Not our finest hour; some good Coronavirus news; we finally know what line you can’t cross with Zuckerberg; Google boots right wing sites from ad platform; Stop Hate for Profit targets Facebook; Twitter rolls out… audio tweets?; Jump exists Europe; Starlink ready for beta-testers; listening via light bulb; caught by tattoo; don’t login once you’ve been fired; real consequences in Big Tuna; FDA approves prescription video game; Snapchat does it again; synth searches.

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Show Notes


Common Drug Reduces Coronavirus Deaths, Scientists Report

Coronavirus is back, and spreading — but let’s blame Trump, instead of each other

Apple TV+ makes ‘The Banker’ film free to watch until the end of the month


Google kicked ZeroHedge off its ad platform, put The Federalist on notice for racist protest content

Civil rights organizations want advertisers to dump Facebook

Twitter begins rolling out audio tweets on iOS

Facebook still won’t take down politicians’ misleading posts, but it’s trying to register 4 million new voters

Lime closes acquisition of Jump assets in Europe as Jump bikes and scooters disappear

SpaceX Is Now Taking Requests for Starlink Beta Testers


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


Spies can eavesdrop by watching a light bulb’s variations

FBI uses T-shirt, tattoo and Vimeo clips to track down alleged arsonist

Woman who deliberately deleted firm’s Dropbox is sentenced

Ripple20 vulnerabilities will haunt the IoT landscape for years to come

Former Bumble Bee C.E.O. Is Sentenced in Tuna Price-Fixing Scheme


FDA Approves First-Ever Prescription Video Game

Snapchat apologizes for Juneteenth filter that prompted users to ‘smile’ to break chains


Soulwax and the hunt for the EMS Synthi 100

TikTok Finally Explains How the ‘For You’ Algorithm Works

How TikTok recommends videos #ForYou

Ford moves Bronco reveal to July 13 over O.J. Simpson birthday controversy


Watch ‘Wake’—the final ‘First and Last and Always’ era Sisters of Mercy concert