Jason is injured, sleep deprived, and at an existential crossroad so we call in Dr. David Teter and Jordan Harbinger to sort out this mess of a nerd which is totally appropriate for episode 42.

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David Teter Consulting

The Art of Charm Podcast

Jordan Harbinger

Best of the worst: Corporate America’s most cringe-inducing MLK tweets

And let’s double down on copyright and what’s sure to be another Google Glass lawsuit

Gamification of the Workplace. Because we’re all 12 years old now.


Wyoming explained!

Beats launches.

How it’s different (but mostly how it isn’t).

Jamaican bobsled team crowdfunds its way to the Olympics

A 17 Year Old Was Behind the Target Credit Card Hack

The Internet solves a 20 year old mystery

The Crystal Method – The Crystal Method

Sex with Google Glass

Oculus Rift Lets You See What It Would Be Like To Swap Genders [NSFW]

Tarinto shelves movie because script leaked. Welcome to the modern world!

FLIR for iPhone!