Shout out to the clan; liable for counterfeits; Walmart+ taking on Amazon Prime; e-Scooter frenzy is over; unintended consequences of ride sharing – pollution and alcohol; Billy never Idles; self-driving cars are hard; Altered Carbon; Obi-Wan on a motorcycle; stand-up fest; CoronaCoin; drone shark week; feedback loop.

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Show Notes


Lawmakers Propose Making E-Commerce Companies Liable for Counterfeits

The Jordan Harbinger Show – 308: Kris Buckner | Who Does Counterfeiting Really Hurt?

Walmart is quietly working on an Amazon Prime competitor called Walmart+

The Frenzied Era of E-Scooters Is Over

Uber and Lyft Are Increasing Emissions, Not Lowering Them

Billy Never Idles

The Drunk Men I Drive Around Every Night

It’s 2020. Where are our self-driving cars?



Altered Carbon

Long Way Round

Long Way Down

Obi-Wan Kenobi just rode an electric Harley-Davidson Livewire across the Western Hemisphere

Russell Peters: Deported

Pete Davidson: Alive From New York

‘Danzig Sings Elvis’ release date confirmed, live shows announced

Netflix is hosting a live comedy festival in Los Angeles this spring


Caliban’s War (The Expanse Book 2) by James S.A. Corey


CoronaCoin, a Cryptocurrency That Goes Up in Value the Worst the Covid-19 Epidemic Gets

This Dad’s Drone Footage Showed a Shark Swimming Right Towards His Kids


Senator Rubio seeks U.S. review of sale of AT&T unit to Czech-owned conglomerate

Clearview AI documents has revealed their working with more than 2,200 law enforcement agencies, companies, around the world

Brave deemed most private browser in terms of ‘phoning home’ | ZDNet

Long Lines at Costco as Shoppers Empty Shelves of Water and Toilet Paper Amid Coronavirus Panic

Just Another Crowd by Sean Bonner

Clicker for Netflix – The best standalone Netflix player for Mac

Criminals on CCTV: Scammers caught red-handed

MOS 6502

Don’t run your 2FA authenticator app on these smartphones

Hackers Can Turn Sex Robots Into Killing Machines, Security Expert Warns

Clarence Thomas regrets ruling that Ajit Pai used to kill net neutrality


James Lipton, former ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ host, dead at 93