Owning copyright is key; Apple, Google vs Fortnite; Uber & Lyft lose lawsuit in California, threaten to leave; Amazon should be broken up; Big Tech tries to counter misinformation; boss & remote workers; McAfee’s interesting mask; Anonymous; MTV’s past; Capital One gets off cheap; Talkspace data-mining; Instagram’s set visibility to zero; TOR privacy; Adobe fixes something; Masterclass edu-tainment; Ekranpolan; Airbnb Blockbuster.

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Show Notes


Court dismisses Genius lawsuit over lyrics-scraping by Google


Apple boots Fortnite from the App Store after Epic adds direct payments

Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite – #FreeFortnite

A California judge ruled that Uber and Lyft have to classify their drivers as employees, not contractors

Uber CEO says service faces temporary shutdown in California over worker reclassification ruling

Lyft beats Wall Street expectations for Q2

Amazon Is a Private Government. Congress Needs to Step Up.

Big Tech pushes voter initiatives to counter misinformation

All the Intrusive and Insulting Ways Bosses Are Smothering Their Remote Workers

John McAfee ‘Arrested In Norway’ After Wearing Thong As Face Mask

The Return of Anonymous


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


Capital One ordered to pay $80 million penalty for its role in a 2019 data breach

Banking Regulator Fines Capital One $80 Million Over 2019 Hack

Therapy app Talkspace allegedly data-mined patients’ private conversations with therapists

Instagram wasn’t removing photos and direct messages from its servers

TOR privacy is being compromised by hackers, and there’s no fix

Federal agents tricked Hamas into sending Bitcoin to Uncle Sam

Muzzle App


Sony Wireless Headphones for TV Watching (WHRF400R) with Transmitter Dock (TMRRF400) – 6-ft 3.5mm Stereo + NeeGo RCA Plug Y-Adapter for TV


Grumpy Old Geeks on Podchaser

Apple is reportedly planning ‘Apple One’ subscription bundles

What Is MasterClass Actually Selling?


Belly Of The Beast: Illicit Photos From Inside The Soviet Ekranoplan

Last Blockbuster store is now on Airbnb for a nostalgic ’90s sleepover


Digital imaging pioneer Russell Kirsch dies at 91