Kevin Rose and Eric Hunley guest host; Star Wars finale, finally; Sleep Trackers as birth control; Uber and Postmates Sue California; CRISPR baby doc gets hard time; Segway brings WALL-E to life; CCPA is now in effect; Wyze isn’t wise; SB-237 is coming soon!

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Show Notes


Kevin Rose’s Oink Shuts Down

52 things I learned in 2019

Google’s Mail Goggles Prevents Drunk Emailing

19 good things that happened in 2019

Travis Kalanick quits Uber’s board, sells off all his Uber stock

While other tech giants fund housing initiatives, Amazon is opening a homeless shelter — inside its HQ

Segway’s newest self-balancing vehicle is an egg-shaped wheelchair


Dreem Sleep Tracker

Apollo Neuro


Spotify to ‘pause’ running political ads, citing lack of proper review

That ‘CRISPR Babies’ Scientist Was Just Sentenced to Jail in China

How synthetic biology could wipe out humanity and how we can stop it

Uber and Postmates Sue California over the AB-5 Statute


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Hello Internet Christmas Special

Baby Yoda Tree Topper!

Baby Yoda in his floating bassinet paper toy

Here’s where California residents can stop companies selling their data

California Privacy Directory

Data Breach at Wyze Labs Exposes Information of 2.4 Million Customers

Is the world ready for California’s new IoT laws?

SB-327 Information privacy: connected devices.


Wolfenstein Youngblood

JBL Reflect Self-Charging Headphones on IndieGogo

SmartMike: True Wireless Mic for Content Creators

Wireless Microphone, SmartMike+ Rechargeable Bluetooth Hands Free Clip-on Lavalier Lapel Mic for DSLR Camera Phone Computer Vlogging Youtuber Filming Maker

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Kevin Rose

Eric Hunley’s Unstructured Podcast

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