LUMI has landed; Uber masks; Twitter employees can work at home forever; Facebook settlement with moderators, censoring, buying Giphy; video games have record sales; Unreal Engine royalty-free; France gives social media sites an hour to remove illegal content; exhausting Zoom firings; Dave wants to join the 501st Legion; engagement, not enrichment; Upload; the English Game; more Musk; soccer is back.

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Show Notes


Uber will require riders and drivers to wear face masks starting May 18th

Why Facebook Censored an Anti-Trump Ad


Twitter Will Allow Employees To Work At Home Forever

Twitter now labels misleading coronavirus tweets with a misleading label

Facebook will pay $52 million in settlement with moderators who developed PTSD on the job

Facebook is buying Giphy and integrating it with Instagram

US video game sales have record quarter, as consumers stay at home

Unreal Engine is now royalty-free until a game makes a whopping $1 mill

France gives social media sites one hour to delete criminal content

WeWork Locations Are Essentially Unusable Now. They’re Still Charging Rent.

I Will Not Be Attending Your Exhausting Zoom Gathering

I Got Fired Over Zoom


Netflix restoring streaming quality in Europe after Apple TV+ did the same


The English Game

AMC Is Sucking the Rights From Anne Rice’s Vampire Novels

The Sandman on Audible

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse – Graphite


Why Elon Musk disobeyed government orders and reopened a Tesla factory

Guy Makes Amazing Jack Daniel’s Water Feature For Garden While Drunk


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


Disney Releases Virtual Ride Of ‘Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance’ Attraction

FBI serves warrant on senator in investigation of stock sales linked to coronavirus

Richard Burr steps down as Senate committee chair over FBI investigation

Law firm hackers double ransom demand, threaten Donald Trump

Senate Votes to Allow FBI to Look at Your Web Browsing History Without a Warrant

Auckland woman ‘creeped out’ after restaurant worker uses her contact tracing details to hit on her

Flattening the Truth on Coronavirus


Coronavirus: German soccer club to fill stadium with cardboard cutouts of fans upon league’s return in May

Inn at Little Washington Chef Will Fill His Socially Distanced Dining Room With Midcentury Mannequins