Happy Pandemiversary; Comcast price hikes; Internet’s gonna internet; Microsoft’s creepy Productivity Score; health risks of space; Facebook’s self-serving self-reporting ads tool fail; Ajit Pai to step down; the McRib is back; Star Wars corner; hackers sell access to C-Suite emails; COVID data spies get personal; an FDA for algorithms; Tubi; the Undoing; Spotify stories; kids TV; Zoom PodTrak; Bowflex; Wes Anderson’s office; all dumpsters include the fire; Ready Player Two; High-Rise; Earth; feedback.

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Show Notes


Comcast is hiking TV and internet prices in 2021


Amazon’s Alexa allegedly recites anti-Semitic conspiracy theories to users

Microsoft’s Creepy New ‘Productivity Score’ Gamifies Workplace Surveillance

What Are The Health Risks of Space? Scientists Just Unveiled The Biggest Study Yet

Facebook’s latest ad tool fail puts another dent in its reputation

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will step down on January 20

McDonald’s McRib is returning to menus across America for the first time in 8 years, sparking celebration among the obsessive fans of the cult-classic sandwich


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


David Prowse, the original Darth Vader, dies aged 85

A ‘Star Wars’ hotel that will make you feel like you’re on a giant ship is coming to Disney World in 2021. Here’s everything we know.

Hacker sells access to hundreds of corporate executives’ email accounts

The Covid data spies paid to know ALL your secrets: Town halls harvest millions of highly personal details including if you’re being unfaithful or having unsafe sex

The algorithms are watching us, but who is watching the algorithms?

How To Protect Yourself and Your Family From Food Poisoning – The Foodist Podcast



Fluffy’s Food Adventures

Pretending I’m a Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story

The Undoing

Amazon Cancelled ‘Utopia’ After One Season, and We Think We Know Why


The Long Kiss Goodnight

Spotify Employee Accused of Deleting Joe Rogan’s Alex Jones Interview

Spotify now has Stories and can this please stop

The Octonauts

The Magic School Bus



Zoom PodTrak P4 Portable Multitrack Podcast Recorder

DJI Mini 2 Drone Fly More Combo

Samsung 55″ 4K UHD HDR QLED Tizen Smart TV (QN55Q70TAFXZC) – Black

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

Make It Look Like Wes Anderson Designed Your Home Office With These Zoom Backgrounds

2020 Gift Dumpster Fire


Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline

High-Rise by J.G. Ballard

Earth by David Brin



The Best Way To Deal With A Scam | Joe Lycett

Food delivery industry faces ‘massive crisis’ following worker deaths

Loophole leaves families of killed food delivery riders without compensation


RIP Tony Hsieh, 1973 – 2020

Legendary Science Fiction Author Ben Bova Has Passed at the Age of 88

Stay the Fuck at Home


Jason DeFillippo 0:00

do tastefully do this.

Brian Schulmeister 0:05
Good luck.

Robert Fogarty 0:10
Grumpy Old geeks. A weekly talk show hosted by Brian chill Meister and Jason defilippo. Discussing the finer points of what went wrong on the internet. And who's to blame.

Jason DeFillippo 0:24
Welcome to grumpy old geeks. I'm Jason filipo.

Brian Schulmeister 0:27
And I'm Brian show Meister.

Jason DeFillippo 0:28
Happy pen demo. versary. Brian,

Brian Schulmeister 0:31
I've only been in lockdown for nine months.

Jason DeFillippo 0:33
Well, December 1, which is the day that we're recording this on Tuesday, marks the one year since the first known patient showed symptoms of COVID-19 in the Hubei provincial capital of bohan. Ah, well,

Unknown Speaker 0:47

Unknown Speaker 0:49
I'll go get some balloons.

Jason DeFillippo 0:51
Please do.

Take him to the hospital with you.

Brian Schulmeister 0:56
or anywhere? Nope. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's cases are rising, even here in Toronto and Canada in general. And anytime I look at the news in the US, the word show comes to mind. Don't do it. Don't do it. Yeah, well, vaccines are coming. Hang on everybody. Yeah.

Jason DeFillippo 1:20
Yeah. It's gonna be it's gonna be an interesting December. Not a good not in a good way.

Brian Schulmeister 1:24
No, he live in interesting times. No, no, I know, LA is in a lockdown until December 20. Because no photo, sort of that that that is also true, because I've talked to quite a few people. And everybody's kind of basically saying, well, gyms are closed and restaurants are closed, but everybody's kind of just doing whatever they want.

Jason DeFillippo 1:42
Well, that's why we're in the situation that we're in. But nobody knows if offices are closed, because they don't mention offices. But at least one of my clients, I was supposed to have a seven day marathon recording session in the middle of December. And I'm like, Guys, can we just not do this? You know, go and sit in a room all day with strangers. And they're like, I think I think exactly talking. So that was shut down. So that that will pick up maybe next year. All right, fingers crossed.

Brian Schulmeister 2:08
There you go. Well, I got a little bit of follow up on your Comcast story from the other episode, where you talked about the the 1.2 terabyte data caps that are coming on broadband usage across all 39 states where it offers internet service. Yes, they're also raising their prices.

Jason DeFillippo 2:25
Oh, look over here data cache data cache data cache, boom, yes,

Brian Schulmeister 2:30
Roundhouse to the head. So according to a price list posted on Reddit, so there'll be a price price rising, this will be effective as soon as January 1 2021. There's a link in the show notes for anybody this affects but it's it's hefty, it's not nothing. So yeah, they are raising prices across the board for everything every level of service, including rental of their TV boxes, including in this home service visits will cost $30 more than they currently cost. You're looking at at least four to $5 extra per month for your basic services. It's a that's hefty, and here increased service. Less service for you.

Jason DeFillippo 3:08
How the flying fucking they justify that

Brian Schulmeister 3:11

Jason DeFillippo 3:12
Yeah. Oh, that's right. They don't

Brian Schulmeister 3:14
have to justify they don't have to justify it because you most people don't have a choice in what their internet service providers are going to be

Unknown Speaker 3:23
in the US.

Jason DeFillippo 3:29
Well, Brian has been waffling on this story trying to figure out how to lead into it as it were. Let's just go with the headline Amazon's Alexa allegedly recites anti semitic conspiracy theories to users,

Brian Schulmeister 3:43
Merry Christmas,

Jason DeFillippo 3:44
Happy Hanukkah. So what what's basically happening here is over in the UK, which is where this kind of was Ground Zero, you ask Alexa question about the Jews. And they come back with the answers from the web from conspiracy theory websites,

Brian Schulmeister 4:03
I suppose I have to ask questions like who is asking Alexa questions about the Jews? And why is somebody asking Alexa, do Jews control the media?

Jason DeFillippo 4:12

I don't know. This is one of those ones where it's like, Huh, who was doing this research to begin with? Probably somebody's Jewish, I'm guessing

Brian Schulmeister 4:22
this might be a good use case for destroying people's privacy. And if Amazon tracks these sorts of things, sends them a nice little pamphlet explaining how the world really works.

Jason DeFillippo 4:31
Okay, so yeah. I didn't know that there was a website called jus watch.

Brian Schulmeister 4:37
Well, that's probably a good thing that you didn't know that. Yes, I'm gonna go with that.

Jason DeFillippo 4:43
Okay, yeah, you could read up on this. Amazon is of course investigating and figuring out how it happened. It happened because they just go to the internet. Right? how these things work?

Brian Schulmeister 4:52

Jason DeFillippo 4:54
Okay, okay. Moving right along.

Brian Schulmeister 4:57
Internet's gonna internet.

Jason DeFillippo 4:58
Yeah, and then it's gonna internet Microsoft has the new productivity score that they have rolled out. We talked about this a while ago when it was when it was coming. And now it's out. And it's not good. It's a bad thing. Yeah, bad thing.

Brian Schulmeister 5:14
Yeah, yeah, I've looked into this a little bit. And as you know, assuming concerts ever come back, I will have a full time gig in a Microsoft shop. So I've become somewhat familiar with all their tools. And there are already some basic creepiness like there are there are weekly emails that come out that bit that basically have analyzed your email usage and let you know how productive your being and how much downtime you have to work on other things. So you know, the back end for this must have been there forever. But the the amount of control and and being given to employers now is a little bit frightening.

Jason DeFillippo 5:51
Yeah, who asked for this? I don't know what actually i? Well, probably probably HR asked for this. Maybe? Yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 5:59
I mean, you know, I spoke briefly with some people I know that are run Microsoft shops as well, including my own. And none of them asked for it. They don't want it. They don't plan to implement it. So

Jason DeFillippo 6:11
okay, well, not implementing it's just probably going to their dashboard and seeing. I mean, it's like, you know, somebody's gonna peek. You know,

Brian Schulmeister 6:18
somebody's gonna pee. Well, of course, God Mode always causes problems. with absolute power comes absolute corruption. Exactly.

Jason DeFillippo 6:27
So, yeah, if you're, if you're in a Microsoft shop, and you have experienced this, let us know, drop us an email because I'm curious how it's affecting your work life balance. Because I mean, thank God that

Brian Schulmeister 6:39
there is no balance at this point. But

Jason DeFillippo 6:43
yeah, no, I would be creeped out about this. Because it's, you know, it is the panopticon.

Brian Schulmeister 6:48
And it is it is and, you know, basically employers can require it. Yeah,

Jason DeFillippo 6:54
and the thing is why? We've got enough fuckin stress right now, why do you want to log on and have to, like, sit there and be under the gun all day long. If you get your shit done, you get your shit done.

Brian Schulmeister 7:04
Well, that's always been my belief, Jason, but it also never got me promoted when I worked at regular jobs. That's true. That's true. I got my shit done, and then fucked around a lot. And they did not take kindly to that, even though my shit was done. Uh huh.

Jason DeFillippo 7:17
No, I remember. I remember. So I found this one over in science alert. And it's what are the health risks of space? Scientists just unveiled the biggest study yet boom. Already. TLDR space as humans Well,

Brian Schulmeister 7:31
yeah, that's it. We we were we have we're evolved to live on the planet,

Jason DeFillippo 7:36
not outside of it. Exactly. So this is a it's 30 different papers and they talk about different risks associated with space travel. Since apparently somebody is going to try and go to Mars soon. They must be doing they better get boned up on what this is going to take. By the time you get to Mars. You're probably just going to be a big pool of jelly. Get over it.

Brian Schulmeister 7:54
All right, well, go for it.

Jason DeFillippo 7:57
Go for it. Ilan.

Brian Schulmeister 7:59
You know who space really hates Sandra Bullock?

Jason DeFillippo 8:01
Oh, yes.

Brian Schulmeister 8:02
Yeah. Really did not like her much. So I found this article, Facebook's latest ad tool fail puts another dent in its reputation. I was not aware that there was a reputation left a dent

Jason DeFillippo 8:16
out how does one dent a black hole

Brian Schulmeister 8:18
as says reset your counters Facebook has had to fess up yet again to another major ad reporting fail. This one looks like it could be costly for the test giant tech giant to put right Not least because it's put another dent in its reputation for self reporting. Gee, self reporting doesn't work. Jason, are we gonna take our word for it? your ads are doing great.

Jason DeFillippo 8:39
They just as Microsoft they're reporting on everybody now too. So that's the that's the way it goes.

Brian Schulmeister 8:44
Yes, it was apparently with Facebook's free conversion lift tool, which has said affected several 1000 advertisers. They discover the flaws let the tech giant offer some advertisers millions of dollars in credits per report this week to compensate for miscalculating the number of sales derived from ad impressions, which is in turn likely to have influenced how much advertisers spend on its digital snake oil. So here's where you paid millions of dollars for ads that don't work because we lie about them. But here's some credits for more of those ads that don't work and will lie about them in a different way. Mm hmm. Yeah.

Jason DeFillippo 9:15
Yeah. I think we've only talked about this. And so I don't know eight years ago on the show. Yes. Everybody lies. The stats are bullshit. You're getting ripped off?

Brian Schulmeister 9:24
Yes. Well, apparently under the Digital Services Act and digital markets act plan the EU the European Commission has said tech giants will be required to open up their algorithms to public oversight bodies, and will also be subject to binding transparency rules. So the clock may be ticking for Facebook, self serving self reporting. We shall see.

Jason DeFillippo 9:43
Okay, well, yeah, they need third party auditors. Yeah. Then Then they need third party, third party auditors

Brian Schulmeister 9:50
to make auditors the auditors. Yes,

Jason DeFillippo 9:51
yeah. Yes. Make sure they weren't bribed. And then it's all its auditors all the way down. Speaking of going down this made my day the internet rejoiced. FCC Chairman Ajit pi will step down on January 20. Don't let the door hit you in the ass

Brian Schulmeister 10:08
now in honor of a friend of the show, Trent Hamilton. Trent Hamilton who who hates Don McLean with a driving passion that includes a Death Watch on Facebook. I would just like to sing quickly by by Mr. FCC pi.

Jason DeFillippo 10:24
There you go trip doesn't even listen to this. And you might doubt it.

Brian Schulmeister 10:26
He's too busy golfing all the time.

Jason DeFillippo 10:28
I know he's too busy golfing. Well, this is good news. It's very good news. It's very good news. So he's got probably gonna go back to his Cush job at Verizon making, you know, half a million dollars a year or more. Yep, so can afford more big mugs. Exactly how much he needs for his mugs. So let's let's hope we get somebody in there that can undo the damage of the past four years. Yep. And to end on a high note or a low note depending on your palette. McDonald's is bringing back the mid crib because why the hell not? It's 2025

Brian Schulmeister 11:04
it is by far one of the most disgusting things I've ever ate in my entire life.

Unknown Speaker 11:09
I love them. I absolutely love

Brian Schulmeister 11:12
you know what I'll give McDonald's credit for and they really do shine in the McRib, there is something about McDonald's pickles and onions. They are delicious together and they're wonderful and they really do shine in the muck rave it's just a shame about the MC meat.

Jason DeFillippo 11:26
It's not making meat it's it's Franken meat. We know that going into it. Brian, what this comes down to is managing expectations. If you go in expecting something that is going to be juicy and delicious and even mildly reminiscent of meat or a rib then you're going to fail Yes, and you're going to fail. But if you go in knowing that this is just you know, pressure injected Lipson assholes with some moderately okay sauce, but topped with the aforementioned beautiful onions and pickles. You're in for a treat my friend you're in for a treat. I

Brian Schulmeister 12:01
think I might have to order the vegetarian version just give you the pickles.

Jason DeFillippo 12:05
Yeah, just bread sauce, pickles and onions that'll

Brian Schulmeister 12:07
work for me. But thank God you've got the MC rib locator Jason so you'll be able to find one near you.

Jason DeFillippo 12:13
You know I'm doing it I'm well actually, I am going to go to Kanye is McDonald's because that is actually the nearest McDonald's so maybe Kanye and I can have a make easy rip together. Too bad. We

Brian Schulmeister 12:24
already have a good show titled

Unknown Speaker 12:38

Jason DeFillippo 12:42
We're joined again this week by Dave Bittner. Dave is the host of the cyber wire podcast and also the co host of the social engineering podcast hacking humans with Joe Kerrigan, as well as the co host of caveat with Ben Yellin, where they discuss law and policy as well as surveillance and privacy. Welcome to the show, Dave. Well,

Dave Bittner 12:58
thank you very much.

Brian Schulmeister 12:59
Welcome. Grow goo.

Dave Bittner 13:01
deed. I still I still don't have that name memorized. And I don't know that I ever will. I

Brian Schulmeister 13:08
have to be honest. I just had to Google it. Okay,

Dave Bittner 13:11
fair enough. Fair enough. There we go. There we go. No, I think he will forever be baby Yoda to me. So as with most people, I think

Brian Schulmeister 13:19
that's a girl who was a little too close to Groot. I am grow glue.

Jason DeFillippo 13:24
Yeah. And that reminded me of that's it. That's that's what I was thinking.

Dave Bittner 13:28
Yeah. Yeah. You know, I got a lot of crap from both of my boys. Because when we gotten together for Thanksgiving, we were talking about Mandalorian stuff. And they were all very excited that what was the the jet eyes name? who showed up for this one? I'm going

Brian Schulmeister 13:43
to have to Google that to a soccer Tano or something. Yes. Quite a quite a big character in the animated series.

Dave Bittner 13:49
Correct? Correct. And I know listeners are now screaming at their devices, the name it has, and I apologize for that. But I maintained that we that yes, we would see her this season, but it would probably be in the last five minutes of the last episode.

Brian Schulmeister 14:06
joke's on you. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:07

Dave Bittner 14:10
just jack said,

Unknown Speaker 14:12
you know,

Dave Bittner 14:13
he was right. But more importantly, I was wrong.

Brian Schulmeister 14:17
Oh, the things I get to look forward to. Yeah.

Dave Bittner 14:21
So I was happy to be wrong. And you know, yet again, this show continues to deliver, and I'm really enjoying the ride.

Brian Schulmeister 14:28
It was a phenomenal episode.

Jason DeFillippo 14:30
I have to say that I geeked out because the the villain was portrayed by Danny inosanto. His daughter, and you know who Danny inosanto is, from the sound of it. You don't know. Bruce Lee's star pupil. So she's basically Bruce Lee's goddaughter. Uh huh. Very cool. Yes. Yeah, she's just been a stunt woman for a very long time. She's 55 years old. That's how he kicks ass. Well,

Brian Schulmeister 14:55
as long as we're going with the casting and the Mandalorian I have to say I was a little bummed. Michael Biehn being cast because he always dies in everything. So I knew there's no way this guy is going to survive. Yeah, pretty much,

Jason DeFillippo 15:07
pretty much. Yeah, I

Dave Bittner 15:10
wonder how quickly it's going to become an old thing where every week we come to the small little town somewhere who needs saving? And we do.

Jason DeFillippo 15:21
I'm fine with that. I am hoping next episode, we get Mel from Firefly to come on in and save the day now for doing Space Cowboys. Got he got to get him in. Come on. Yeah, but yeah,

Dave Bittner 15:34
let's try it and it may not get old. It's just it's it's definitely we've fallen into that pattern. And I hope I hope they're able to sustain

Brian Schulmeister 15:42
it because yeah, I do like that they give you like one nugget of main plotline, every episode that just kind of just tossed in there admits the let's save this town thing. So it's, I'm not I'm not finding it. Yeah, it's

Jason DeFillippo 15:55
fine with me. It's a trope that I am familiar with and that I enjoy thoroughly.

Dave Bittner 15:59
Yes, fair enough. Fair enough.

Jason DeFillippo 16:01
Well, normally this would be in closing shoutouts. But since this has turned into basically, this week in Star Wars, yes, a shout out to David Prowse, the original Darth Vader who has died this week. Sadly,

Brian Schulmeister 16:13
yeah, yeah. It was nice to see Lucasfilm give it give him such a good tribute because there was no intention between the groups. He was always upset that he was never the voice, etc, etc. I think I believe there was some trickery they told him he was going to be and then he was actually in the theater. When he found out that he had been overdubbed by James Earl

Dave Bittner 16:31
Jones. You imagine what that must be like?

Jason DeFillippo 16:36
Oh, man, that is a real fucking right there it is. It

Brian Schulmeister 16:39
is. But still, the towering man did it so good for him. Yeah, he

Dave Bittner 16:45
was also in Clockwork Orange is the probably the other movie he was well known for. He did a Frankenstein movie back in the early 70s. Someone did a Frankenstein reboot. And he played the monster.

Jason DeFillippo 16:57
I probably seen that I there was a there was a time where Bob Fogarty friend of the show and I and my dad, we would basically go to blockbuster every night and rent a Frankenstein movie. And we went through all of them. And I have to say I can't write. I don't know if it was I Frankenstein. Whichever one that had the midget in sting. That was the that was one of the best ones.

Dave Bittner 17:19
Could you narrow it down a little more? I mean, yeah, I mean, how many movies don't have that era? Don't have some kind of little person in Sting, you know?

Brian Schulmeister 17:31
Probably Dune I'm sure. somewhere.

Unknown Speaker 17:35
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

Jason DeFillippo 17:38
No, that was a good one. That was I have to say if you if you haven't seen that when I recommend exhuming that from the Crypt, and in checking it out. It was fine. It was a mighty fine Frankenstein movie. Okay,

Brian Schulmeister 17:48
I did not even know that existed. I will Oh

Jason DeFillippo 17:50
yes, it does. It does.

Dave Bittner 17:53
Pretty sure somewhere I have a David Proust autograph. Like a photo that someone Someone gave me once. I'm pretty sure I have one somewhere. It's cool to look that up.

Brian Schulmeister 18:03
Yeah. I remember being insanely jealous that one of my childhood friends and God I was 84 when Empire came out, so I was like 11 he had somehow managed to get a Boba Fett actor autograph. I thought that was his I think his name was Jeremy something or other but yeah, yeah, it was like that.

Dave Bittner 18:23
Yeah, yep. Yeah, I think I have his to come to tell you the story about how the time I met Darth Vader at the local Kmart.

I've told you that I'm pretty sure I've told you the story about how my mom had some kind of deal going with the stock boy at Kmart to get me all the action figures. No, no,

Unknown Speaker 18:47
you haven't.

Unknown Speaker 18:49
This is a new.

Unknown Speaker 18:51

Brian Schulmeister 18:54
Breaking News.

Dave Bittner 18:56
All right. So to two stories, first of all, my mother very much supported my Star Wars habit when I was a little boy, you know, I was and I was the perfect age for Star Wars. And so I had the early bird set. And the new action figures didn't come off because it didn't all come out at once they you know, young ones are introduced over time and so worked out on the street was that the Java was coming next. And this was very exciting, you know, or whatever.

Jason DeFillippo 19:25
I remember that one for sure.

Dave Bittner 19:26
Yeah. Right. And so my mother's somehow had an A had some kind of arrangement with the stock boy at the local Kmart that when the new action figures came in, she got a call and got first, you know, first pick of the action figures now, about a year ago. We were all together for the holidays, and I asked my dear now 86 year old mother said Mom, what, what exactly was the arrangement you had? Boy

Jason DeFillippo 20:00
I salute you on the bravery to just ask that question. I have to say, I salute you, sir.

Dave Bittner 20:06
And my mom. She just smiled. She raised her eyebrows. She shrugged her shoulders. And she said, we just had a little arrangement. Already then. My dear mother. So the other part of that story is, she also got word that with the release of Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader was going to be making an appearance at this Kmart. So we got in the car, we went up, drove up to the Kmart up on Route 40, at Chatham mall, and waited and there were lots of other kids there and they had this little setup there where Darth Vader was going to be and they, they put the soundtrack on one of the stereos that you know, Kmart sold and the the Imperial March theme started playing and from back from the stockroom, the doors swing open, and out strides Darth Vader and full regalia and you have to remember folks that this was a time when these costumes were not widely available.

Brian Schulmeister 21:07
No, they were not at all. Yeah, no.

Dave Bittner 21:10
And so to have, I mean, as far as I was concerned, this was, this was the real Darth Vader and it may have been one of the real Darth Vader costumes because they did send them on these tours. Again, there weren't that nobody was making these mass producing them. So Darth Vader comes out. And he he he's at his he's basically at this

Unknown Speaker 21:32

Dave Bittner 21:34
in the middle of the Kmart, as he as he would be, yes. There's a long line, there's a lot

Brian Schulmeister 21:40
of paperwork and being Darth Vader, right. So

Dave Bittner 21:42
there's a long line of kids who are all go ready. We have our questions that we're ever worn, we can ask Darth Vader one question. And we each of us is given a eight by 10 black and white photo of Darth Vader with his lightsaber, which he will sign. And we can ask him one question. So I get up to the front of the line. And, and I have my I have my my my photo in my hands. And I'm very nervous because of the Darth Vader and he's about 10 feet tall when you're 12. And, and he says, You know what? What is your question? And I say? I said, Well, I heard that in Empire Strikes Back that, uh, that we may find out that you are actually Luke Skywalkers. Father, is that true? And he says, You have not seen the movie yet. I said, No, no, no. And he he sort of tosses the picture at me and he says, You must go see the movie. That was it. And I was then I was I was on my way, you know, then that was my I sort of went away days like so Darth Vader's peace pimpin tickets to the movie.

Brian Schulmeister 23:00
I think quite possibly the only thing that could have made that story more better and more Bitner would be if it were actually at the Radio Shack instead of the Kmart.

Unknown Speaker 23:12
I honestly,

Dave Bittner 23:12
I probably stopped at the Radio Shack because there was a radio shack in that shopping center was one of the local radio shacks. But Excellent. So it's a vivid childhood memory.

Jason DeFillippo 23:26
Yep. Yeah.

Dave Bittner 23:27
Anyway. Anything else want to talk about today? Or?

Jason DeFillippo 23:31
Well, we do have we got one more. We got one more. The Star Wars hotel is coming. Yeah, the Star Wars hotel is coming. And I saw this not just a

Dave Bittner 23:41

Jason DeFillippo 23:42
experience. It is. Yes. And this is going to be in Orlando. Yeah. And I would go to this in a heartbeat. Oh, yeah. Great. As long

Brian Schulmeister 23:53
as they're, you know, requiring vaccinations before you board the hotel experience. Yes, course. Yeah, I'm

Jason DeFillippo 23:59
saying in a simpler time when things were normal. I would go to this now. I'm not I'm not going to Florida

Brian Schulmeister 24:04
effort. No, I'm sure I will be visiting this at some point in my future with my son who is starting to really understand and enjoy Star Wars through the medium of the Netflix Netflix Lego series, which do not involve killings or progeny. So

Dave Bittner 24:20
right? Yeah, we have said that. Basically, we're saving up the vacation money that we're not using to go to Disney World right now. For this very place.

Brian Schulmeister 24:30
Wow. Okay.

Dave Bittner 24:32
Yeah. Because it's going to be super expensive. One thing I'm so there's some odd things about it. You You stay for two days and two nights. That's the experience and that's, that's it. That's the maximum. Yeah, basically,

you don't you can't stay the whole week.

Brian Schulmeister 24:52
So surprised because demand is gonna be so high, right, like, yeah, now, you've done your two days here. So now you can go to one of our other more Boring hotels so you can see the rest of Disney World.

Dave Bittner 25:03
Right and we can get more people in here. Again, like you say the demand is going to be so high. The other thing I wonder about is, how is that experience metered out? In other words, is it built around the idea of still going to the Magic Kingdom are going to Epcot during the day? Or is this an all day kind of thing for a couple of days? You're going to be on this ship doing stuff from you know, dusk till dawn,

Jason DeFillippo 25:29
already sure that whatever the hell out, go to the park.

Brian Schulmeister 25:32
Yeah, it's still a hotel. The stormtroopers have to come in and clean your rooms. Yeah. droids.

Dave Bittner 25:39

Jason DeFillippo 25:40
stay around too long. Yeah, sorry.

Brian Schulmeister 25:43
I'm sorry. The stormtroopers are the one that kick your ass off after the two. Yes, that's right. I

Dave Bittner 25:47
mean, let's be reasonable.

Brian Schulmeister 25:49
I do hope that they escort you out that that seems appropriate, actually. Right. Your two days are up and here's your here's your sir. Here's your failings of stormtroopers taking you to the front door with your suitcase. Yes.

Dave Bittner 26:01
Yeah. Well, and it seems like they have this whole thing down that they're gonna it's gonna be like boarding a ship and going on into the hotel, this orbital hotel. Because everything I've heard from the folks who have been on the ride, what's the other ride where they take you out? You know, the one the the new one. So they have the new one. Yeah, that that is really well done, and very compelling, you know that. They're taking you up on two star destroyer. So, yeah, I'm all in on that. I'm looking forward to that. To me, that is one of the things I'm looking forward to when we get to the other side of this whole COVID thing is, is all of this Star Wars Disney stuff I've been missing out on Yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 26:44
yeah, I mean, Star Wars landed just opened up and in Anaheim. And we were hoping to get going and just waited a little bit too long. And all of a sudden it was too damn late.

Jason DeFillippo 26:54
Yeah, yeah. Me too.

Dave Bittner 26:55
You to save your pennies, though. It's It ain't gonna be cheap.

Brian Schulmeister 26:58
Nope, nope. But all right. Yeah. So

Jason DeFillippo 27:03
may the force be? Come on, let's get to something.

Brian Schulmeister 27:06
All right, if we must, Zd net, and Gizmodo are reporting that a hacker is selling access to hundreds of C suite executives, Microsoft based email accounts, including CEOs, vice presidents and directors. At first, I kind of just went, yeah, who cares? What's the big deal? If they're a CEO of a company, they should be smart enough to not click on the spam emails they're getting. But then I realized that they can send email from the address to employees that will seem like very, very legit. Things that could have obvious, you know, malware, you know, all kinds of different things going on. So yeah, fraud. invoice fraud is gonna be the biggest one. Yeah, yeah. Yep. So pretty big deal. Yeah.

Dave Bittner 27:47
Yeah. One of the folks I've had on the cyber wire a few times, his name is Christopher Pearson. And he has a company called black cloak, which I suppose could continue with our Star Wars stuff. Actually, he's a big he is Chris is a big Star

Brian Schulmeister 28:02
Wars fan. I'm doing

Dave Bittner 28:04
a webinar with them later this week. And their gig is basically doing sort of concierge protection of CEOs of going in and, and locking them down in ways that it's hard for their companies to lock them down. Because locking down the homefront, for a CEO, you don't necessarily want the company to be intertwined with the fact that you're, you know, your idiot son. I don't know, like, you know, has a porn habit or something, you know, like, it's nice to have a third party, keeping an eye on those things, but also keeping you safe. And there's a certain level of CEOs who legitimately have to worry about things like kidnappings. Yeah. And some CEOs aren't allowed to drive their own cars for because for safety reasons, for insurance reasons. And so that sort of protection is being extended to on the cyber side of realizing that people are trying to get to them through their families through their home networks and all that kind of stuff. So it's interesting to me that that sort of service exists. It makes sense. I just hadn't really thought about it until Christopher shared You know, this this endeavor that they're working on.

Brian Schulmeister 29:21
Very cool. Yeah. All right. And we got another bit of news here from fourth in command who sent this in now the link is from the Daily Mail so I think we need to take the headline with a bit of a grain of salt and understand that the Daily Mail but the headline is the COVID data spies paid to know all your secrets town halls harvest millions of highly personal details, including if you're being unfaithful or having unsafe sex. Now, AI system is called

Dave Bittner 29:51
dealing with your phone.

Brian Schulmeister 29:54
That is my point exactly. I read this article, multiple times to try to figure out Exactly how the system called COVID. One view would figure out if you're being unfaithful or having unsafe sex, and I was unable to figure it out at all. Now, it's an obvious overstep in terms of the kind of data that they're collecting. It's not it's far beyond what would be needed just for contact tracing, which is theoretically what this program is for. But yes, I do not understand how they know if you put on a condom or not.

Dave Bittner 30:28
If it's an IoT condom,

Jason DeFillippo 30:33
that's what that new LIDAR sensor and the the new iPhone is for. Yeah.

Brian Schulmeister 30:38
So I mean, obviously, this is massive overstep, of course, but the headline is blowing it well out of proportion, I think.

Jason DeFillippo 30:45

Dave Bittner 30:46
You think yes, I put an article in here too, that's related to this. And also in the UK. In the title, the algorithms are watching us, but who's watching the algorithms. And this is a report that was put out by the UK center for data ethics and innovation, the CD Ei. And basically, they're saying that these algorithms need a closer look that somebody the decisions that are making no surprise to anyone to us, or anyone who listens to this show, you know, we we've talked many times about the the issues we have with racial bias, and all those sorts of things. So interesting to see that the UK has an official report, aligning with this notion that these are not safe. I maintain an eye and more and more I'm getting behind this idea that we should have a version of the FDA for AI algorithms and social media in particular.

Brian Schulmeister 31:45
Well, Ajit PI's free. She is yes, and well, isn't the problem with the algorithms are watching us. But who is watching the algorithms isn't the real problem with these things. The more advanced ones are basically black boxes, we have no idea what's happening in there.

Jason DeFillippo 32:03
Yeah, the people who actually don't know them what's going on? It's like, okay, let's put in some soup, and then we get out of Turkey. Okay, how did that happen? We don't know. But it worked. You know, program for Turkey.

Dave Bittner 32:15
I think that's a good point. But if you again, if you use the FDA as an analogy, stuff just needs to be tested. I'm sure there are many drugs out there that do magical things that we're not 100% sure why they do what they do at the chemical level, but they do but we also know they won't kill you, if you take them with this or with that, because they tested Yes, right. Exactly. Exactly. So the the idea being that, okay, if you want to implement this, fine, but you need to prove it. And if you prove it, then it goes on an approved list. And now people can use it, they can use this API, they can use this, this open source thing or whatever. But at least you know that somebody did some testing and and some some neutral set of eyes took a close look at it. And it was in some way vented

Jason DeFillippo 33:05
to stifle innovation. Come on. I

Brian Schulmeister 33:06
know, I know. I was just about to say is everybody that listened to the show knows I am always for more regulation in these areas. So I'm 100% on board with that. And yes, everybody always yells at me. Why do you want to stifle innovation? Well, because innovation sucks. So far, we've definitely found out that people are not doing this for the good of human humanity or society. They're doing it for money. So we need regulation on that. And and some of these things are bad. I'm sorry. The Facebook algorithm is horrible. Facebook used to actually be kind of fun. It's now that they're ruining Instagram. They're ruining all sorts, all the social medias that were bringing us together being ruined by these algorithms. They really have

Jason DeFillippo 33:49
it. I mean, not even just forget the social algorithms. Let's talk about like the new. The new breakthroughs with protein folding that the AI's came out from Google today, you know, that's the real AI that you need to worry about. Forget, you know, who's posting in your timeline, let's talk about the real uses that these people are using them for.

Brian Schulmeister 34:07
I think some arguments could be made that some elections have been turned because of the algorithms of social networks.

Jason DeFillippo 34:13
Well look at the last fucking years and that's pretty easy.

Dave Bittner 34:17
I don't remember the specifics the details of the story, but I know that part of the reason that we have an FDA here is because in the days before the FDA, if you are a pharmacist, you were allowed to mix up your own medicines. Yeah. And people did. And so there was a case where there was a pharmacist who mixed up a big batch of some kind of cold medicine, and about 50 Kids died because it was poison. And so well, you know what, we should probably do something about this. And I think it's fair to say that we're we're in a state if not on the leading edge we are D already deep into To the idea that some of this algorithmic decision making is causing loss of life.

Brian Schulmeister 35:07
Yeah, yes. I think we had quite a few protests about it just this summer.

Dave Bittner 35:11
Yep. Yep. So that's it. That's his little soapbox that I am. I'm getting on board with well, days. Move on over cuz I'm joining a bigger box.

Jason DeFillippo 35:27
Yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna tell you if you if you're interested in any of this stuff. There's an episode of the foodist podcast called How to protect yourself and your family from food poisoning. That basically talks about what's this guy's name bill Marler. He used to work in the government. Now. He's got his own firm, I believe. But anyway, it was a fantastic episode. I edited it. So I listened to it a couple times. So I, I've heard it before. So I can tell you that it was

Dave Bittner 35:53

Jason DeFillippo 35:54
Lee's a fantastic episode, because this guy was just fascinating on how like what these people inside government actually do to stop, you know, outbreaks of you know, foodborne illnesses and things like that. So if you if you're interested in that kind of stuff, check that out. But yeah, I can see where you if we had that for AI, in people that were as good as this guy, because I'm just worried that we're gonna get I mean, the people who are creating these API's are on the cutting edge, you know, and you're gonna have to get somebody in here. Are they going to be

Dave Bittner 36:26
just as smart? Are they? Are they? I think we assume that they are. And in many cases, I'm sure that they are. But I bet there are a ton of cases where

Jason DeFillippo 36:39
I can shift it to bring it back to

Brian Schulmeister 36:41
HTML, GitHub. Yeah, I was just about to say to bring it back to the days when Jason and I were initially coding some people are just viewing source and copying and pasting what works.

Jason DeFillippo 36:50
Yeah, look, it's Yes. If there's a Stack Overflow for AI, the world is fucking do.

Yeah, yeah.

Dave Bittner 37:00
All right, guys. So we've covered a lot this week Hemenway. Alright, I'll see you guys next time.

Unknown Speaker 37:13
Media candy.

Jason DeFillippo 37:16
There's been a service that has been getting a lot of play on the local news here in Los Angeles, because of this was like happening right before Thanksgiving, and somebody spent a bunch of money it's going to be

Brian Schulmeister 37:26
then you heard it to be I know, I've seen the ads as well. But

Jason DeFillippo 37:29
yeah, there was there was a lot on the news here talking about the stuff that you can go watch, because basically what it is, is, it's free TV with ads. That's all it is. It's like Hulu, but you don't have to pay for it. You just download the app and you start watching. And because I was watching I had never seen what's that? That Gordon Ramsay show restaurant hell or whatever.

Brian Schulmeister 37:50

Jason DeFillippo 37:51
Whatever that is. I've never seen one. So I wanted to watch that. So I watched the first episode and it is terrible. absolutely terrible. But so I'm just bouncing around and I found a fluffies food adventures. Okay, now I'm a fan of comedian Gabriel Iglesias, also known as fluffy. And he has a cooking, not a cooking show, a Food Adventure show. It used to be called I'm guessing fluffy breaks even. So what they do is they go eat a bunch of really horrible food. And then they work out to see if they can break even that title apparently didn't fly. So they changed it to fluffy food adventures. But it's free. It's on to be it is a great background show when you just need something on that is not anywhere nearly as good as somebody feed Phil, but it's better than nothing. So I'd say

Brian Schulmeister 38:39
yeah, I'm looking through this. I mean, there's not nothing I terribly want to see. They do seem to have a lot of kids stuff, which is kind of nice. So this may be worth a sign up. And I'm sure my email getting on 1000 different mailing lists, because I'm sure they sell every bit of data that they ever get, but

Jason DeFillippo 38:56
I haven't gotten anything. Okay. Nothing, nothing out of the ordinary. You just get the ads on the shows. And the great part is that their ad tech is so terrible that generally the last half of the commercials are cut off. So you don't even have to watch the whole commercial. Excellent. Yeah, basically they shut off right at the CTA. It's like Good job, guys. Good job to be. So you might want to watch to be while the getting's good, because it's probably gonna be around for a long

Brian Schulmeister 39:18
Yeah, I'm thinking so but Oh, yeah, well check this out. It's free. Why not?

Jason DeFillippo 39:21
Yeah. And they've got the apps so just get thrown on your Apple TV, which is what I did already. I rented pretending I'm Superman that Tony Hawk video game story on Amazon for $4.99 All right. It was cute. It was a good little you know, run up to the video game because I love the video game and now that they have the remastered one in two out. It is just fun. It's like an hour in 1015 minutes. talks about the history of Tony Hawk and skateboarding and all that then gets into the how they made the video game and his rise to superstardom. It was fun. It was nice behind the scenes. I highly recommend it and they did end with that god awful Tony Hawk ride game The friend of the show mSv worked on. Oh, yes, I'm never gonna forgive him because I've been friends with him for 20 years and he broke the broke code. He worked on that game for like two years and wouldn't tell me he's like, I can't tell you what I'm working on man. I'm like I know what you're fucking working on. Why won't you say you're breaking the bro code? Bastard the coding bro code, the coding bro code. And like everybody else it seems in the world I finished the undoing last night we weren't finished it last night.

Brian Schulmeister 40:27
What? I have not watched any of it. I have seen the social media outcry and apparently is suffers from my particular reaction to Battlestar Galactica.

Unknown Speaker 40:37

Brian Schulmeister 40:38
yes. A really good show with a truly awful ending.

Jason DeFillippo 40:42
Well, here's the fun part about it. It's, you know, I read a bunch of reviews on it last night and my roommate and I had a long discussion about it long being about three minutes after it was over and like, Well, that was a piece of shit ending. But the fun part about it, it's five and a half episodes of just a great fun ride. And then just yeah, can't stick the landing, right just Yeah. It apparently this comes from a book that was already out where it's the same thing. It's you know, I don't want to go too far into it. But yeah, it didn't stick the landing but it was a very fun watch. We definitely got a lot of entertainment value out of it. And a lot of you know, just okay, what's this? You know, you just plotting and planning who done it? who done it? who done it? who done it? Right. It's it. I liked it. I enjoyed it, because it was only six episodes. We watched it in two days. Right? Now this is this one that comes as a shock to no one. Amazon has canceled utopia after one season. And you know this, this article says, well, it's just because it's bad timing because of 2020 in the pandemic and we don't need a dystopian show about pandemics in 2020 I could just stand by and say it was a terrible fucking reboot. They would have done the original justice then it might have might have stuck the landing on that one, but it was god awful. Okay, so yeah, not gonna miss that one. And more god awful news. I watched the movie mortal, which is the slowest, most boring Thor story in history. It was it was an hour and a half of can we get to the hammer? Then we get to the hammer and then it's over. That's it. It was bad. It was just fucking bad. Good to say it was bad. So skip mortal.

Unknown Speaker 42:23

Jason DeFillippo 42:24
and since Christmas is coming tis the season we're in December now. I have to I have to as I do this every year. Forget Die Hard everybody. I know everybody the battle between Is it a Christmas Christmas movie? Is it not a Christmas movie? Is it the Christmas movie? Yes. And it is the second Christmas movie for me. The long kiss goodnight. I stand by as being the best Christmas movie with diehard they Okay, they're they're in a dead heat diehard or in a dead heat. Okay. But those two are my favorite Christmas movies. And so many people have never seen the long kiss goodnight. And I cannot recommend it enough. So it's a good thing.

Brian Schulmeister 43:03
I'll give you that.

Jason DeFillippo 43:04
Oh my god. It's so good. Sam Jackson was supposedly and let's get to Spotify for a second. We've got a little follow up on the alex jones wrote Joe Rogan adventures. Turns out turns out when there was there was a little kerfuffle with the new alex jones episode that Joe came up to Oh, it was a cache issue disappeared from feed, we're gonna bring it back. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Nope, turns out there's a hero inside of Spotify. said fuck you and deleted it. Yeah. Yeah, if there are logs, they will get caught, but they might sweep it under the rug, although this is going to make it a little harder. Now this is out in the real world. And I love this Rogen was fed the mumbo jumbo saying he got a lot of tech jargon, to throw the scent off the rogue employee. So he would come out and say Nope, nope, nothing to see here. Moving along, moving along.

Brian Schulmeister 43:57
Now see, this upsets me because they're giving away our secrets. I love being able to throw tech jargon at people to basically buy myself time or get around the issues at hand. So don't do it, man. It's gotta yell people this stuff they shouldn't know.

Jason DeFillippo 44:12
They have to listen to our podcast to learn this stuff. That's right. Today is the day that the Joe Rogan experience is officially no longer a podcast. A Spotify exclusives, they

Brian Schulmeister 44:24
don't call it a fucking podcast. And speaking of Spotify, they made the news this week as well and I just love this headline. Spotify now has stories and can this please stop?

Jason DeFillippo 44:33
What the Spotify of stories?

Brian Schulmeister 44:35
That's a good question and nobody really knows but they are publicly testing Snapchat style stories. They are exactly the same as everybody else and why they are there is beyond reason. But it's the new feature has started showing up on some users phone apps when you search for certain terms such as christmas hits, and tap one of the featured playlists you'll get an option to tap to see the story which will take you to a collage of short videos with celebrities talking about their favorite Christmas songs. Wanted, nobody ever know, nobody wants this. Although I can see, it's just yet another thing for an artist to do for free. Spotify, I can see I can see people being interested in say your one of your favorite bands has a new album. And since we don't have liner notes anymore, I always remember bands like the Wonder stuff and Jesus Jones and all that used to write wonderful liner notes where they talked about the how they came up with the songs or little anecdotes about them. I could see being interested in seeing little stories about a new album or a track from the artist. But like I said, it's yet another thing for an artist to do for free. Exactly, not get paid for exactly. which kind of sucks, but I you know, I can almost see the point of it. Maybe we'll see maybe if you squint real hard. Yeah. And I caught up with both the Mandalorian and Star Trek discovery this week. And I have to say I'm feeling extremely spoiled by sci fi since we cannot leave our house right now. I think that was by far, the best episodes of both shows. And we're getting all of the expanse soon. So I guess I'm okay being stuck at home if I'm going to be getting such quality TV.

Jason DeFillippo 46:06
Yeah, we're almost out of both though. So I know.

Brian Schulmeister 46:09
That's how it goes. And it's gonna be a long time before we get Picard.

Jason DeFillippo 46:12
Huh. Don't make me cry, don't

Brian Schulmeister 46:16
cry. And because we've been stuck inside, I've been around a bunch of my cousins and my son's cousins and stuff like that nature. So been a lot of kid action and they need their downtime. So we've found some new kids shows that are at least new to me. I haven't seen them before. The Octonauts which is really good. Very educational, very funny. The Magic School Bus which is quite old and it's kind of cute to see pre pre CGI animation, like all that shit was hand drawn. But Very good. Very good stuff for a kid and the number blocks which are a good complement to the story bots that we like as well. So we got some kids out there there's some some Brian approved new TV all of which are on Netflix, at least here in Canada.

Jason DeFillippo 47:00
I was gonna say one of your one of your links is a definitely a Netflix Canada title.

Brian Schulmeister 47:04
Yes. search and find and you shall discover

Jason DeFillippo 47:09
ups and do that. I got a couple new gadgets this week for work. Well, ones for work ones for me, ones for just me. All right, I got the zoom pod track p for a portable multitrack podcast recorder working on the review for it now. But I put it in here because a lot of people are trying to get it It costs $199. It is a four port XLR recorder, you can record to card you can use it as an interface. It's got four headphone ports on it. So you can take it and plug everybody's headphones into it blah, blah, blah. There's even a sound pad on it, which I no idea why they put it there. What I want to tell people about right now is the build quality on this, this new device, which they say is you know, the ultimate podcasting tool. Do you remember those colico games from the 70s? like football? Yep. Yep. Yep. Bill quality is about the same.

Brian Schulmeister 47:59
Excellent, just what you want,

Jason DeFillippo 48:01
it feels exactly the same. This is the cheapest crappiest plastic that they could possibly make. It's terrible. The build quality is terrible. And they the zoom. The thing with zooms, I've had the h4 n, I have the H six. You know, both of those have the same problem. And I think the h5 has it as well, the the game knobs do not click, they do not lock into place. So if you breathe on them funny, you have just completely changed your settings and you won't even notice it. Which is why I always carry a roll of black electrical tape with me as soon as I dial in my numbers, I have to tape them down. This has the same problem. So I would hold off on this one for a while. I'm gonna do the sound actual tests on it this weekend and see how the preamps are on it and all that good stuff. So you can just follow me on instagram or twitter if you want to follow along at home on that one. But yeah, I just wanted to throw it out there now it's like you might want to save your money on this one right now because it is cheapest shit. Right? And for me for Christmas, my own present, I got the DJI mini to drone fly more combo. Now I love my Mavic to zoom. But the problem with it is it takes forever when you want to fly it it is bulky, it's big. You have to charge the batteries overnight, because they always discharge pretty pretty quickly after you don't use it for a while. Because they're smart, smart batteries. The one thing about a smart battery is is when you need it. It's empty. Yeah. So I got this one. This is it's 249 grams. It is tiny. It fits in the palm of your hand. It has the same camera as my very much more expensive drone does, which is annoying. But it comes with a new controller as well, which lets you switch from the different flight modes like normal flight mode where it's very safe to sport mode, which is like there goes $700 that's that's what sport mode is. It is fun as hell to fly though. I gotta say if you have the means I highly recommend picking one up

Brian Schulmeister 50:00
Excellent. I also got myself some early Christmas presents some black Friday sales here. I got the Samsung 55 inch 4k you HD HDR QE led Tyson's Smart TV, q n five five q seven zero ta FXZC. Black. All right. That's a wonderful TV. I don't need the smart features, but you know, whatever it is what it is. You can't get it without him anymore.

Jason DeFillippo 50:24
Yeah, good luck by the TV without being smart nowadays. Yes.

Brian Schulmeister 50:27
And I also got the highly sought after basically goes out of stock the minute it appears anywhere, and I was super lucky to be able to get them. Bowflex selecttech 552 dumbbells, which is a great little dumbbell set, goes from like five to 55 pounds in each hand and takes up very little real estate, which is perfect.

Jason DeFillippo 50:46
Now I've seen these before. They're very cool. They're very expensive. Well,

Brian Schulmeister 50:51
dumbbells. Yeah. Yeah. Well, it's a smart system. Select tech, man.

Jason DeFillippo 50:55
Well, the good Yeah, the cool thing about it is you only have to buy the two you don't have to buy 510 pounders 15 pounds and keep them all around. But yeah, I do.

Brian Schulmeister 51:03
And you quick adjust them. So it's they're pretty great. They're they're worth the money if you actually use weights a lot, which I've been trying to do. So there you go.

Jason DeFillippo 51:11
Yeah, 350 bucks on those.

Brian Schulmeister 51:13
Yep. And since we're still in zoom land, I saw this, make it look like Wes Anderson designed your home office with these zoom backgrounds. Now this is a weird company to provide this but the team over at budget direct home insurance has created seven digital renders of home offices.

Jason DeFillippo 51:30
Let's be Let's be a slow insurance day over budget home there are direct, I guess so I

Brian Schulmeister 51:35
don't know what they're doing with the designer on staff. But he did a really good job. Or she featuring interior design inspired by Sofia Coppola. Wes Anderson, you got the work housekeys in there, bung Chung, who David Lynch, all kinds of people. These are amazing background offices. And the one thing I was thinking about when I saw this and read through the story, and then looked at them, they're beautiful. Was these home offices for movies are exactly like, Oh, I don't know all the clubs that you see in movies. There are no clubs in the world that look as good as movies, movie clubs. Like Yeah, I remember like, I would go to clubs going. This is nothing like I see in movies. But yeah, that's the same with these offices. Nobody has an office that looks like this. But my god, they're beautiful.

Jason DeFillippo 52:19
No, they're very cool. Yeah, this is this. I see this on these floating around a couple of weeks ago. And I thought about grabbing them but I think I'm gonna have to now

Brian Schulmeister 52:27
for sure. Yeah, some of them are really good. So shockingly, I think I my favorite was the bomb. Jianghu one it just it looks beautiful. I would have guessed I would go with David Lynch. But I guess I'm getting older.

Jason DeFillippo 52:37
Yeah, the David Lynch one didn't really do me. No. didn't do much for me either. I kind of like the Wes Anderson one though. The West

Brian Schulmeister 52:43
Sanderson was great.

Jason DeFillippo 52:45
Yeah, the the matrix one me? Yes. So Joon ho one I think is definitely the most tranquil. You know what that reminds me of? It reminds me of that ramen place we used to go to in Santa Monica. Oh, yeah. jinya Yeah. Oh, God, I

Brian Schulmeister 52:59
miss that place. Me too. And finally, I've got something for everybody to go out and purchase for themselves. You might as well and this year the way it's always been. It's the 2020 gift dumpster fire. Okay, and they were wanting to point out that all dumpsters do include the fire.

Jason DeFillippo 53:15
Okay. Looks like Legos. What is this?

Brian Schulmeister 53:18
It's just a little dumpster fire man.

Jason DeFillippo 53:21
Okay, okay.

Brian Schulmeister 53:22
You can sit it on your desk and your Wes Anderson office. have little dumpster fire going.

Jason DeFillippo 53:28
Oh, it does it lights up. Nice up.

Brian Schulmeister 53:29
Yeah. It's very cute little thing, huh?

Jason DeFillippo 53:32
That's what I want in 2021. Something to remind me of 2020

Brian Schulmeister 53:36
wait until you get my Christmas card.

Unknown Speaker 53:42
The library?

Jason DeFillippo 53:46
Well, let's continue this dumpster fire because I read Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline.

Brian Schulmeister 53:51
I am halfway through.

Jason DeFillippo 53:53
I'm going to read my official audible review since it is out in the public now. I said should have been called ready. Number two,

Brian Schulmeister 54:01
you just can't stay away from the poop Canyon. No,

Jason DeFillippo 54:03
I kept it as a shit show. This book was just a chore to get through. I love the original. It's a classic. This though was trying to recreate too much of the original and it fell flat on every single note. It read is bad parody of the original it just got worse as it kept going. Ready. Player Two is nothing more than a steaming pile of number two.

Brian Schulmeister 54:21
I have to say I'm feeling the same way I feel the need to finish the book because I'm halfway through and we all know you know we both loved Ready Player One. But I'm starting to think this guy can't write.

Jason DeFillippo 54:32
It gets so much worse. It gets so much. I mean our

Brian Schulmeister 54:35
motto was horrible. And this is horrible. You're right, you're you hit the nail on the head. It does feel like a parody. It feels in the first book for whatever reason, maybe because it was novel and new and we hadn't read anything quite like it before. Everything worked in this book. All the references feel so forced, and just Oh, it's so bad.

Jason DeFillippo 54:55
And we're trying to save the world but we're gonna geek out as we keep Going to virtual john Hughes's who gives a fuck you're trying to save the world. Fuck off. You're not going to be a nerd while you're trying to save the world, you're going to be shitting your pants and panicking. So the whole premise the entirety of the book is garbage. This gets a dumpster fire in my work. Yep.

Brian Schulmeister 55:19
I can't believe I'm gonna have to finish it now.

Jason DeFillippo 55:21
Dude, it's painful. It is a painful finish. All right, us, me. And I finished high rise by jG Ballard. And they could have just called that book 2020 was this it was another one that I finished just because I got to third like, yeah, two thirds through and I'm just like, oh god, I need to figure out how this thing ends. It ends like it begins just not uplifting book, right? Yeah, skip it, skip it, skip it.

Brian Schulmeister 55:46
Alright, and I finally finished Earth by David Brin all 707 pages not including the additional news story and copious notes from the author at the end of the book that have been added since publication. I've always remembered this as being one of my favorite sci fi books and definitely one of my favorite David Brin books holds up well. still love it. It is an absolutely awesome read. So if you are an avid sci fi reader, and you've never read this, do yourself a favor and do so.

Jason DeFillippo 56:14
I am a third of the way through the book because everybody on the discord channel was saying that they got into it and we're just like sucked in by it. So I'm like, after ready number two, I needed a palate cleanser, and especially after high rise. So I grabbed it and I'm about a third of the way through and I love it. I love it. The difference

Brian Schulmeister 56:33
in writing between in and guess, and Ernest Cline. I mean, David Brin is a real writer, like yeah, fashions characters, and they're believable, and he fashion situations that are believable. And there's just enough science and there's just enough science fiction, but there's still it's basically about human connections. That's what

Jason DeFillippo 56:53
that's what you're supposed to do. And he has more than 250 cent words. Yes. And can put them together in in a coherent manner.

Brian Schulmeister 57:02
Yeah, it's like it's a great book. I'm glad you're reading it. I think you're gonna really enjoy it and be happy when you're done.

Well, first off, Biden has won the election, again,

Unknown Speaker 57:16
again, and again. And again, again, and again, so much

Brian Schulmeister 57:19
winning, but I just love

Jason DeFillippo 57:20
winning so much, so much winning.

Brian Schulmeister 57:22
I just love this. Donald Trump paid $3 million for the recount in Wisconsin, which got Joe Biden 132 more votes.

Jason DeFillippo 57:31
That is $22,000 or $22,727.27 per vote. Winning.

Brian Schulmeister 57:39
Wow. whipped up that calculator? Did you?

Jason DeFillippo 57:41
Yes, I did. Yes, I did. Good times.

Robert Fogarty 57:46
feedback loop.

Jason DeFillippo 57:49
over at Patreon, we've got s Thomas and Florian and we have a message from Jason Brian, I have a big desk as well. And I found this product that adds memory positions to it. Pain to install, but life changing the murga desk.

Brian Schulmeister 58:02
Yes, I looked at this. And basically geeks out here desks so you can have stored positions which might actually be useful. I might look into this. I've given up on my my PI projects, but this seems challenging techie enough.

Jason DeFillippo 58:15
Okay, yeah, my uplift, they had a $30 upsell to get one with positions. I'm like, yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 58:20
I'm good. I really need it to be honest out, it's not that hard to adjust where I want to be.

Jason DeFillippo 58:26
Exactly. And since you your posture changes over the course of a day, you need to do micro adjustments anyway, because you do get shorter as the day goes on, or you take your shoes off. So those stored positions actually just put the desk in the wrong position, depending on the time of day. So I just know this because I used to have one with positions and I'm like, I like the free form. I like the free bullet. There you go. And we've got one from Vladimir VPN to Czechoslovakia. I'd love to see that greetings from Korea for almost 28 years no longer Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia? Yes is gone. Yes, I was thinking of stripes. I miss stripes, there

Brian Schulmeister 59:00
was a great movie. Things definitely changed with the amount of paperwork I've had to fill out over the last decade getting married, having a kid the Canadian residency paperwork, the country My father was born, it no longer exists either. And let me tell you, they do not put legacy countries and drop down forums and some of the youngsters that you talk to in person when you're trying to deal with these issues. Think you're making up countries. So

Jason DeFillippo 59:22
okay, no, Constantinople, no, Constantinople.

Brian Schulmeister 59:25
This is instable.

Jason DeFillippo 59:27
Over PayPal, we've got Adam Scott, Matthew, Simon Nikolai john, Michael, Judge, Matt Thomas, Charlie and Jonathan and Joseph and Joseph says micropayments A hurrah.

Brian Schulmeister 59:36
Yes, she sent us a number of payments from $1 and then in 10 cent increments all the way up to $1.90.

Jason DeFillippo 59:43

Brian Schulmeister 59:43
I don't know. I guess he wanted to get dinged more by Yeah. Okay. That's just

Jason DeFillippo 59:48
so basically we got about a penny of that much. All right. Thanks, James. Cute. Okay. And Matt says Merry Christmas, you filthy animals. I know. I said

Brian Schulmeister 59:57
that last year too. Cheers. And thanks. Paulo writes in Hey grumps, hello from Amsterdam big fan of the show and look forward to every episode been exploiting you long enough to decide to finally send some bucks your way via PayPal. I've heard you discuss the number of listeners via Spotify. I wonder if you can see how many you have via tune in. That's how I listen to you. Well, as well as I'm driving in my Tesla. I don't own stock like Brian and I don't own the car as it is a company car but I enjoy it a lot. Coming back on tune in is that a good way to listen to you from your point of view revenue wise, stay safe, keep sane and rock on? pS Jason. Sorry for making fun of your milania inspired Xmas tree via Instagram. But you have to admit they look similar at first.

Jason DeFillippo 1:00:37
They did not look similar. Mine's pink, dammit. But that's why I love our pink tree. It's fantastic. And as far as tuning goes, you can listen to it on tune in all you want. As long as you download it, it works for us. So as far as how many people listen on tune in, probably less than Spotify,

Brian Schulmeister 1:00:54
probably. And of course we'd like to thank Martin for his regular stock bets when they pay off. All right, Martin is us. Yes.

Jason DeFillippo 1:01:03
In over Twitter, Fred writes, was about to brag that I also invested $60 in crypto and it was at 70 yesterday but I just looked and I'm at 58

Brian Schulmeister 1:01:11
I'm up to 5101 if I get another $9.99 I'm out of my initial 60 bucks. And Mark writes in since you love a good story that goes with a scam laugh you're grumpy chops around this one then this is a Facebook watch video The best way to deal with a scam by Joe license and I don't watch things on Facebook watch on principle but I think Jason did. Yes I did. It was cute. It was actually fairly cute. There you go. Yep. And get low rates in Twitter is special. I got a 12 hour timeout for sharing a project Lincoln video trying to follow your lead. I took it off my phone and iPad cutting the time I look at Twitter down by half God podcasts for the wind. And Texas tuned shares a link over on Twitter somebody updated their status with this. The Mandalorian is about a single father in a gig economy trying to survive and take care of his child all while wearing an outward mask that conceals his emotions from his child, his colleagues and the world. Also his car keeps breaking down. Excellent. It's pretty good.

Jason DeFillippo 1:02:10
In my in my 6502 writes in agree with Brian with a why. Gabriel, you've been listening to us for how long? I think maybe he's I think he's punking you anyway, so we have a latest generation firestick it's very responsive. The old first gen was unusable. Curiously. I have a nine year old hockey puck Apple TV that still works great.

Brian Schulmeister 1:02:31
Excellent. Yeah, and only filthy animals spell it Brian with a Why are

Jason DeFillippo 1:02:36
you just saying that?

Brian Schulmeister 1:02:38
over a Gog dot show Nosek writes in I feared this day. And now it's here I've listened to every single episode of your podcast. And this causes a serious problem. I've been listening to old episodes between new ones to keep my addiction at bay and I already feel the cold sweat and shakes creeping up on me. I'd have to go for around to God is by far my favorite podcast, almost only one that I ever listened to anymore. I've been a bad fan for not donating anything but I promise I'll be tossing coins in your direction as soon as my status changes from burkus fuck student to something else. But at least I've been recommending this podcast to everyone who's even been vaguely interested about tech, etc. Well, thank you very much. That's all we can ask for.

Jason DeFillippo 1:03:14
So we can ask for Jeff writes in. I'm sure a lot of people responded to this already. This is just info for you guys. So no need to read it on air, but we're gonna do it anyway. The way you fix the switching of the air pods is under the Bluetooth settings for them on your iPhone. Turn off Connect automatically. My air pods kept connecting to my wife's phone and vice versa, which was very annoying. Luckily, I was listening to something benign Apple must have switched this to default in the last update because I never had this problem before. You may also need to switch something in Alexa is I'm not sure about that part of it. Yes, the air pod pros are worth every dime. It's not even close. I've had mine since they first came out in the durability and quality as far superior than my experience with the regular version. Happy t day Hope it helps if you travel by the AirPods bro fucking awesome. Yeah,

Brian Schulmeister 1:04:01
I'm gonna try that connect automatically thing I just haven't had the chance yet. So I haven't actually had my air pods on until earlier today. So I will figure that out. So thanks for the tips. Barrett writes in Hey, J and B. If you need a good watch, check out We are the champions Netflix. The cheese roll episode is probably the best stay grumpy. I will add that to my watch list. All right, let

Jason DeFillippo 1:04:21
me know how it is. Matthias writes in so enough already with blaming Sweden for your needs, the miaa or whatever their name is. published a report about downloading and stuff in the Nordic countries and Sweden only stands for 44% of the stuff downloaded in within these five countries. That's almost half for five countries. That's pretty impressive. Yeah, it's not about you downloading it's about us downloading from you.

Brian Schulmeister 1:04:46
Exactly. And Leif writes in I've been using audible me late, late late and I've been using audible to maintain my sanity during COVID and I'd like to recommend a truly excellent audible listen The Witcher saga by Boy, give it a go. Andres koski. I can do the last one. I just don't know the first name. I think Brian watched The Witcher Netflix show a while back. I did. Yes. And while the show is decent gets continually better it does not even approach doing justice to the books. Well, I mean, that's pretty normal, isn't it? It's easily my favorite fantasy series in the narration by Peter Kenny is some of the best I've yet heard. For the gaming inclined there are three video games based on the Witcher by CD Projekt RED. All three games are amazingly good epic first person RPG adventures, not for young kids as there is a good bit of visiting brothels and getting hammered as part of the plot. PS the Netflix show is hard to understand. If you haven't read the books, just keep in mind that there are multiple timelines being presented out of order as always stay grumpy. I did not find the Netflix show at all hard to understand without having read the books. It's it's really they he goes out and kills things. What's fun and gets drunk. not that difficult. Really? Yeah, there you have it. There you go.

Jason DeFillippo 1:05:59
The elevator pitch from Brian, I guess drink some gills things. That's fine. George says I love the show and I'm very close to sending you some cash. Well get close on over that. Thank you for reminding me of the commentary Silicon Valley produces. I'm totally not high on my CBD tinctures THC leakage wink wink nudge nudge. I do like that it's less heavy handed and the BSG reboots over the head smash of a breakaway heart candy bottle, trying to make you laugh. I really do love the show kisses George. I'm so lazy. I have an unsecured site that's not responsive. When did you stop caring about this? And I don't think that's just cbdv No.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:47
Nope, nope.

Brian Schulmeister 1:06:48
Lance writes in who thought gig workers are not covered when they die on the job. Sadly, our recent spate of driver delivery deaths isn't at all surprising. They are regularly seen in dashcam footage doing all sorts of crazy and illegal maneuvers in traffic. Five days in just two months, and this is over in Australia. The food delivery industry faces massive crisis following worker deaths. So they're launching a task force to investigate the gig economy following the fifth pu driver related death in just two months that that's significant. Yeah, so I guess they're going nuts over there. So they're going to look into it now because you know, let's see the New South Wales Labour's gig economy spokesperson Daniel mouquet has taken a social media following the latest step to call out the massive crisis unfolding in the gig economy and to push for modern workplace health and safety laws. And a modernized workers compensation system for gig workers in other words, making them employees. Yep. Yeah. So there you have it. And there's another story he sent us well loophole leaves families have killed food driver delivery riders without compensation. This is a sad Yeah, this one is sad. So the 43 year old hungry panda delivery writer was hit by a bus, leaving his widow and the couple's eight year old son and 15 year old daughter who are based in China without an income. In New South Wales, the families of workers who were killed on the job may be entitled to $834,200 lump sum death benefit up to $15,000 to cover funeral expenses and weekly payments of $149.30 for each dependent child under workers compensation with similar schemes in place in other states, but gig worker gig economy workers are deemed to be independent contractors and not workers meaning Yeah, get bubkis bubkis Oh, shitty isn't the gig economy grand? Thanks California for passing that.

Jason DeFillippo 1:08:39
Awesome. Well,

it ain't just even that man it ain't just even that thing now but it palenik Yeah, well it does I'm sure it does. It all comes back to Travis Callen ik he's second on the list if we get a time machine to go back and kill

Brian Schulmeister 1:08:55
maybe we got something needs to make that list. No.

Jason DeFillippo 1:08:59
It's not that bad. Come on. I don't know pretty sure Ernest Cline never killed anybody. You Ready Player body count. Although some people might want to kill themselves after they finish Ready Player Two. I'll tell you that. We didn't get any iTunes reviews this week. Boo. But over at podcast addict, Nosek writes in with a five star by far the best podcast about tech and everything around it. Sound quality, which is a big deal to me, is as good as it gets. I highly recommend to anyone interested in technology, internet, cybersecurity, or just a fun podcast with good hosts.

Brian Schulmeister 1:09:28
Thank you. If you want your question or comment right on the show, head over to Gog dot show slash contact and send us your feedback or questions we can read on the air. And if you're so inclined, please head over to Gog dot show review slash review. Sorry, and toss us a five star and snarky review and try not to hit the CBD quite as hard as George.

Jason DeFillippo 1:09:49
Oh, this one's sad. Tony Shea from Zappos this week, Nick from complications from a house fire. That guy was awesome. I gotta say. Yeah, I only met him a couple times and every time he was really cool that I had a we had a ton of mutual friends who loved and adored him is a shock. It was just a shock 2020 just the gift that keeps on giving.

Brian Schulmeister 1:10:09
Yeah. And so my wife kind of pointed out sure everybody thinks about Amazon these days, but a lot of people's first introduction to online shopping was Zappos. Mm hmm. Good.

Jason DeFillippo 1:10:19
news from them. Yeah, me

Brian Schulmeister 1:10:20
too. Actually. Me too. And we also lost a legendary sci fi author Ben Bova at the age of 88. So that was a little bit sad to hear about, but there you go. He's, you may not know many of his books specifically. But I guarantee you, he's found most of your favorite authors. And he published them because he's always done the he's always edited some of the big sci fi and fantasy, you know, compilations and things like that, where a lot of writers get their starts.

Jason DeFillippo 1:10:46
Hmm, yep. And I'm going to also end the show with this. It'll be after the after the credits here, but if you think back six years ago, I mean, March, there was a grand old song called stay the fuck at home. And it every single syllable of that song rings true today. Again, again, again. Until next time, I'm Jason DeFillippo.

Brian Schulmeister 1:11:09
And I'm Brian Shaw Meister. Thanks for listening to grumpy old geeks. The show is a labor of love, but your support keeps the show going. If you like the show, please visit Gog dot show slash donate to help us out. We'll love you forever. Or visit Gog dot show slash shop and pick up some good old fashioned Gog swag, like those masks that you still need. And we'll for a couple more months, maybe even longer. And if you can't do that, then please pass the show along to a friend. Word of mouth is the only way the show grows. So spread the grump far and wide Show Notes for this episode are a Gog dot show slash 486. From there, you can find links to old episodes, leave feedback, ask questions, donate to the show, buy our swag and get links to stuff we like. Stay grumpy at home.

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