Pick your machine learning bias; TikTok ban forgotten; DoorDash taking the money & dashing; Uber selling off self-driving unit; Airbnb has some bigots; Austria wants to censor worldwide; another day, another Google fine; Zoomsgiving; Dave’s bum is fine; yes, your computer phones home; Big Sur slowdown; Long Way Up; the Crown; Instagram’s new features; Zuck’s strange decisions; hyperventilate to sober up; Elon would like to speak to the COVID-19 manager; feedback loop.

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Show Notes


You can’t eliminate bias from machine learning, but you can pick your bias


TikTok’s US ban has been delayed another two weeks — or maybe forever

DoorDash files to go public

Uber is reportedly in talks to sell its self-driving unit

Airbnb Says It Turned Away 1.4 Million People Who Refused to Sign Its No-Bigotry Agreement

Facebook is now using AI to sort content for quicker moderation

A Court Ruling in Austria Could Censor the Internet Worldwide

Turkish competition board hits Google with $25m fine

Zoom will lift its 40-minute limit on free meetings for Thanksgiving

Broadband power users explode, making data caps more profitable for ISPs


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


‘The Mandalorian’ Director Bryce Dallas Howard Confirms ‘Apollo 13’ Homage in Episode 3

These Are the Creepiest Gadgets of 2020, According to Mozilla

Apple watching & logging EVERY APP YOU OPEN with new OS.

The OS Big Sur Launch Might Have Slowed Down Macs Everywhere

macOS Big Sur launch appears to cause temporary slowdown in even non-Big Sur Macs

Your Computer Isn’t Yours by Jeffrey Paul

Apple’s response

Consumer Watchdog Hacks Tesla – Video


Long Way Up


The Crown

Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore and Mute Records Teasing Upcoming Mystery Release

How to Fix the Internet: Podcast


Big Sur

Bartender 4

Little Snitch 5

Apple One

Backbone One

CNN Low Bandwidth Version


Mark Zuckerberg defends decision to keep Steve Bannon on Facebook after violent post

Canadian researchers say ‘hyperventilating’ may help combat alcohol poisoning


SHOCKING: Man who sold his kidney to buy an iPhone in 2011 is now bedridden, requires daily dialysis

SquadCast for Podcast Recording

Credit Card Numbers For Millions of Hotel Guests Exposed By Misconfigured Cloud Database

Microsoft engineer gets nine years for stealing $10M from Microsoft

This New Canadian Intersection Has 12 Instructional Videos to Learn How to Use It


Robert Fogarty 0:02
grumpy old geeks a weekly talk show hosted by Brian chill Meister and Jason defilippo. Discussing the finer points of what went wrong on the internet. And who's to blame.

Jason DeFillippo 0:16
Welcome to grumpy old geeks. I'm Jason defilippo

Brian Schulmeister 0:19
and branchville Meister

Jason DeFillippo 0:20
how's the great white North treating you Brian?

Brian Schulmeister 0:23
Nice. It's it's been it's been very nice cold. I'm not used to that. Lots of stairs not just good for our house you know it's it's we're four stories you know from basement to loft where I'm currently recording which will be my future podcast studio. I've got a couple of duvet covers thrown about since we have no furniture no rugs, no wall hangings? No nothing yet.

Jason DeFillippo 0:47
So yeah, you do sound like you're in the Batcave right now.

Brian Schulmeister 0:50
Yeah, I'm working on it. It's a work in progress as we knew it would be.

Jason DeFillippo 0:54
Alrighty, All righty. Well, you got out just in time, because yeah, not good here.

Brian Schulmeister 1:00
Yeah, I saw. I mean, you know, it's funny, because you watch the news here and there. The numbers are bad, but nowhere near as bad as they are across the border.

Jason DeFillippo 1:10

Brian Schulmeister 1:11
Yeah, it's bad. It's bad there. You know, I see. I see. You know, people are calling for a nationwide lockdown. The commander in chief is completely absent. He is obviously just checked out and is sitting in his bunker tweeting. Now. No national leadership. No, nothing. And, you know, California, I guess is locking down. Everything's gone purple. So

Jason DeFillippo 1:32
I hope so. I hope so. We had a pretty big scare this week. So it's been a very stressful week. So yeah, yeah. Unfortunately, knock on wood. We're still okay, but we still are in kind of the window of where we still could get six. Oh, it's a blast.

Brian Schulmeister 1:47
Yeah, sorry to hear that. Yeah. You know, here it's, you know, we had had hopes that we'd be able to do porch visits and things of that nature with her friends but basically abundance of caution as numbers are going up where we're basically just seeing our immediate family and that's that so in our family is doing the same.

Jason DeFillippo 2:05
Yeah, it's we're back to full lockdown. I'm back to full on delivery mode. Nothing not leaving the house not going anywhere. After this scare this week. It wasn't even my fault. Dammit. So we're, you know, it's good every now and again to get a scare but not get the Rona. But

Brian Schulmeister 2:20
here it is. Yeah. Hey, everybody. Let's socially distance zoom Thanksgivings. This year. That's the deal. Oh, God. Yeah. You

Jason DeFillippo 2:26
have no idea the fights that are going on across the country right now. But it's family. But it's family. Well, yeah, that's it. Nobody gives a shit if it's family if you're all dead. Anyway, moving on to some fun news. I found this over at VentureBeat. And it's called you can't eliminate bias from machine learning. But you can pick your bias.

Brian Schulmeister 2:44
Oh, yeah, we can pick our racism.

Jason DeFillippo 2:46
Exactly. And it's a pretty long article that goes into you know how this works, sort of, you know, it's a very top level overview. And I love it at the end says, what does all this mean? In the practical sense? In a nutshell, data science is hard. Machine learning is messy. And there is no such thing as completely eliminating bias or finding a perfect model. Okay, isn't that what the whole point of the whole damn thing was supposed to be in the first place?

Brian Schulmeister 3:12
That was the point it was it was let these computers do this for us with nothing but data, therefore, they would not be tainted by human humanity?

Jason DeFillippo 3:20
Yes, it says there are many, many more facets and angles we could delve into as machine learning hits its mainstream stride. But the bottom line is that we're foolish if we assume that data science is some sort of a be all end all when it comes to making good decisions. Well, you know, if, like, humans are really good at making bad decisions already, so why don't we just keep people employed and fuck this machine learning?

Brian Schulmeister 3:42
Ai is people Jason, I just think it's fun. It's funny that, you know, we're now you know, in our mid to late 40s, both of us, some of us later than others, but we're still governed after all this time and all this technology, we're still governed by the same basic thing that we learned literally when learning basic garbage in garbage out.

Unknown Speaker 4:05
In the US.

Brian Schulmeister 4:11
Remember when the Trump administration thought tic toc was a grave threat to America and it needed to be banned?

Jason DeFillippo 4:17
Yes. And somebody gave them a mirror and said you're the grave threat to America? Oh, wait, wait, wait. That's it. That's something completely different. Yes, I do remember the

Brian Schulmeister 4:24
swelling a lockdown? Yes. Along with abandoning any hope of like trying to stop anything with COVID-19. We've also basically given up on Tick Tock. The Trump administration seems to have completely forgotten about it. The ban was supposed to go into effect the other day based on the August executive order that had already been amended once in the original order we were supposed to. Basically there was credible evidence that bite dance, which is tic tocs China based owner might take action that threatens to impair the national security of the United States. Now the Twitter in chief is the only person that's actually taking action to threatened in America. The national security of the United States, not the kids on Tick Tock who have actually been doing some great jobs. I saw some articles saying that actually the people on Tick tock, the kids are doing a better job. lampooning everything that's going on right now than Saturday. Live is so

Jason DeFillippo 5:14
Saturday live is just a dumpster fire. But do you remember that simpler time? Brian, that simpler age long ago? Well, maybe not that long ago, when the worst thing that we had to worry about was an app. Oh,

Brian Schulmeister 5:26
beautiful days.

Jason DeFillippo 5:27
I missed those days. I missed those down. Now.

Brian Schulmeister 5:30
To be fair, all of this was of course still occurring during the pandemic. We are so pandemic fatigue, that we even forget that the pandemic was going on when we were worried about this app, too. Yeah, exactly. So yeah. So basically, they were supposed to sell tic toc to an American owner. And as we talked about on the shows a lot of grift and bullshit that basically sold off portions of tic toc to Trump's cronies. That hasn't happened yet. And as tic tocs 10s of millions of us users have noticed Tick Tock is still working in the US, although it did not meet yesterday's deadline. Last night, the Commerce Department said it was holding off on it, it's would be banned today to talk to the federal court that the Trump administration had given it and bytedance another 15 days to work out its Walmart slash Oracle deal. And this is all of course, coming after, you know, tick tock has complained the Trump ad admin hasn't said a word about the plan. Because they're not doing anything except for filing stupid lawsuits that are being rejected left, right and center yard in the election. So that is all that's happening right now. So it's basically a free for all except for the fact that it's basically another land for people that are stuck mid, mid lawsuits or, or mid executive orders, because there's nothing coming out of the White House to clarify

Jason DeFillippo 6:42
anything, anything, anything whatsoever. Well, on the heels of Prop 22 being passed here in California, doordash has finally said we're going public mofos.

Brian Schulmeister 6:54
Of course they are this is their only chance that this is the only time that they are even going to approach prof profitability. So if you are one of the stakeholders, and one of the people involved, if you're in the C suite, get the money now and get the EFF out.

Jason DeFillippo 7:09
Definitely so doordash is still losing money, they lost 149 million on $1.9 billion in revenue. Last quarter. So So yeah, it's you know, the same old, same old, but the thing about it is, you know, a lot of these people don't really realize is that their business got such a boost from the pandemic. Yep. That it's, you know, this is just kind of a it's an anomaly. It's a blip in the radar time bubble. Yes. And it will eventually go away. So I think it'd be silly to buy doordash personally, not, you know, withstanding the fact that I hate them, and all their bill, but anyway, yeah, I think we're gonna see as many of these companies that are in this space going public as fast as humanly possible. So

Brian Schulmeister 7:56
yeah, I agree. I mean, the passing of the prop 22 obviously, it was a win for doordash as much as it can be, but doordash in and of itself, inherited really, it's it's, it's a non profitable business, the razor thin margins, you have to not only screw your employees, you also have to screw the restaurants and basically, you're screwing the consumers to with insane fees that you tack on.

Jason DeFillippo 8:19
And the ambassador's, everybody had messaged by doordash,

Brian Schulmeister 8:21
everybody's getting screwed, they everybody's getting the shit sandwich delivered. So generally cold sandwich. So you know, Uber and Lyft were the big winners from prop 22. Because they actually have an avenue to make some money. doordash is their only hope right now is to go public and make a ton of money. And like I said, I really do think that anybody that can, is going to get out as soon as possible and take whatever money they've made and run because it is not it's not a it's not a good business model. It just isn't.

Jason DeFillippo 8:50
Now they're gonna run to the hills run to the hills.

Brian Schulmeister 8:53
And speaking of Uber, Uber is reportedly in talks to sell off its self driving units. Okay, you go the next step for Uber self driving unit could be as sale as first reported by TechCrunch. And later, Reuters. anonymous sources say Uber is in talks with self driving tech startup Aurora about a sale of their ATG units. So they are getting out of that business. Apparently,

Jason DeFillippo 9:16
yeah. Not surprised, not surprised. And you know, they should have been in that business to begin with, they really shouldn't have been in that business. It's one of those things where it's like, let somebody else do the heavy lifting on it. And then when self driving cars are a thing in 20 years, you know, again, then you can you can lease the cars and then have your own business. But But again,

Brian Schulmeister 9:35
again, this is this is the this is the whole thing about how you and I apparently don't know how to run a business because basically, you're just an app. We've made a lot of money, you have a lot of people investing in you, rather than improve your core service. They just took all this money and threw it away at subsidiary services.

Jason DeFillippo 9:53
Yeah, instead of you know, maybe paying the drivers better or better rates for the you know, the people's they just Yeah, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars in it. They invested in this which was just it was a waste of money, waste of money.

Brian Schulmeister 10:08
The hubris, the concept of a core business model seems to be completely lost in Silicon Valley. Yeah,

Jason DeFillippo 10:14
everybody's gotta like, you know, keep buying everybody else and thinking that there's something that they're not the handout. Look how Look how well it worked out for we work.

Brian Schulmeister 10:21
Yeah. And speaking of the opposite of people thinking there's something that they're not these are people who definitely know what they are. 1.4 million people apparently refused to sign a no bigotry agreement with Airbnb. Yeah. It was just a pop up that said, you agree that you're okay renting your place out to anybody, regardless of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, or national origin, whatever, race religion, you're okay with that right? And 1.4 million people said, Nope, not okay with that.

Jason DeFillippo 10:54
See, the funny part about that is I figured it would be higher now that I've seen the election returns come back. I figured that shit much higher.

Brian Schulmeister 11:01
Well, again, who how many people actually read the Terms of Service?

Jason DeFillippo 11:04
Yeah. And out of the 70 million people, how many can read?

Brian Schulmeister 11:09
That's exactly so I yeah, this was just a simple pop up that came up and 1.4 million people clicked reject and decided to forego the use of the platform. One can only assume that there was a parlor version of Airbnb coming out soon. White b&b. Exactly.

Jason DeFillippo 11:26
God. So Facebook is trying to mitigate some of their issues with their moderation queue. So instead of Yeah, yeah, this, this comes back to what they were saying, you know, I don't know how many congressional hearings ago, where they were going to make the AI the superstar of Facebook, and use AI to, you know, basically help them out of the ditch that they've dug for themselves. With their I mean, they've got 15,000 people right now doing content moderation, but that's not even enough. So what they're going to do now is, they're going to sort the content for quicker moderation. And I looked at the graphs on here and what they're trying to do with it, and you know, as we know, it's not AI, it's just, you know, filtering and things like that, which makes sense. totally makes sense. I should have been doing this from the get go. It's not it doesn't seem like it's all that hard. It's like okay, let's, you know, D dupe the shit, let's do put some counts on it. And let's bubble the stuff up based on certain criteria. And Bob's your uncle, you know, it's not really rocket science when it comes to that stuff. So I'm just surprised it took them this long, but then again, we still can't even delete our messages. So what do you got to do? Just Zuckerberg.

Brian Schulmeister 12:37
All right, well, there could be censorship coming to the internet worldwide. Now, I meant to TLD are this one in the show notes. And of course, I forgot about it. So I'm just gonna TLDR it from memory here. But basically, in a ruling on Thursday, the Austrian Supreme Court ordered pursuant to local defamation rules, that Facebook had to remove a post insulting a former Green Party leader and keep equivalent posts off its site and do so on a global scale, which might possibly happen if they could ramp up their moderation efforts. At the point being here, of course, is that Facebook, usually and most social media sites, and anybody claiming to be a platform will basically follow local rules locally using geo blocking and geo filtering and not apply those rules globally. Right. The courts here are basically saying, No, no, no, no, no, you do have to do this globally, you can't get away with just doing it locally. And if that continues, obviously, that is a very far reaching consequence for the internet in general, if we all have to follow everybody's rules globally, it kind of comes a race down to the bottom, and who's got the craziest and most restrictive rulings, and we're gonna have to follow those everywhere. But yeah, they'll worry right now.

Jason DeFillippo 13:46
Now, this ain't gonna work. This ain't gonna work. I can't say yeah, no, they do not have they do not have the jurisdiction to do this. And there's just no way in hell that this I'm so

Brian Schulmeister 13:56
fond of saying on the show, if only we had some sort of international body links. Yeah. But at this point, it's like, okay, it's Austria. Who cares? You know, Facebook can just turn off Facebook and Austrian say, Oh, yeah, Facebook would would leave Austria before actually having to implement this everywhere because it is a bit of a slippery slope situation. So that is problematic. And also who the EFF cares if you're not in Austria about somebody posting something kind of snarky about the Green Party member in Austria. How many views is that post getting outside of Austria?

Jason DeFillippo 14:29
Exactly. And welcome to the internet. Come on. You

Brian Schulmeister 14:32
can't just we can't moderate YouTube comments. You think this is gonna happen? Exactly.

Jason DeFillippo 14:37
Exactly. And in Turkey, Google got hit with another you know, coffee creamer. Fine of $25 million.

Brian Schulmeister 14:45

Jason DeFillippo 14:47
No, I just throw it in. Because every now every every time that Google gets fined, I like to at least throw it in the news here. So but they're just you know, this is another algorithmic judgment because they say that they're prioritizing their stuff over other people's stuff. Blah, blah. Blah, yes, we know.

Brian Schulmeister 15:01
Yes, that's their business model. We get it. Yeah.

Jason DeFillippo 15:04
Hmm. There was a man I meant to dig this up. I saw it the other day it's somebody wrote a browser plugin or an extension to turn Google search results back into the old days. So everything looks like it did like back in, you know, the the late 90s.

Brian Schulmeister 15:18
I wish I could get the results I got in the late 90s. Yeah, when it worked.

Jason DeFillippo 15:21
I mean, it works now, but it's just getting eat. I mean, nobody goes past the first page. Nobody goes past the first three results anymore.

Brian Schulmeister 15:29
And the first three are usually abs.

Jason DeFillippo 15:31
Yeah, yeah, they're all ads now. Geez. But yeah, I miss the old days. But I think this removes most of those ads. I get it. I'll dig it up and see if I can get it for next week's show.

Brian Schulmeister 15:41
Okay, cool. And speaking of the aforementioned please, for the love of God, stay home for Thanksgiving, just pop in a good old Stouffer his microwave Thanksgiving dinner, and get on the phone or on the zoom call with your family instead of exposing them and you because we have a vaccine, it's coming, but it ain't fucking here yet. Alright, so we got to hold on a little bit longer. So because it's not safe to travel, zoom is lifting its usual 40 minute limit on free video chats for Thanksgiving. So starting at midnight on November 26, through the 6am, eastern time on the 27th, there will be no 40 minute time limits for free calls. So you can all sit and have a socially distance zoom dinner, and be happy. The thing that really gets me about this one is of course, all you have to do after you get booted after 40 minutes is call them back.

Jason DeFillippo 16:31
Call them back. It

Brian Schulmeister 16:33
really wasn't that big of an issue.

Jason DeFillippo 16:35
Yeah, I know. It's like, Come on, guys. You just call it back, or flip over to FaceTime or

Brian Schulmeister 16:40
something else. But yeah, if everybody's wonderful internet connection, so it's not like the call didn't break up a couple times anyways.

Jason DeFillippo 16:46
Yes, seriously, seriously, I did end up paying for my zoom subscription for the year. And because I just needed it for work. But I can I can do that. But here's the one thing I want to do on a holiday zoom with family. Come on.

Brian Schulmeister 17:00
I know everybody should be taking this as a blessing, you're not going to have to listen to your crazy uncle rant about how Trump actually won the election.

Jason DeFillippo 17:07
Exactly. And how COVID doesn't exist. Fun times. And of course, ISP is our you know, they're licking their chops right now, because everybody is staying at home. And those data caps are making them a good chunk of money. And

Brian Schulmeister 17:21
so funny because the entire time we were doing the show, I was screaming about how data caps and throttling and and paying for bandwidth was gonna was coming to the US because they had it in Canada. I get to Canada, unlimited bandwidth. Now, no man, and you guys are starting to get throttled and data cap.

Jason DeFillippo 17:39
Fortunately, I'm still on spectrum who's trying to fight the lack of data caps. But as we covered on the show, they got dinged because of the merger that they did. And they agreed to the fact that we're not going to have data caps on our service for four years. And you know, they advertised it on TV as saying, hey, come to spectrum. We have no data caps, all those years. The courts are forcing. Yeah. And at the same time, they're petitioning the FCC to lose the you know, lose the bandwidth caps, because it's like, we can't be profitable bullshit. You can't be profitable. Can't be greedy Scrooge McDuck, assholes.

Unknown Speaker 18:24

Jason DeFillippo 18:28
We are back again this week with Dave Bittner. Dave is the host of the cyber wire podcast and also the co host of the social engineering podcast hacking humans with Joe Kerrigan and also the co host of caveat with Ben Yellin where they discuss law and policy as well as surveillance and privacy. Welcome to pbem. Follow up with Dave.

Brian Schulmeister 18:45
I was about to say also the co host of colonoscopy time with Katie

Dave Bittner 18:51
That's right, my new co host I am doing well. I have to say I'm in a much better mood this week because I have food in my belly. And so that makes me happy. I have to say overall just quick follow up on the whole colonoscopy thing that was not nearly as unpleasant and experience as I feared it would be. In fact, it wasn't really that it wasn't a big deal.

Jason DeFillippo 19:19
I enjoyed it immensely.

Dave Bittner 19:20
just signed up for another one next week.

Brian Schulmeister 19:24
The doctor was wearing a furry mask.

Dave Bittner 19:26
Well it didn't didn't hurt let's put it that way. So yeah, the worst part was not being able to eat solid food you know for the two days basically two days the day before and the day of you not being able to eat anything so I got hungry and I found myself saying oh, I'm hungry. I'll just have a snack. I can't have a snack.

Brian Schulmeister 19:48
So that was just have a milkshake.

Dave Bittner 19:50
Yeah, yeah. And you know the the prep stuff where you they make you drink the stuff to clean you out. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I didn't have any cramping or anything. Like that, it just just basically, you know, floods your system and everything comes out. And that's that the actual procedure was, they reminded me of remember that Bill Cosby routine where he gets his tonsils out. And the the the anesthesiologist is like, Alright, count backwards from 100. He says 199 That was me. I was the woman who's the anesthesiologist. She said to me, all right, I'm gonna start to the the, the anesthesia here, you know, you might feel a little bit of stinging in your hand where the stuff goes in. I was like, Okay, that sounds great. Next thing I knew I was, I woke up in the recovery room.

Unknown Speaker 20:40
completely done.

Dave Bittner 20:41
I have no recollection of anything that had happened. Everything went well. I don't have to go back for another decade. And when I do, it won't be that big a deal. So my last My, my, my, my tip to everyone is that it's not that big a deal. I put it off for a couple of months because of the yuck factor. But don't put it off. Because it's a valuable thing. And you know, colon cancer is one of those things that can sneak up on you. And if it if it makes itself known, it's usually too late. So get it get, you know, get it checked out ahead of time and know, one of those, one of those unfortunate little nuisances of life, but I would say, go do it. It's not not that big a deal.

Jason DeFillippo 21:27

Brian Schulmeister 21:28
All right. Do not wait for the Star Trek scanners that do not invade the body. Yes. Right. Right.

Dave Bittner 21:34
The other big news for me last week, was I got the new iPhone.

Brian Schulmeister 21:39
Oh, treat yourself for your little procedure.

Dave Bittner 21:42
Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. And as I think we've talked about before, I wish I could be more excited about it. My overall excitement over new gadgets is not what it used to be when I was younger. Oh, look, I

Jason DeFillippo 21:58
got a phone. Great.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
Yeah. I mean,

Dave Bittner 22:03
I have to say the camera is very nice. So it has a much better camera than what I had before I, I usually upgrade every couple of years. So I think, well, 1010 xs, and this is a 12. And so I have all the fancy new camera stuff. So that's

Brian Schulmeister 22:16
fun. It's the same one they use for the same one they use for your colonoscopy. That's right.

Dave Bittner 22:22
Right. Yeah. Although I got the the iPhone pro max. So definitely not going to fit up there. It's not that I've tried.

Jason DeFillippo 22:29
Well, at least on the first time, maybe two or three times. Right. You were right.

Dave Bittner 22:39
Where is my phone? rings sound? You don't hear that? I totally hear that. You

Brian Schulmeister 22:46
don't hear that.

Dave Bittner 22:49
Yeah, so but you know, it's cool. It's, it's fast. It's I got a lot more storage than I had before. All that kind of stuff. I guess. My son is excited because he got my hand me down phone. So he's happy about that. But yeah, you know, yeah. Actually, the thing that's relevant to us here is, you know, Apple does a remarkable job of making the upgrade pretty easy. You get the you take the old phone, you take the new phone, you put them next to each other, you scan a barcode, and most of the stuff just transfers automatically. And it just works. I will say the hardest part of upgrading the the pain point of upgrading the part that made me want to bang my head against my desk was the security stuff. It was it was things like last pass, it was things like Google all the stuff where I have. Yeah, yeah, all the authenticators they do not like being on a new device. And also they don't like you sort of get trapped down these little holes where it's like, well just disable this. All right, I've disabled that. Well, now that you've disabled that you can't do that you need to enable that we can enable that on your phone, you have to do that. So you end up in these circles having to go so at one point, I'm sitting there, I have my laptop open. I have my phone next to me, I have my yubikey to be able to scan that and finally got it all working. But it seems to me like this is an area that requires some attention even though the the providers of this have made it a lot easier. It's a lot better than it used to be. It ain't quite there yet.

Jason DeFillippo 24:21
Right? Yeah. You know, you forgotten that list of things that you had next year, which would have made it a lot easier. bottle of scotch.

Dave Bittner 24:31
It's true, is true, right? Yeah, that was the other thing during the colonoscopy. Prep. No alcohol. No, no,

Brian Schulmeister 24:37

Unknown Speaker 24:40
You kidding me?

Dave Bittner 24:42
two whole days. Yeah, right. Yeah. Murder.

Jason DeFillippo 24:46
I'll take the cancer.

Brian Schulmeister 24:50
Cancer survivors, the amount of booze I'm drinking it deserves to win.

Dave Bittner 24:53
That's right.

Jason DeFillippo 24:54
Yeah, that is some Apex cancer right there.

Unknown Speaker 24:57
Mm hmm.

Jason DeFillippo 24:58
So shall we talk about the Mandalorian spoiler alerts.

Dave Bittner 25:02
Yeah, absolutely. Well, I

Jason DeFillippo 25:04
think the biggest Mandalorian news this week is baby Yoda is off into space with SpaceX and NASA was Yes.

Brian Schulmeister 25:11
That's amazing how they were able to get a baby Yoda toy nobody else can. Yeah.

Jason DeFillippo 25:17
They probably got it hits a bootleg. They said, like the space.

Dave Bittner 25:21

Jason DeFillippo 25:22
So what did you guys think?

Brian Schulmeister 25:25
Used to be the best Star Wars that's out there right now that's for sure. I I'd never personally followed the the cartoons. I know you're not supposed to say cartoons, whatever you adults call cartoons these days. But apparently, it's following along quite well, with the storylines that came through on those. It's, it's nice to see more Mandalorians I have to admit, I'm getting a little. I'm a little bumped by the star, the sci fi actors and actresses that are basically just bouncing from series to series and only are in sci fi stuff anymore. It was it's bumped me a little bit to have Starbuck be a Mandalorian.

Jason DeFillippo 26:05
Yeah. Yeah, instead of this is the way she should have just said. So say we all. Yeah.

Brian Schulmeister 26:11
So and you know, it's a recurring thing. Some of the BSG cast is now showing up on Star Trek discovery. You know that I get it, you got to work. And you know, certainly people, it's a valuable skill and much the same way that that actors and actresses that do doctory stuff doctory shows have managed to you know, learn that lingo. And it comes off the tongue easy. You know, it's not

Dave Bittner 26:32
every to be able to spew techno babble.

Jason DeFillippo 26:34

Brian Schulmeister 26:35
Well, it's it's a skill and I get rehiring people that that are good at it. But but it does. It does bump me it does about me.

Jason DeFillippo 26:43
Yeah. But it's you also have to remember that the producers of those shows know that these people have fan bases. Very rabid fan base. Yes. They're into sci fi. So that's just you know, that's just marketing right there to bring them along. It's like, oh, let's get our BSG fans to watch the Mandalorian maybe they'll sign up for a Disney Plus account.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
Right. Right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:02
Yeah. So but yeah, it

Brian Schulmeister 27:02
was good. She's a great actress. I love Katie sock off. I loved her rbsg and now I love her as a as a Mandalorian. And I it's I'm not disappointed by anything that they're doing with the show so far. I'm excited to see to see where they're gonna take it.

Dave Bittner 27:19
Yeah, I enjoyed it as well. I i'm really liking this, this thing that they're doing with the with the Mandalorian character this season where they're kind of, they're revealing how insular his world has been. And that, you know, when when the new Mandalorian show up, and they take their helmets off, and he's like, Whoa, what got Whoa, guys who weren't you guys get that armor? Because you can't possibly be who'd you steal the armor from? Because there's no way you could be Mandalorians and they're like, Oh, he's one of those guys. One of those weirdos. Right. Right. So I think that's fascinating that we're kind of going on that journey with him.

Brian Schulmeister 28:02
He's a bit of a country bumpkin. Really?

Dave Bittner 28:04
Right. Right. Exactly. He despite he's like a moisture. Yeah, so I enjoyed that very much. I have a little bit of an eye roll that as much as I love. What's her name? Bo Katana, the that's her name. Right. Okay. I think that's the new character. I thought she's very cool. And I thought she kicked kicks ass. And I'm happy that two of the three new Mandalorian characters are women. I think that's amazing and awesome and really cool. A little bit of an eye roll that they have boob armor? No, like. Like, okay, you know,

Brian Schulmeister 28:45
all right, I

Dave Bittner 28:46
get it. I guess you know, do remember to make

Brian Schulmeister 28:50
this. This is a series that involved Carrie Fisher in gold bikinis. So let's let's cut some slack there. Of course. Yeah. And George Lucas's famous edict that there's no underwear in space.

Dave Bittner 29:02
Right. Right. Right. Yeah. No, but I agree. I mean, the storytelling continues to be compelling. And I'm just I'm really enjoying looking forward to each new episode. I think they're really just hitting it out of the park.

Jason DeFillippo 29:16
Yeah, I did. I did enjoy the Apollo 13. Amash. And because when I was watching it, I'm like, this looks familiar. And then I found an article on the collider, about how Bryce Dallas Howard actually threw that in as a shout out to her dad from Apollo 13. So I think that's pretty fun.

Dave Bittner 29:31
That is, that is I can't believe it was that Apollo 13 was 1995. That was that long ago,

Brian Schulmeister 29:38
right? See for me, like 1995 still feels like Oh, that was just a couple years ago, right. That's the problem.

Dave Bittner 29:45
Well, but you know, I don't know about you guys. But for me, Apollo 13 is one of those movies that if I come up upon it when I'm flipping through channels, I have to stop and watch the rest of it. It's Yeah, it's one of those good handful of movies. It's just good.

Jason DeFillippo 29:57
Yeah. Yes, it is. So shall we actually get on to some security news? Surely. So,

Brian Schulmeister 30:04
it is that most wonderful time of the year so of course, Mozilla has come out with their creepiest gadgets of 2020 so for your gift buying needs and I'm not sure why we're shocked or surprised anymore but it's basically everything is super creepy. There's there's no privacy anymore. I mean, we've just spent eight months basically inviting friends family co workers into our houses over zoom, so everything is creepy and there's no privacy anymore. But they did it anyways, they they looked at over 130 products. And here's the surprise most Amazon and Facebook gadgets fall into the super creepy category.

Jason DeFillippo 30:40
I didn't need an article to tell me that.

Brian Schulmeister 30:43
Yeah, with Facebook's portal and Oculus quest two VR headset, Amazon's echo show and Echo Dot smart devices the fate Halo fitness tracker, and of course the ring security cam and doorbells sitting among the worst on the list. Only the Kindle and echo buds were found to be acceptable privacy standards. I would be concerned if my headphones did not meet privacy standards. But

Jason DeFillippo 31:05
I can tell you why they'd be privacy standards because about a day after I got the echo buds, they've sat in a drawer unpowered that's why the most secure headphones in my house. Yeah,

Dave Bittner 31:14
they were we'd be in a time when we'd have to do firmware updates on our light bulbs.

Brian Schulmeister 31:18
Well, Jason again, as I always like to say Jason has a mattress that came with a term of Terms of Service.

Jason DeFillippo 31:26
I actually did have to do a firmware upgrade on my Elgato key light this morning. I'm like, really? Come on.

Brian Schulmeister 31:33
Up. Mozilla has recommended that people buy exactly zero Facebook devices because it's Facebook. So there you go.

Jason DeFillippo 31:40
You shouldn't listen to our show. We've been saying that since the day they were announced.

Brian Schulmeister 31:44
Yes, Google, rather surprisingly, has fared better than most of its big tuck. Brethren, the Google nest mini nest audio Nest thermostat nest security cam and Nest Protect smoke detector all landed in very creepy, not quite as bad as Facebook and Amazon's products. So that's a plus I suppose. One we always talk about Apple also emerged relatively well they say unscathed, but they're in a little creepy. With the Apple Watch AirPods airpots, pro Apple TV and even the homepod all being there. Related others items Nintendo Switch Sony PS five Microsoft Xbox series x and s are no biggie as far as privacy goes. So that's all right. Roku not so good. But as they say, given Roku devices or add factories. This isn't surprising.

Dave Bittner 32:31
Yeah. I mean, I guess anything that has a smart assistant built into it or has access to a smart assistant automatically puts them in that category. Privacy wise.

Brian Schulmeister 32:40
Yeah, exactly. So. So if you want the list, the link is in the show notes. And you can buy things at your peril, I suppose. You know, I have a lot of these items. So I'm supposedly I'd like a security professional of sorts. So

Jason DeFillippo 32:56
your security pundit? Yes. No, I think Yeah, between between all of us, we have at least one of everything here. So

Unknown Speaker 33:04
it's true.

Jason DeFillippo 33:07
Oh, dear. And speaking of creepy this week, that the internet lost its collective shit this week, the day that Big Sur launched because everybody's Mac slowed down at once. I don't know where you guys hit with this because I sure I was I was Yeah.

Dave Bittner 33:24
I was. I was running some audio editing software and all that. And I was like, What the hell is going on? Like, I couldn't, I could not work. Everything just got super laggy. And then we had a, we had a zoom meeting a couple minutes later, and everybody who was on a Mac, who logged into the zoom meeting was like, what's going on with zoom? I can't, it took me forever to log on. And only afterwards did we find out that it was no it was Apple's doing?

Jason DeFillippo 33:53
Yeah, yeah, it's this. This phone home to check the security certificate thing wasn't doing the soft fail that it was supposed to do. So it was hanging and everything was going caddywhompus I found an early one. Like some an early post on Reddit where they're like, Oh, it's this if you turn off your Wi Fi, everything works again, but if you turn it back on, it starts to die. So somebody figured out the process that it was the ocsp process and and fortunately threw in a quick line that you could add to your Etsy hosts file which I did, which 99.999% of people in the world won't know how to do Nope. just slap that in there and everything worked again. But I spent you know at least 45 minutes freaking out because I too was in the middle of an a logic session and everything was going fine but in the background, Vivaldi decided to update on its own and then when it restarted it just took everything with it. I was like oh man, and like you know when you I the plugins that I run in logic, they all phone home when you boot up logic to make sure the certificates are valid and that you're, you know, actually licensed to use it on that machine. So I couldn't even boot logic. It was Right, as annoying as hell, I

Dave Bittner 35:01
was running isotope at the time. And that's where I was seeing that the issue just couldn't it. It's unusable.

Brian Schulmeister 35:08
Yeah, yeah. And, of course, the internet then lost his collective minds, because apparently they were unaware of the fact that this sort of thing was happening.

Jason DeFillippo 35:15
Yeah, that's a big thing. That's where it really good. They're like, wait a minute, every time you launch an app, it's sending it sending a ping back to Apple saying what app you're using and what time and what your IP is, and all this stuff. And it's doing it in the open. Oh, my God. What are we to do? Lucy,

Brian Schulmeister 35:35
we obviously don't own our own computers.

Jason DeFillippo 35:38
I know. It's like, Oh, this is the beginning of the end. This is the beginning of the end.

Brian Schulmeister 35:44
This has been happening a long time, everybody. Yeah.

Jason DeFillippo 35:48
So Dave, what's what's it like? On your side of the aisle? What did it what are the actual professionals saying not just as bitching and moaning about it?

Dave Bittner 35:55
Well, I think along the lines of what you said, I mean, this is a this is what failed here was the failsafe the it was it did not fail gracefully. I think they found themselves and I guess it was the the load of launching Big Sur made something give out or was made made their servers and accessible. Right? And yeah,

Jason DeFillippo 36:19
it's just the way that the DNS didn't it failed improperly it like it kind of like, Hey, we got this in use. It's supposed to do this soft fail, where it's just like, it should just like go into the ether. If it's unreachable, and you still get to use your apps. But it was like, Oh, hey, we got this. And then everything would just be like, well, we're waiting. Right right.

Dave Bittner 36:40
answer yet. Do you have an answer yet? Do you have an answer yet?

Jason DeFillippo 36:43
Yeah, just sit here and wait for that. We're good. Right. So

Dave Bittner 36:46
what an interesting way for Apple to discover a bug in their system? I probably I guess one of the worst ways. Yeah. You know, Apple has responded. And they're making some changes. They said that the security checks have never included the user's Apple ID or the identity of the device. they've stopped logging IP addresses, and with developer IDs, certificate checks, and they're going to remove IP addresses from logs. And they say over the next year, they're going to introduce several changes to their checks. They're going to use a new encrypted protocol for developer ID certificate revocation checks, huh. Strong protections against server failure. And the new preference for users to opt out of these security protections, which is interesting, because they

Brian Schulmeister 37:43
gonna do their checks if you opt out as it does that. Right? But not, is it? Is it a free game? Like I can just start installing pirated software left and right if I opt out,

Dave Bittner 37:53
right, how does like Jason, you were talking about, you know, for example, all those plugins that phone home to make sure that you're authorized, they're going to have to figure out a way to make those still work.

Jason DeFillippo 38:03
The funny thing is, it wasn't the actual phoning home to the plugin. It's the app itself, that does the phoning home that was hanging it. It's not the it's like so I'm launching, say I'm launching isotope neutron or neutron three. So it's the it's the authenticator that was hanging, not the actual authentication process between the authenticator and isotope, it was the actual neutron app that was trying to get the certificate thing from Apple. So it's a different part of the process,

Brian Schulmeister 38:29
either or it doesn't matter if they're actually going to let you opt out of these kind of protections. So they're gonna have to figure out a different way again,

Jason DeFillippo 38:37
but um, but what I'm saying is like logging into, like, getting around the apple protections for the security thing doesn't actually get you around the protections for pirating, because it still has to do the license check. You're not right, you can you can still opt out of that right now. Anybody that's stolen Photoshop over the past 15 years, and knows that knows that you can block all of the Adobe off servers pretty easily.

Brian Schulmeister 38:58
I know not of what you speak.

Jason DeFillippo 39:01
Oh, sorry. Did I let the cat out of the bag there?

Brian Schulmeister 39:03
Yeah, I'm a paying member now but then put a bit a few years in there.

Dave Bittner 39:06
No, no, we've all probably made a little aggressive use of Little Snitch from now and again, over the years. All of us. Yeah.

Jason DeFillippo 39:16
Yeah, that's what it's for. That's why we bought it. Yeah.

Brian Schulmeister 39:22
Sure. It's to protect us from other people. You

Jason DeFillippo 39:26
know, I used to actually have to do it in my Etsy host file. Every time I had, I had a list that I had in a notepad that I would just copy and paste every time I got a new machine to make sure nothing ever poned home to Adobe. And then when Little Snitch came out, I'm like, well, you just saved me a step. Thank you. Thank you Little Snitch. I will give you my $20 now. So in some more crazy Consumer News, if you want your your devices to be asked to the wind. Well, Tesla has a problem right now. And I think this goes actually they have a few, just a few. Yeah. This goes with other wirelessly connected cars. But a nonprofit nonpartisan group called consumer watchdog, put out a video showing how they made a little box, they could hack the wireless connections of your Tesla and take over the screen. With a Tesla, this Tesla has been hacked a message or

Brian Schulmeister 40:14
you know driving off a bridge.

Jason DeFillippo 40:17
Or saying, you know, you have a you have a firmware update, click here and then load malware onto your car. And then off to the races literally racing off a cliff, like you just mentioned. So did you guys get a chance to watch the video? No, I haven't seen it. It's pretty straightforward guy gets in his car, the guy standing outside got a little box that he goes to navigate some maps. And then it looks like a browser window that pops up and with a page that says this car has been hacked. So I don't know how deep the the actual hacking quote unquote goes. Or if it's just injecting a URL into the, the Tesla's screen that can pop up in the in car browser. But the fact that you can do it is a problem. The fact you can do it. And they say that you can do this on a massive scale, just you have to up like, you know up the output of the power on your wireless signal. So you could be driving down the freeway and doing this to people's cars, which probably is a very bad thing.

Dave Bittner 41:15
Yeah, that's fascinating. Well, so it's just some kind of men in the middle thing.

Unknown Speaker 41:19
Mm hmm. Yeah.

Jason DeFillippo 41:21
So it's just another one of these, you know, wireless car hacks. It's, I mean, it doesn't seem to be as bad as the one where they took over the jeep. But I think it, it could be close to it, if they forget if they get the right, you know, malware onto the car using this technique to that screen and get user interaction. Yeah, you know, it

Dave Bittner 41:41
reminds me I want to say it's been a couple years now, I was talking with a gentleman who's an expert in this space about the these sort of connected cars and the security of, of cars, as the cars get more and more capabilities for, you know, being able to, to do things on their own, you know, like, like, I guess probably all three of us, our cars have sort of the lane control kind of thing. Or if you wander off towards the edge, it sort of nudges you back into your lane. You know, and that means that the car is capable of taking control of the steering wheel, right. But this this guy I was talking to the security guy was saying that, yes, these are interesting stories, and they make great headlines. But the simple fact of the matter is, is that the vast majority of people in the world are not psychopaths, and they're not out to kill each other. So just like the fact that, you know, there are plenty of, you know, guns available, but you really, it's few and far between, not as much as we'd like. But you know that people decide to go into sniper mode and just pick people off for the fun of it. Same thing with cars, there's really, it's there's not a whole lot of motivation. There's not a whole lot there, if you want to bump somebody off, there are much easier ways of doing it, then hacking into their car and driving them off of a cliff. Right. So it, it's interesting, but probably not something that people have to worry about, which is not to say that this isn't a concern, and Tesla should fix it. But of course,

Brian Schulmeister 43:16
having said that, I would prefer having a car where people could not do that.

Dave Bittner 43:20
Right? Yeah, of course. I mean, this is an issue that yes, yes, call your dealer and let them know that you'd like to have this tended to I'm actually surprised that we're this far along and something that that seems this easy to do is doable, because every year I want to say at Cambridge DEF CON or blackhat You know, there's two bump up against each other they have a car hacking exercise and and it's quite often Tesla's they have contests for hacking the Tesla's so it's not like people aren't beating on these cars to try to do this sort of thing. And I think overall they're pretty resilient. So I'm kind of surprised it's that this is still an issue here and in this way, of course if someone wants to send me a Tesla for evaluation

Jason DeFillippo 44:09
I'm more than happy to take it out yeah

Dave Bittner 44:11
happy to to get provide my professional opinion as a security professional. I would be happy to provide my my opinion on that.

Brian Schulmeister 44:21
Don't forget to send the power wall as well because I want to be able to make sure that that's secure too.

Jason DeFillippo 44:26
Yes, absolutely. And the solar panels actually to power the power wall would be nice because you hackable to send anything

Brian Schulmeister 44:34
and everything except for Ilan because he's got COVID

Dave Bittner 44:38
so I am I am due for a new roof anyway, so I might as well put the solar panels on the house. Yeah, I

Jason DeFillippo 44:45
think I think three model S's would would not go amiss,

Dave Bittner 44:49
I think. No, no, I don't think the model three but it's a model Why not? Let's let's do go with the Model S

Jason DeFillippo 44:55
Sure. You're gonna if you're gonna hack it, hack it big man. That's true. That's true. All right, guys. Well, this has been fun. I'm glad that your bum is okay. Dave.

Dave Bittner 45:08
my bum is secure. Yes. Safe and sound

Brian Schulmeister 45:11
covered in the best best car jeans.

Dave Bittner 45:13
That's right. Everything's good. Yes, five by five. All systems nominal

Brian Schulmeister 45:24
media can be

Jason DeFillippo 45:27
I finished Long Way up on Apple TV plus. And it was I really enjoyed it just like long way down in long way round. But I they did follow the trend of the other two series with the shitty last episode. And it's like the last episode, it's always them going like, you know, 1000s of miles with just little montage is and then talking about how great the trip was, and blah, blah, blah, and then rolling into their final location with a bunch of other bikers. And yeah, and the rest of this show, I thought was great. But yeah, they still do have the shitty last episode problem. But okay, I gotta say, I mean, if you'd like the other two, it's worth watching. And they get past the Oh god, how do we charge our motorcycles thing after the first couple episodes when they finally do actually figure it out. And I finished fouta the first three seasons of fouta, which is pretty good, you know, it's an Israeli show. So you're there's lots of lots of subtitles, lots of dubbing and things like that, because it's either in Arabic or, you know, Hebrew and all that good stuff. But it's weird how they did the the voices on it, but it's a really good show. It's kind of like, instead of jack Bauer versus the terrorists, you know, it's basically you know, it's really special forces versus Hezbollah and all that stuff. Not that I can't remember. Um, so it's like, we powered through that into my head still a little bit scrambled, but it was good. It was good show. I enjoyed it. But here's a tip for you, Brian. I needed something really good after watching fouta because it's not a happy show. And we're not getting any new master chef Jr. here in the States because you know, lockdown and everything but yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 47:06
be bad press to kill kids.

Jason DeFillippo 47:08
Yeah, well in Australia, they said fuck it. They had and it's down there. It's called Junior Master Chef. So I

Brian Schulmeister 47:17
Australia well

Jason DeFillippo 47:18
known for its cooking. You have no idea dude. These kids kick the shit out of American kids. It is incredible what these kids can do. I watched the first half of the first episode and because I just went to Sweden and got the whole the whole season season three and yeah, I mean I have always said on this show that Mastership Jr. is the best show on TV if you want to feel good. The Australian version delivers just as much as the American one so you know if we can't get the stuff that we need you can still go to Sweden and dig it up around the globe so I highly route

Brian Schulmeister 47:51
to Sweden. Via okay get to Australia via Sweden.

Jason DeFillippo 47:55

Brian Schulmeister 47:57
Well there there is a show for you to watch that it may be not so much feel good, but it's certainly extremely good. The crown is back Jason. Season Four has dropped every single episode. I've seen two of them so far. Definitely picked up. It's better than the last season was Gillian Anderson is unrecognizable as Margaret Thatcher sinks into the roll as well if not better than lift outdated Churchill. It's phenomenal so far, really enjoying it.

Jason DeFillippo 48:24
Okay, I tried to watch the first season I just couldn't get into it. I just didn't I wasn't in the right mindset. But now that winter is coming. I think this is more of a winter show. So

Brian Schulmeister 48:32
I would recommend you go back and give it a go. It's quite good. It Like I said season three kind of lost a little bit because john Lithgow wasn't on it. And they didn't have a strong strong presence like Gillian Anderson stature. So it's definitely picked back up for me and really enjoying it. And I got a bit excited this week. As you know, I'm a huge fan of Depeche Mode and all of a sudden there were teasers and and and stuff appearing all over the internet from Martin gore coming from mute Records, which is basically where his solo stuff comes out on. He has done a number of solo albums over the years counterfeit and counterfeit to being covers that really great albums. He's also released a lot of electronic instrumental stuff that's a little bit more boring. So I was kind of hoping that we were going to get something where he actually saying and perform songs and all of that again, unfortunately, I found out this morning. Nope, it's just another instrumental album. So yeah, bummer. Yeah. Well, what's with them all? Yeah, yeah,

Jason DeFillippo 49:30
you know, that's, that should be illegal. And in the COVID days.

Brian Schulmeister 49:34
If you're one of the world's best songwriters, you should actually have to write actual songs and not just release instrumentals. I'm just

Jason DeFillippo 49:40
saying, seriously, seriously. And I did find a new podcast that I tried out from the E FF. This was a real surprise because Cory Doctorow is not involved with it since he's Mr. e. FF, but it's called How to fix the internet. And I listened to the first episode this morning. Well, I listened to most of it, because I wanted to stick some ideas picks in my ears by the end of it. It's basically all about the first episodes about the Pfizer court. And yeah, not a real page turner on that one there. I'm telling you, and they could really use some editing on that show for sure. Yeah, I can't, I can't recommend it. Unfortunately, I tried. I gave it a shot.

Brian Schulmeister 50:23
On the plus side. It's nice that somebody is doing a podcast about the stuff that we find way too damn boring to talk about. But we probably should be talking about

Jason DeFillippo 50:31
what we do talk about some of this stuff, you know. But yeah, they just they actually talk about it with knowledge, and legal professional opinions and things like that. We just make fun of it. We are the you know, basically the dick jokes of the internet. So yeah, that's how it goes. But you give it a shot if you want to. I'm sure some people will find it fascinating. I just want to did it made me go back to bed. It really made me go back to bed. up son Duda.

Brian Schulmeister 51:01
Boy, it really just took one update for me to not ever want to use Instagram again.

Jason DeFillippo 51:05
You know, I didn't know what everybody was talking about. And I was talking to a friend of the show mhv yesterday, and he's like, those bastards moved all the best buttons. And now I can't you know, it's like, What are you talking about? I opened it up. Everything was the same. And then like five minutes later, I didn't even have to update the app. Then I got the new interface. And I'm like, Are you

Brian Schulmeister 51:22
kidding me? It's horrific. Of course, you know, this is one of those things that we're all going to complain about it and nobody's going to stop using it. And three months from now, it's just the way it is because your brain wraps yourself around it. But just like every other app, it's now you know, it's five times more swipes to get to what you want to do. reels will launch all the time because they put it right where your thumb is going to go and I don't give a shit about reels. Notifications no longer appear the way that they used to that's gotten old strange and bizarre and yeah, everything is horrible. Navigating it now is such a pain in the butt. And I don't want to buy anything through Instagram. I don't need a fucking mall.

Jason DeFillippo 51:58
It's funny I actually bought something through Instagram last week. I I got it. I got a set of Darren brown playing cards because they're beautiful. But it that I wanted to test it out and see what the what the actual process was like going through the store and everything. And it wasn't it wasn't too bad. I wish you could turn it off so you didn't have to see them. I also wish that they showed my friends photos that's all I really want I don't really do that anymore. Yeah, no I get to see three photos that it says you're done and then it shows me random shit that I've already seen because it's the algorithm is terrible. It's useless

Brian Schulmeister 52:32
it's are we surprised they are owned by Facebook which has stopped showing us our friends updates years ago?

Jason DeFillippo 52:37
That's true. That's true. Yeah, that new that new Facebook update. Whoo that's a that's a winner No, that's a winner so you put in Big Sur here Did you upgrade? I did. You're an idiot. You do audio? We we have an audio podcast and you updated crazy man you're

Brian Schulmeister 52:56
I am. You hear me?

Jason DeFillippo 52:59
But yeah, maybe that's why you sound like you're in a cave in Big Sur.

Brian Schulmeister 53:03
It's because I've actually in a cave unfortunately not in Big Sur That would be nice.

Jason DeFillippo 53:06
Yeah. So what do you think

Brian Schulmeister 53:09
it's fine you know it most of the I'm sure you know as soon as I say this we're gonna get 7000 people right again saying well they actually did this to the kernel that didn't brush hard. But for me mostly it's just you know, they changed some icons they moved it around it's prettier.

Jason DeFillippo 53:28
I like it I think it's I updated my air Yeah, so it's not a production machine it yeah my air just like really slow the Messages app is broken as shit. The air pod switching is kind of nice. So

Brian Schulmeister 53:42
yeah, I did like last June that greatly you know they did a good job with the bar at the top of the menu bar icons I like those they're they're definitely more useful now quicker to see and make some changes but overall it's pretty superficial and it did slow things down a bit so I hope they fix that part.

Jason DeFillippo 54:01
Yeah. So I think you This is the trick now you have to go buy one of the new one processor enabled laptops to actually make it work that's why they had to make these processors so fast is because it really shift the bed on on the old hardware and I you know I've got the latest err top of the line that they made 16 Giga RAM and yeah, it just dropped and the other annoying thing is I had to update I had to pay for updates to some apps I had to pay for a bartender. Yeah bartender bartender for is out. Now it works really really well. on Big Sur I got to say that was an update worth paying for. And since it was a you know, like you know, just a cheap update of $7.50 to upgrade to buy bartender new is 15 bucks and it's well worth every penny. It is a fantastic app and just let you organize your menu bar. So much better. Didn't have to pay Oh in bartender for does not work on previous versions of the OS. It only works on Big Sur pain in the ass. Had to upgrade to Little Snitch five. We've talked about We're actually at this point we've already talked about Big Sur Little Snitch five. So I'll leave that to the the episode, the segment that we haven't recorded yet that you've already listened to. But yeah, it's another one of those things you had to do. I was smart, at least this time, I got the family plan for cheap and so I can run it on all my machines. But I also made the jump to Apple one. Okay, for the because I wanted the two terabyte iCloud backup because I've got the Google backup for two terabytes and it cost me 1995 a month. So to do the same and get the two terabytes on Apple one or Apple like iCloud plus all the other stuff you get with it as another 10 bucks, I'm kind of looking forward to the Apple fitness thing that's coming. So I just made the made the leap. And I got the premier tier. So I got everything just to get you know, the full boat, so 2999 a month. And it gives me all of that stuff. I gotta say, because I've been using Apple news plus now too. Because I got it. I might as I configured it into some iPads and stuff that that Apple news icon does not mean anything to me. It looks like an S It reminds

Brian Schulmeister 56:09
me a news. Yes,

Jason DeFillippo 56:10
no, you have to really squint to see that they're trying to turn that into an end. It just looks like an SME. And I'm like, it's just it's really bad design on that icon. I know that's a tangent, but whatever, it annoys me. But yeah, so with that I got you know, Apple arcade. And I'm like, Okay, now I've got all these Apple arcade games. And I got into the the early launch for the backbone one which is a like a controller that you plug your iPhone into, that gives you you know, triggers and thumb sticks and D pads and all that stuff turns it basically into like a PS five or an Xbox One controller, right? There's 100 bucks, it's really well made, you don't have to power it on to plug in it like you know, juice it, no charging, you just plug it into your phone and go. It works for some of the apps on Apple arcade, but not a lot of them turns out. So there are a lot of compatible games with it. I got the call of duty mobile, which I started to play and it's pretty fun. It's it's a really nice piece of kit if you want to play games and actually have decent controllers. So I'm gonna I'm gonna keep working on that one. But if you can get in it took me like a month and a half to to get mine because I was just on a waiting list. But yeah, it's pretty good. I gotta say, it's pretty good.

Brian Schulmeister 57:23
I'm curious about the apple fitness. So once that actually launches, I'll have to get your review on that.

Jason DeFillippo 57:27
Yeah, certainly, I've got because I've been trying to do these yoga classes here in my in my studio, I've got space set up, I got my yoga mat, and now I've got the room for it. I want to I want to you know, I don't want to go to the Beachbody route like you went. Just because I still have that MLM taste in my mouth and I just don't give them any money but you know, let's just go with the if you're gonna go cold let's go full cult and go full Apple fucking No. in for a penny in for a pound.

Brian Schulmeister 57:53
Get your your yoga yoga suit that looks like Steve Jobs is a black a black God.

Jason DeFillippo 58:01
No, I'm not I got I got the bar at Wednesday. That's how I do my yoga baby. And I do have one little link in here that if you do have to look at CNN. And you know, a lot of us are looking at CNN still every now and again for you know, just to see if the President has finally fucking absconded to wherever he's going to go. There's a low bandwidth version, it's at like.cnn.com slash n for the English version. It is full on, you know, 1993 link list. That's it. It's amazing. Perfect.

Brian Schulmeister 58:35
I just loaded it right now. It's beautiful.

Jason DeFillippo 58:37
It's beautiful. It's fast. You just see the headlines and you you're in You're out. bookmark that puppy. And you'll never have to worry about going to CNN again and having the, you know, the 8000 megabyte page loads with all the images and all the crap that drives you crazy. No ads. In and out. Right? Yeah. Put this puppy on your phone. You'll you'll thank me.

Brian Schulmeister 58:57
By the way, since we've mentioned this just a few times. I just want to get my prediction here. I think the I think that President Trump will move to Mar a Lago prior to Christmas. And he will never leave there again. He's just going to sit there, he's going to be on Twitter, he's going to proclaim that the new White House and that he won. And come January 21. When Twitter shuts him off, he'll move over to parlor and that'll be that. I don't think he'll ever come back to the White House again. He'll go to Mar a Lago and that'll be it. Okay,

Jason DeFillippo 59:26
we'll know that when my prediction is he will leave the country by the end of the year and we'll never be seen again. That'd be even better.

Brian Schulmeister 59:33
I hope you win.

Jason DeFillippo 59:35
Oh, 512.

Brian Schulmeister 59:41
I don't know what you have to do. I don't know what you have to do. If you're, if you're semi famous and right wing to actually get kicked off of Facebook. I really don't. I mean, I know that's really easy for you or I to get kicked off Facebook. That way that would happen. in two seconds, but apparently you can even propose beheading to top public officials in a Facebook post and then Mark Zuckerberg, if you're Steve Bannon will say he didn't really break any rules here.

Jason DeFillippo 1:00:11
Yeah. See, here's the fun part. We're recording this on Tuesday morning, and very shortly. The Zuck is going to be speaking in front of Congress again, and you know, he's going to get hit with this one. So we're gonna have to we're gonna have to pick up we're gonna have to have a follow up next.

Brian Schulmeister 1:00:28
Follow up on this, but to me, this is just insane. Like, I What, what do you have to do?

Jason DeFillippo 1:00:36
I don't know what

Brian Schulmeister 1:00:38
I'd like if saying that we're gonna put people's heads on spikes. isn't enough to get you kicked off of Facebook. I don't know what it is.

Jason DeFillippo 1:00:47
Exactly. I don't care either. I get it. It makes no sense. no sense whatsoever. Alright, anyway, just

Brian Schulmeister 1:00:54
me sitting here mystified. No, no, I've

Jason DeFillippo 1:00:56
given up trying to figure it out. It'd be eight years of this fucking show. We've got to throw up our hands and just go at Zach's gonna suck. It's gonna suck. So I do have some heroes of the week, your fellow Canadians. Now, some researchers have found out that hyperventilating may combat alcohol poisoning. So if you need to sober up faster, breathe faster. Okay. Yeah, it's just it's a way to move the alcohol into your lungs through the blood and get it out faster. They've got a device that can that's basically like the size of a briefcase that they said they're going to try and you know, they're they're working on now. It's just clinical trials right now. But they say that they have a device that can measure how much alcohol and how fast you have to breathe to get it out of your system faster. So, you know, I who'd have thunk that just breathing would help.

Brian Schulmeister 1:01:45
Alright, well, good news is winter's coming. You can have that morning, Brandy or 50. And just breathe really fast before your first zoom call.

Jason DeFillippo 1:01:55
Yeah, do some jumping jacks maybe. And there you go.

Brian Schulmeister 1:02:00
I love my fellow Canadians they do the important work.

Jason DeFillippo 1:02:04
feedback loop. over at Patreon we've got Anand Chloe, welcome to the club and over at PayPal, we've got Andrew Natalie Logan, Raj, Linda, Jonathan nothign. Neo. Adam, Michelle, Modus praxis and checking. He says checking 10 British quid your way. Cheers. Thank you. Practice

Brian Schulmeister 1:02:24
already. Over at Twitter core star, right. So I thought this story might be up your alley, the mind boggles at the need to acquire the latest and greatest, I'll stick with my three year old Moto G five, and both kidneys. Thank you very much. And this is a man who sold his kidney to buy an iPhone in 2011 is now bedridden and requires daily dialysis, but at least he can tweet.

Jason DeFillippo 1:02:44
So he leaves DC next week. Yeah. Don't upgrade to the iOS 14. Dude, you're gonna, you're gonna hate it in my 6502, right. So I wonder what Brian thinks about this. And this is how Ticketmaster plans to check your vaccine status for concerts.

Brian Schulmeister 1:03:01
Yeah, I talked to some friends about this. It's pretty, it's pretty. It's pretty insane. So this is a framework that we're trying to work on to safely bring back concerts in the post pandemic world. So basically, the plan at the moment involves the Ticketmaster digital ticket app, which is a steaming pile of shit. Oh, yeah. The third party health information companies like clear health pass, or IBM's, digital health pass and testing and vaccine distribution providers like labcorp and CVS minuteclinic. So the theory here would be after you purchase a ticket for a concert a year in advance, because that's what we do. Now, I guess the fans would need to verify that they have already been vaccinated. So basically, which would provide approximately one year of COVID-19 protection, although that isn't known yet.

Jason DeFillippo 1:03:48
We don't know that. Yeah, I don't

Brian Schulmeister 1:03:50
know that was so this is part of the problem with this plan is there's too many unknown still. But the idea basically, you go get the test from labcorp or CVS minuteclinic. They provide some sort of verification that you did so to clear health passer IBM digital health pass, which will then have an API that sucks into ticket masters digital ticket app, so you are verified that you have had the vaccine within some undetermined period of time that may or may not mean shit. And then you can actually rely on the door guy at the venue who gets paid next to no money to make sure that you got the green checkmark on your app before they let you into the venue.

Jason DeFillippo 1:04:26
Or you still have to get 20 bucks and just go right in.

Brian Schulmeister 1:04:28
Exactly. So there's a lot of bullshit going on here. And this is a lot this is a lot. This is safety theater, as we like to talk about and it gives the people at Ticketmaster something to do since they can't sell any tickets right now. Yeah, make it this is just a this is the marketing team at Ticketmaster. Not the health team at Ticketmaster. Know, also by the way America like you think you think in the Midwest, they're gonna they're gonna give for this. You think they even use apps to get into they still print out their tickets? Come on.

Jason DeFillippo 1:04:56
Yeah, and after using the Ticketmaster app, I print out my tickets too because you sucks.

Brian Schulmeister 1:05:01
Yes, it's horrible. Anyways, yeah. So I don't see this. Something like this will roll out I don't see. Hopefully it will be adopted. It's not a bad idea if the science lines up and it all makes sense. But who that knows. So who knows.

Jason DeFillippo 1:05:17
So next one we got from Jeff Henderson and he writes FDA Claire's Apple Watch sleep app that intervenes to stop nightmares caused by PTSD. News, this looks interesting.

Brian Schulmeister 1:05:27
It's no wait where Yes, it's a prescription app which monitors the wearer's heart rate and movements while they sleep. And if they're having a nightmare, gently prods them out of the dream without aiming to wake them up completely using these smartwatches vibrations. I don't know about you, but that would probably wake me up completely.

Jason DeFillippo 1:05:43
Oh, totally wake me up completely. Because I'd be I think I got a spider on me or something. But the interesting part here is it's a prescription app. Have you ever heard of a prescription app before? No,

Brian Schulmeister 1:05:54
this is the first time I've heard of such a thing. So yeah. Does that mean you cannot get it without a prescription? I cannot download this.

Jason DeFillippo 1:06:00
Maybe Maybe Maybe you have to have a code of some kind of doctors code.

Brian Schulmeister 1:06:05
So I don't know it seems to have been passed and vetted for actual science so good. That's great. I mean, you know, I have a wife. I have a nightmare. She'll just punch me. Exactly.

Jason DeFillippo 1:06:18
Hopefully your nightmares not about her. So when you wake up, it's just like, you know, oh my god, I'm stuck in Jacob's ladder. I can't get out.

Brian Schulmeister 1:06:26
The last nine months it's basically been a nightmare. So anyway, I'm stuck in the same house again with the same people. Anyways, over a Gog dot show, Nico wrightson this would be the Brit that gave us the money. Hello, gents. Just pay pal. 10 British quid your direction so Jason can get a white claw and Brian at Tim Hortons.

Jason DeFillippo 1:06:45
I'll trade you Brian. I'd rather have a Tim Hortons you can have my wife.

Brian Schulmeister 1:06:48
I had a breakfast I had a breakfast sandwich on Sunday.

Jason DeFillippo 1:06:51
So sadly, doctors say I'll never eat Tim Hortons again. So in eat them for me.

Brian Schulmeister 1:06:55
I will really enjoy your show but and listeners since a year before your outgoing glorious leader got elected. I truly hope things swing around so you can host twice a week again. But hey, uncertain times and all I got a question if you get a chance to cover it in light of the loser.com mentioned in the latest podcast. Do you guys know what the future for the lesser known domain extensions are? examples dot gold dot b dot bet dot Ico beer etc. Do you recon these will start picking up sometime in the future as.com, CEO etc are getting saturated. Also, I believe Google doesn't really care about domain extensions these days in terms of SEO, or is that a fallacy? We've talked about this a long time on the show. now.com means nothing these days. Just get whatever domain you want. While we nobody really knows how Google's algorithm works, probably Google itself doesn't even know anymore. the.com gets waited a tab but it's more important. What if you pay? Let's be honest.

Jason DeFillippo 1:07:52
Yeah. So yeah, basically, alternative tlds are a thing I most of my domains now are alternate tlds. Like, you know, my website to jpg.me. I've got JPG production show Gog dot show. Yeah, get the one that works for you. And, by the way, if you want to do that go to hover.com slash Gog to get 10% off your first order. But yeah, it's it's one of those things where I think that I love tlds you know, new ones I want I wish they were more of them. I really do. So. Yeah, they're not going anywhere. because.com is I mean, the namespace is saturated.co is great. But yeah, that's getting saturated. Get get whatever you want. There's over 400 extensions at hover now. So yeah, if you can't find vendors anymore. Yeah, the only one that bugs me is dot L y, because that's Libya. And they kind of have control over that because I had dastardly, I was good. That was gonna be my next company. And when the Libyan Government says, Hey, we can take your domain if you have content that we disagree with. Yeah, that's a non starter. So read the you read the Terms of Service on the TLD you get but for the most part, they're all good. Just don't go. That's funny.

Brian Schulmeister 1:09:00
I had a Libya extension to for a while we did shortlinks for Coldplay. So we had cld.li or something like that. can't even remember what it was anymore. But it was weird sending money to Libya.

Jason DeFillippo 1:09:11
Yeah, really what it really was. And Chris writes in hi grumps, Chris from multi writing. And again, this time with the question, I listened to your show on overcast and the audio quality is way better than other podcasts that I listened to kudos to that. However, I'm always amazed at the way your conversations sound like you're right next to each other, even though you're so far away even farther now. Now, even across different countries, exactly. I do a lot of audio calls at work in the connection always feels a bit laggy. And those milliseconds irked me so much. Do you call over professional podcasting software? Or do you use any other application that can be used in an office environment, anticipate you bringing up the fact that Malta is an island in the middle of the sea by pointing out that we have dedicated fiber links between offices and I can ping Microsoft and Google DNS servers with less than one millisecond? Well, I wasn't going to bring up that fact, but you put it in here. Did you curious to know your take on this other than that, thank you so much for your show, I always look forward to new episodes. PS Jason, I'm the guy with the nickname cuckoo on discord who pointed out the proper way to take air pods out of their charging case. And I appreciate that more than anything else, because that was driving me nuts. So we use squad cast.fm. If you go to God dot show slash squad cast, it'll give you a nice link, that'll give us a little kickback. So appreciate that. But this is professional podcasting software, it is meant to do remote calls to record them. And we get local versions of each other's calls. So that's why we sound like we're in the same room. Because Brian is recording locally, I'm recording locally, we can do video, but neither of us wants to see each other. So we don't use the video portion of it. But the audio side of things is fantastic. And squad cast is the best in the business right now. So check them out if you need to record shows. And we don't really have lag on The Voice side of things there is there's literally no lag when we're talking to each other. So no and don't

Brian Schulmeister 1:10:57
don't forget the human factor as well. Some of the lag is just people not being comfortable talking into microphones or zoom calls and all of that yet, you have to remember Jason and I have been doing this for almost eight years now. And we are very comfortable. And we also know each other very well. So the pauses and lags. And weird human ticks don't exist between us,

Jason DeFillippo 1:11:15
gentlemen. And if they do I edit them out. Yeah.

Brian Schulmeister 1:11:22
Barrett writes in those damn s3 buckets again, and this is from slash credit card numbers for millions of hotel guests exposed by misconfigured cloud database. Is it really misconfigured? If people just don't put a goddamn password on it?

Jason DeFillippo 1:11:34
I think it's configured as as is Yes, it

Brian Schulmeister 1:11:37
is. Yes. So this is prestige. software's cloud hospitality, which is used by hotels to integrate reservation systems with online booking websites like Expedia and booking.com. This is affected 24.4 gigabytes worth of data in total, according to the security team at website planet, which uncovered the bucket, this goes back well, okay. They're also saying that many of the records contain data for multiple hotel guests that were grouped together. So it could be well over 10 million people exposed, and it goes all the way back to 2013. Which is crazy. And it's still live, and in use, when discovered this month, know

Jason DeFillippo 1:12:16
where to go, where to go? And if Yeah, this has been running since 2013. You know, when when you were setting up an s3 bucket in 2013. It's not like it is nowadays. And I don't think Amazon goes back and says, Hey, all these old buckets that were misconfigured with no access controls whatsoever, you might want to like, you know, audit your shit. Amazon might want to think about adding that as a feature to their, to their buckets, and go back to these historically open ones because I remember, you know, it was so much easier to just sit world read and write on a bucket than it was to actually do the access token swap and things like that. So I was guilty of it back then, you know, you could probably find some pockets from back then. And Okay, moving on. JD writes in Hey, guys love the podcast. I found that a couple years ago through the Jordan Harbinger show, Jason, I know you were all about security cameras, I'm looking into getting one for my apartment, the landlord sends people to do maintenance and repairs while I'm at work. So I can't just have a security system. But at the same time, I'm not comfortable with people coming in and out while I'm not at home. Any advice for a decent camera setup that uploads to the cloud, I prefer something that has decent quality and also doesn't have privacy implications like Amazon ring cameras, but maybe I'm being just too picky or unrealistic. To hold on to thoughts here.

Brian Schulmeister 1:13:29
You want to set up a camera in your house, but you're worried about privacy implications. Okay, well, first off step one camera in your house is a prized privacy implications. And number two, why can't you just have a security system? all modern security systems allow you to let people have access either using codes thumbprint? I mean, there are apps systems will allow you to allow people into your house, so I don't quite understand that either.

Jason DeFillippo 1:13:55
Yeah, yeah, you know, he's in an apartment though, too. So it might be a little bit trickier to have a security system installed in an apartment, you'd have to get something like simply safely so wireless and shit like that. But besides that, he asked for cameras. I'll tell them about the cameras that I recommend. I prefer the Logitech circle two cameras nowadays, they're the quality is the best I've seen. The price of the Logitech cloud service that they have is really good. And I think I've got five cameras on mine and it's 1495 a month for all of them. It all goes up it's got decent people recognition, much better than rings, you know, recognition which doesn't really exist. And you can have it recorded all the time. You can have it record different hours, you can set up schedules. with mine, I use my arrow to turn off the actual Wi Fi to the cameras like when it's bed or like during the day so it's not sucking up bandwidth while we're working. But you can set that in the cameras there. They're just great little cameras. I really like them quite a bit and mainly just that the quality is really good. So the problem with a ring camera is Like you know that three pixel face that's breaking into your house you can't really ID somebody from that but these are like, you know, HD cameras. So check out the Logitech circle two

Brian Schulmeister 1:15:08
ring when you absolutely positively have to have video of something that happened 30 seconds later.

Jason DeFillippo 1:15:15

Brian Schulmeister 1:15:17
Yeah, Barrett writes in again, I have to disagree with Brian's review of the Fire Stick fire stick. We've had multiple versions since they were first announced and now have the small 4k stick on a kitchen TV with no issues with Netflix, Hulu, and plain old amazon prime video. Anyhow, stay grumpy. I guess your mileage may vary. But for me, they're they're slow as hell. There's always a video lag going on. And definitely like anytime trying to switch things around. It's like, you press the button. Nothing happened. He matched the button five more times. And all of a sudden it goes like 18 times back in the menu. Great. Thanks.

Jason DeFillippo 1:15:50
And Vincent writes in only seeing this appear in my feeds. We need God expertise to improve thieving best practices. And this is the Microsoft engineer gets nine years for stealing $10 million from Microsoft.

Brian Schulmeister 1:16:01
Yeah, this guy got greedy, greedy, but not greedy. Yeah, it's pretty. It's a pretty interesting read. So link is in the show notes.

Jason DeFillippo 1:16:10
Yeah, definitely recommend checking that one out. This guy is just an idiot. Just an idiot. And he says PS happy Singles Day. 1111 invented by jack ma the Alibaba Joker. PVS. He also made mini Singles Day on 1101. Can you believe that guy? Well, he's smart because they made how many billions of dollars this year?

Brian Schulmeister 1:16:29
Yes, I am. I'm a very happy shareholder and Alibaba.

Jason DeFillippo 1:16:33
Yeah, I bet I bet. And he says well, Jason and Brian by what will Jason Bryan buy on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Brian, you anything?

Brian Schulmeister 1:16:41
I'm buying a snowblower? I shit you not. furniture. I'm getting a rake I'm getting a snow shovel. I'm getting a snow blower a couple I'm getting a power screwdriver. I'm in full on I just bought a house Home Improvement mode so Oh yeah,

Jason DeFillippo 1:16:58
this is perfect for you.

Brian Schulmeister 1:16:59
It's a big Yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 1:17:00
we're spending a lot of money coming up.

Jason DeFillippo 1:17:03
Yeah, I'm just buying presents for you. I'm just going to watch the garbage sales and buy presents for people for Christmas because I think I've got enough stuff for me I'm good. I'm good.

Brian Schulmeister 1:17:13
Seth writes in just curious what torrent client y'all use? I used to use transmission but have been without a computer for quite a while I recently purchased new iMac and I'm looking to visit Sweden in the near future. Any advice on torrent clients? And can you point me to any good resources on staying safe with VPN downloads, I'm a little out of the loop and I'm not finding good resources in my searches. Love the show. And thank you, I still use transmission.

Jason DeFillippo 1:17:36
I use transmission and I use Private Internet access so Gog dot show slash VPN for that and yeah, just turn on your VPN and torrent away. That's that's the the best practices for staying safe when you're downloading from from Sweden. Just turn your VPN on. That's it. Yep, there you go. In Jason writes in what kind of crazy country did Brian move to 12 videos on how to navigate one intersection and this is the new Canadian intersection has 12 instructional videos to learn how to use it? Oh, have you seen this? This I have.

Brian Schulmeister 1:18:06
And to begin with? I did not move to Charlottetown Prince Edward Island time in Toronto. It's a bit like saying one of those crazy Texans doing when you live in California. Ah, okay. I don't know what they're doing over there. So but it is, I mean, there's nothing more Canadian than the fact that they released 12 videos and how to navigate the intersection. So it's pretty awesome. every conceivable scenario. A beaver crosses the path. This is what you should do. It is it is. It is none more Canadian than that. It's pretty funny. So well done there. Landon writes in I've been using the Netflix browser on my PC. When I decided to switch on over to the Netflix app built into Windows. I read that using the Windows app streams videos in 10 ADP as opposed to 720 p through Google Chrome. I figured it was a good idea. However now my continue watching tab isn't the first thing on my home screen anymore. I have to scroll through half a page of BS suggestions to find a smaller box to jump back into my shows a small gripe, but it puts me in a grumpy mood and made me think of you guys Cheers.

Jason DeFillippo 1:19:05
All right, then writes in Hey Geeks just thought it worth mentioning mentioning that the dev behind reader app did something pretty cool. I shot a video of a UI glitch that appeared after upgrading to an iPhone 12 Pro and submitted it in a bug report. The dev noted that I was on an old and unsupported version of the app and sent me a free code to get the latest version from the App Store super generous. I write not to share a tip on how to get free app code. But to reinforce that this is a developer worth supporting. I've been using reader since version one but recently added that but the recently added features didn't excite me so I skipped the upgrade. That said I think all RSS using Apple device using listeners of the show should go check out this app and fuck Trump. Thanks, Dan. Yeah, I'm a huge fan of reader. I've had also had every version since since version one. I get it on, you know, iOS and the Mac and I love it. That's how I do all my work for the show.

Brian Schulmeister 1:19:57
Yeah, that's a good app. And we haven't No iTunes reviews this week.

Jason DeFillippo 1:20:01
Oh sad Christmas. I

Brian Schulmeister 1:20:03
know. If you want your question or comment right on the show, head over to Gog dot show slash contact and send us your feedback or questions that we can read on the air. And if you're so inclined, please head over to Gog dot show slash review, and toss us a five star and snarky review. We would appreciate it I hate having this section empty.

Jason DeFillippo 1:20:24
And of course, again, a big closing shout out to NASA and SpaceX and I don't know if you saw that I saw this in TMZ. After Ilan Musk was getting all uppity about his COVID test. So some doctor called him space, Nancy. Yes. Thanks, Karen.

Brian Schulmeister 1:20:41
Yes, I was so good that I saw that hashtag it was actually trending, which is fantastic. Oh, so good. So

Jason DeFillippo 1:20:47

Brian Schulmeister 1:20:48
Yeah, I wanted to watch the launch in real time with with my kid because I watched the last one that way, but they kept they pushed it back too far. And it was past his bedtime here. So we had to watch it. We watched the video The next morning. Awesome. Good job, guys.

Jason DeFillippo 1:21:01
Good job. Until next time, I'm Jason defilippo.

Brian Schulmeister 1:21:04
And I'm Brian Schilling Meister. Thanks for listening to grumpy old geeks. This show is a labor of love, but your support keeps the show going. If you like the show, please visit Gog dot show slash donate to help us out. We'll love you forever or visit Gog dot show slash shop because you're going to need those masks still, and pick up some good old fashioned Gog swag. And if you can't do that, please pass the show along to a friend. Not in person. Just text them. Word of mouth is the only way the show grows. So spread the grump far and wide Show Notes for this episode are a Gog dot show slash 484. From there you can find links to old episodes leave feedback, ask questions, donate to the show, buy our swag and get links to stuff we like. Stay grumpy and watch your family eat turkey over the goddamn computer screen.

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