

Measles in Samoa: how a small island nation found itself in the grips of an outbreak disaster

Broke Billionaires (And Other Ridiculous Signs Of The Top)


Tony Brooker, Pioneer of Computer Programming, Dies at 94

George Laurer, Who Developed the Bar Code, Is Dead at 94