Cyberwar is here; thoughts on leaving Facebook; AI for Coronavirus; Russian spacecraft trailing US spy satellite; Jack asks Elon for help; ICE buying cellphone location data; Netflix autoplay off; the Expanse; Star Trek: Consolidating; Oscars; getting lost and sometimes found; beer rage; feedback loop.

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Podcast Movement Evolutions

Equifax Breach: Four Members of Chinese Military Charged with Hacking

Brian’s Facebook Post about Facebook

I’ve been debating what to do about Facebook.

I have derived a lot of value from it over the years, and still do to some degree, but the value proposition has been on a continual decline.

People who’s updates I’ve enjoyed have left; I’ve had to resort to a patchwork of 3rd party plugins to keep seeing updates in order or updates from friends not buried under an avalanche of ads or “suggested updates” or corporate PR releases or things FB thinks I might be interested in, and those 3rd party apps are engaged in a game of whack-a-mole with FB which keeps finding ways to break them and block them so I see what FB wants me to see, not what I want to see.

There isn’t really a viable alternative; Instagram is pretty pictures and being run increasingly into the ground by the mothership, FB itself, to be more like FB and bury even the pretty pictures. Twitter is – pardon my french – a fucking shitshow that for whatever reason gets far less attention than FB for it’s bots and divisive nature. I’ve always argued Twitter has the best PR company in the world. I’m too old and don’t care about spending my day watching short videos so TikTok isn’t for me, and I think even Snap is surprised that Snapchat is still a thing.

Sure one can argue the best alternative is to reach out to friends directly, see them in person, and that works for a handful of friends but social media has gotten me hooked on staying in touch with friends that live far away, as well as the ability to follow on with people’s lives I don’t come in to touch with regularly, or if at all, anymore. If I do leave FB, I fear I will really miss those occasional interactions, or with those I have no interactions with, just the knowledge of those people’s lives and what they’re experiencing and where they’re at on their journeys.

Hmm. All I meant to write was the first two sentences. Seems I’m really thinking about this much harder than I probably should be.


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