It’s true if we say it is; fact-checking is not censorship; Uber & Lyft get a temporary stay in California case; Uber covered up data breach; DoorDash launches grocery delivery; Facebook AI making MRI scans faster, finds Ryan Gosling everywhere; tweeting after death; most Americans think social media is censoring people; Airbnb stops really, really big parties; police unlocking cellphones without oversight; FritzFrog botnet; top secret iPods; Oculus Quest; Blackberries are back; sad home cubicles; Florida being Florida.

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Show Notes


GOG Discord Channel

Anti-vaccine group sues Facebook, claims fact-checking is “censorship”

Facebook Launches Fintech Company to Pursue Libra Project

Epic vs Apple judge decided in Apple’s favour in similar case

Hundreds of iPhones With Fortnite Installed Flood eBay


Judge grants Uber and Lyft temporary stay in driver reclassification case

Former Uber Executive Charged With Paying ‘Hush Money’ To Conceal Massive Breach

DoorDash launches grocery delivery to compete with Amazon and Instacart

Facebook and NYU use artificial intelligence to make MRI scans four times faster

A photo-editing AI thought this blurry photo was actor Ryan Gosling’s face

Herman Cain and the Problems With Tweeting After Death

Most Americans think social media companies are censoring people

Apple’s stock market value tops $2 trillion

Airbnb puts global ban on house parties to support social distancing guidelines


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


San Diego Police Department can covertly unlock iPhones with spyware technology, report says

Cops in Miami, NYC arrest protesters from facial recognition matches

New P2P botnet infects SSH servers all over the world

2 Facebook security staffers have been accused of taking part in a plot to obtain concealed weapon licenses with false info when they worked for a Facebook contractor

The Case of the Top Secret iPod


Oculus Quest

A Single Way to Log Into Oculus and Unlock Social Features

Why the Facebookening of Oculus VR is bad for users, devs, competition

You Can Fly Anywhere In The World On New Microsoft Flight Simulator – Even Epstein’s Island

BlackBerry phones are back, baby

Adobe accidentally deleted people’s photos in latest Lightroom update

Panasonic’s new home cubicle is a disheartening glimpse at our work-from-home future


Florida Is Releasing Almost a Billion Gene-Hacked Mosquitoes


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