Tom Cruise is right; a verified internet; TikTok turns on MLMs; beam me up, Quantum Scotty; AI co-pilots; Apple EV car & breakthrough batteries coming “soon”; Roy Clark’s pants are down; Star Wars corner; RAM to WI-FI breaking air-gapped systems; HBO finally makes a deal with Roku; the Expanse; the Grand Tour; Star Trek Discovery; the Stand; Disney+; Queen’s Gambit; Bee Gees & Beatles; Jason on Penn’s Sunday School; struggling with the Laundry Files; Firefox UNFCK; Space Force Guardians; feedback; have a great holiday (going nowhere & seeing nobody).

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Show Notes


I Begrudgingly Admit That Tom Cruise Is Right

Pornhub Is Just the Latest Example of the Move Toward a Verified Internet

The Internet Is Starting to Turn on MLMs

Researchers Have Achieved Sustained Long-Distance Quantum Teleportation

Exclusive: AI Just Controlled a Military Plane for the First Time Ever

Apple will reportedly start building an EV with a ‘breakthrough’ battery in 2024


The CyberWire

Dave Bittner

Hacking Humans


National Christmas Tree Lighting

Jeremy Bulloch, the Man Behind Boba Fett, Has Died

Boba Fett show heading to Disney Plus in 2021

Academics turn RAM into Wi-Fi cards to steal data from air-gapped systems

Police in Pasadena, Long Beach pledged not to send license plate data to ICE. They shared it anyway

Man really did hack Trump’s Twitter account by guessing password, ‘maga2020!,’ Dutch prosecutors say


HBO Max Seals Deal With Roku, Making Streaming Distribution Footprint Complete

The COVID-19 Stimulus Bill Would Make Illegal Streaming a Felony

The Expanse Season 5

The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt

Star Trek: Discovery

The Stand

The Queens Gambit

Anya Taylor-Joy

The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

The Beatles: Get Back | A Sneak Peek

Penn’s Sunday School Episode 666!


Dead Lies Dreaming (Laundry Files Book 10) by Charlie Stross


Firefox: UNFCK the Internet

Firefox tweet announcing the UNFCK the Internet Campaign

Space Force Personnel Get New Name: Guardians

‘New York Times’ Retracts Core Of Hit Podcast Series ‘Caliphate’ On ISIS


Poop Like A Champion® High Fiber Cereal, Low Carb, Keto Friendly, Clean Label, Gluten Free Cereal – 0% Gluten, 9g Net Carbs, 16g Fiber per bowl – NO Wheat CLEAN LABEL PRODUCT! NOW Non-GMO!

Police spy: ‘I thought, how would they feel about their son’s name being used’

Gizmodo Australia: Drone Giant DJI Added to U.S. Blacklist.


Web accessibility basics

A song that sums up 2020 perfectly.

you may want to view the top comment + that user’s bio.

Das ewige Lied-Silent Night – Der Film offizieller Trailer

Huawei: Uighur surveillance fears lead PR exec to quit

Fake GOP Leaders Are Selling CBD Oil On Parler

No receipts required for some Canadians filing under Microsoft’s class-action lawsuit

Study Confirms Nose Holes Connect to Lungs

Lyft Opens First Driver Center in LA