Drink-up wrap-up; Stanford antibody study; Deepfakes have been floated; Facebook’s latest ripoff; Tesla stop sign navigation; Amazon’s self-serving algorithm; Westworld; Goonies never say die; SNL getting better; Food Network mindless entertainment; Terry Pratchett TV shows, books coming; a Tyler Perry world; feedback, and lots of it.

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Show Notes


GOG Face Masks!

Magic Leap’s $2.6 billion bait and switch


Scientists feud over hyped Stanford coronavirus antibody study: “The authors owe us all an apology”

The Very Real Threat of Trump’s Deepfake

Facebook’s latest ripoff product is a Zoom clone called “Rooms”

Tesla rolls out Autopilot navigation for traffic lights and stop signs

The Amazon Lockdown: How an Unforgiving Algorithm Drives Suppliers to Favor the E-Commerce Giant Over Other Retailers


‘The Goonies’ Reunited in 2020 For a Good Cause

Saturday Night Live

The Great Food Truck Race

Terry Pratchett novels to get ‘absolutely faithful’ TV adaptations

The Time-travelling Caveman by Terry Pratchett


Private Internet Access VPN

“Zoom’s Biggest Rivals Are Coming for It’

Moana film theory.

I’ve No More F*s To Give!

Nobel prize-winning immunologist accidentally asks Twitter when he’ll be able to get a drink

The Capture

‘Beastie Boys Story’ Review: Pass the Mic, and the Memories

Facebook bets on a different sort of e-commerce in India

NVidia RTX background noise filters – mind blown.

GOG 424: Strategic TP Reserve

What Pittsburgh 1918 teaches us about easing pandemic measures too soon

PVP Comic

Army astronaut accused of committing crime in space is cleared; ex-wife charged with making false statements