The tweet label heard around the world; social media executive orders; wherefore art thou, Zuck?; quarantine reunion shows; SpaceX take two; Magic Leap CEO out; Globe home-sharing takes a stand; Instagram sharing revenue, sort of; Palantir may leave California; Elon Musk is teflon; the wheel of fate; Covid Corner; Ladies in the Tube and bodily functions; HBO’s confusing streaming approach; Tidal, what?

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Show Notes


#StarsInTheHouse Tuesday 5/26 8 PM: Star Trek Voyager Reunion

‘Lord of the Rings’ cast reunite over video chat in a truly epic trailer

SpaceX’s first crewed mission to the ISS is scrubbed for today

SpaceX gets FAA permission to fly its Starship spacecraft prototype

Space Force on Netflix

Somebody Feed Phil Season 3

Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz is out


Twitter labels Trump’s tweets with a fact check for the first time

Twitter Finally Fact Checked Trump. It’s a Bit of a Mess

Trump threatens to crack down on social media platforms after Twitter labels his tweets

White House organizes harassment of Twitter employee as Trump threatens company

Jack Dorsey explains why Twitter fact-checked Trump’s false voting claims

Trump Executive Order Misreads Key Law Promoting Free Expression Online and Violates the First Amendment

Trump tweets threat that ‘looting’ will lead to ‘shooting.’ Twitter put a warning label on it

Appeals court rules in favor of Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter in anti-conservative bias suit

The myth of social media anti-conservative bias refuses to die

An hourly home-sharing startup in San Francisco finds itself in the city’s crosshairs

Instagram will share revenue with creators for the first time through ads in IGTV

Apple buys an AI startup to improve Siri’s data

Palantir CEO hits Silicon Valley “monoculture,” may leave California

Elon Musk reaches first Tesla compensation award worth nearly $800 million


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


Huawei CFO is one crucial step closer to being extradited to the US


Big Fart


Netflix, Disney+ or HBO Max? The best streaming service for your watching habits

TIDAL announces Dolby Atmos support for sound bars and set-top boxes, Apple TV included


Dodger Stadium now largest coronavirus testing site in California

Women’s Soccer League Announces June Return

Japan is testing an app that lets sports fans cheer from the safety of their sofas

Sci-Fi Short Film Trailer | “Hashtag” | Now on DUST