Disney joins Facebook ad boycott; revealing Emojis; Snapchat adds third party apps; Zoom fatigue, get over it; drive-in esports; companies make millions building unemployment websites that don’t work; Coinbase blocked Twitter hackers; Uber sued to reveal algorithm; the Old Guard; John Oliver takes on conspiracies; David Foster; AI moon landing footage; Nixon deepfake; dystopian fiction, now more than ever; Icelandair turns pilots into flight attendants; US Army fake prize giveaways on Twitch; feedback.

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Show Notes


Disney Slashed Ad Spending on Facebook Amid Growing Boycott

Emoji reveal more about you than you think

Snapchat’s third-party ‘Mini’ apps are live

What comes after Zoom fatigue

Drive-In Esports Arenas Being Developed in Four U.S. Cities

Companies made millions building unemployment websites that didn’t work

Coinbase blocked Twitter hackers from stealing an extra $280K

Uber drivers are suing the company to better understand how they are managed by algorithms


The Old Guard

The True True Truth

The Loudest Voice

Unsolved Mysteries

David Foster: Off the Record


Historic Moon Landing Footage Has Been Enhanced by AI, And The Results Are Incredible

A Nixon Deepfake, a ‘Moon Disaster’ Speech and an Information Ecosystem at Risk

In Event of Moon Disaster

Rammstein – Sonne (Stylophone Cover)


Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man By: Mary L. Trump PhD

Why We Need Dystopian Fiction Now More Than Ever


Icelandair says it’s letting go of all its flight attendants — and shifting their duties to the pilots

Top US airlines plan to cut thousands of workers when CARES Act ban on layoffs expires

Twitch tells US Army to stop sharing fake prize giveaways that sent users to recruitment page


Hebrew U: Drug could turn Covid-19 into common cold

Beetle-mounted camera streams insect adventures

‘Stop being selfish’: NHS doctor shows how masks do not affect breathing

ScaleFactor Raised $100 Million In A Year Then Blamed Covid-19 For Its Demise. Employees Say It Had Much Bigger Problems.

Air Mail from Dip

“Zero Logs” VPN Company Exposes Millions Of User Logs

Seven ‘no log’ VPN providers accused of leaking – yup, you guessed it – 1.2TB of user logs onto the internet

NBC’s new streaming service Peacock hid a cake recipe in the terms and conditions


DBK Labs – Clicker Apps

Episode-2686- Time for the CoVid Hysteria to End

DAWN: Versatile Tech-filled Urban Backpack

Treating coronavirus is draining hospital coffers of millions and threatening resources